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Dungeon Elements – Furniture

Chest_of_drawers_(3)An understated element in a dungeon requires an understated trap. When you point out in the description of the room that there is a dresser, of course they will examine it. So, something like this will go best in a residence, with lots of bedrooms and lots of previously empty and/or uninteresting dressers.


Trick Dresser

A stout oaken dresser sits up against the far wall.

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device 17

Trigger touch; Reset Auto


When a character opens a drawer, a random drawer kicks out, striking them. Random Drawer (+8 vs. melee or take 1d4 non-lethal damage and become dazed for 1 round)

This is the perfect trap to use to spice up any kind of encounter. Perhaps the characters are busy interrogating someone and the trap goes off. The bad guy can now either begin his attack or try to escape. Maybe the house is on fire, that extra round of being dazed could just be the difference between life and death.

Once you start incorporating furniture into your adventures, it also opens up plot possibilities. The mundane trappings of your dungeons and lairs can be used to hide things, to control things, or whatever devious mechanic you can think up. Your players will be prepared for it, and will start to think a little more about their surroundings.

However you use this, make sure you use it in combination with something else. I guarantee you it will be memorable, just like a fine wine, with the right pairing.

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