Awake in Alucinar: Doohan’s Doom

Doohan’s Doom      CR 9
XP 6,400
Persistent CE haunt (500 ft. radius area of effect)
Caster Level 9th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to smell the scent of sulphur)
hp 40; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 hour

Effect The constant shifting of the planes that intersect to form the distinct environment of Alucinar causes Doohan’s doom to manifest in a random location within the Dreaming Island each time an unfortunate traveler is unlucky enough to experience its consequences. Creatures with an Intelligence of 1 or greater that enter the area of Doohan’s doom must make a DC 25 Reflex save or be instantly transported up to 5d100 feet away in a random direction. Failure on the save triggers an additional DC 25 Will save to avoid materializing within a “solid” object that deals 1d10 damage. Given the nature of Alucinar many objects are both real and illusionary at the same time, depending largely on the viewer’s belief in the state of that object. Each subsequent round those that materialize within a “solid” object may make an additional Will save (DC 25 – 1 per previous save) to disbelieve their current state or suffer an additional 1d10 damage. Creature receive a +5 conditional bonus to their Will save others are actively attempting to convince them the object they believe themselves to have materialized in is not real.

Doohan's DoomDestruction Doohan’s doom can only be destroyed by making a DC 32 Survival check to locate the physical remains of the mad gnomish wizard and taking them back to the Prime Material Plane, thus allowing Doohan the escape from Alucinar he so eagerly sought while living.

Background Doohan was a gnomish wizard who sought to understand the mysteries of Alucinar and though he meticulously refined his own batch of dreamwalker dust in preparation, he failed to do so properly. Unfortunately for Doohan when he snorted the dust he subsequently entered into a dream state he could not awake from, but rather than just his subconscious mind entering the Plane of Dreams his entire being was transported to the Dreaming Island. Subjected to the changing landscape of Alucinar, as well as the arcane energies released by the intersection of the various planes that touch the Plane of Dreams and the sometimes frightful visions of unconscious minds, the gnome slowly went insane. His grasp of reality slipping, he sought to use his knowledge of magic to escape his fate but after several failed teleportation spells, he eventually found himself trapped in what he perceived to be a solid mass of volcanic rock. As with many things in the Plane of Dreams, perception is reality and Doohan thus died in Alucinar from his belief in another being’s unconscious dream. His spirit is now corrupted and seeks to torment others by subjecting them to similar circumstances.


[Submitted by Michael Smith!]

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