Strange Salve: Disfiguring Statue Trap

Disfiguring Statue Trap     CR 4

Type magical; Perception DC 28; Disable Device DC 28
Trigger proximity; Reset none
Effect -1d4 Charisma (DC 14 Fortitude negates); blindness (DC 14 Fortitude negates)

disfiguring statue trapA statue of a beautiful dancer, graceful and lean, adorns the entryway to this house. Her eyes are fashioned from fine purple gems and inset into the sculpture.

In the high society of Mohkba, displaying wealth is key to one’s social standing; it is of no surprise that the gardens and courtyards of great houses are adorned with jeweled statues. There is always the problem of thievery, however, and some of the more well-heeled houses take magical precautions against the practice. The disfiguring statue trap performs this task in a rather unique fashion—anyone that would steal the gems becomes disfigured. Scars appear over their eyes and they become blinded (taking the Charisma loss as permanent as well) until the gems are put back into the statue. This does not restore the Charisma loss, which can only be overcome by three castings of restoration or a more powerful spell.


[Brought to you by Rory Toma!]

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