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Bogs of Bane: Dreaming Journey

Each night as the PCs camp, sleep brings visions and strange dreams that cause their minds to race with bizarre images of biomechanical swarms. Creatures that fail a DC 19 Will save wake up with the fatigued condition and do not recover hit points or spells from resting. These conditions last until the party encounters a sleep envy trap near the Dreaming Fields—anyone that succumbs to a contraption-inspired slumber is targeted by a single skurgxon swarm that takes them on a dreaming journey. [More on that in tomorrow’s Statblock Sunday! —RT]

The creatures begin their attack within the dreams of their opponents, keeping conscious party members unaware of the assault until after the first full round of combat. Once a somnambular skurgxon swarm drains a negative level from one of the adventurers, a glowing portal appears nearby and spews forth countless more of the strange little monsters (there should be at least one swarm for each member of the party). Anyone that is still asleep is dragged towards the portal while the remaining PCs are targeted each by at least one swarm that attempts to drag them into the portal after bestowing a negative level.

dreaming journeyOnce through the portal, the party find themselves on the boundary of Alucinar and their negative levels are automatically restored. [More on Alucinar, the Plane of Dreams, next month! —RT]

The portal remains open for several hours after the swarms have been dispatched; any PC that took level drain and did not cross over into Alucinar senses that a part of their life force is on the other side of the dimensional breach. Due to their temporary dual-existence on two planes, a creature so affected can see and hear ghost images of Alucinar, causing them to be distracted (taking a -4 penalty on all concentration checks, skill checks, and attack rolls; they must also make an additional concentration check to cast any spell).

Once all the PC’s have entered Alucinar, the portal closes.


5E Rules

Receiving the benefits of a long rest requires a DC 14 Wisdom save.

Creatures experiencing dual-existence have disadvantage on all ability checks.

[Submitted by Rory Toma!]

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