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Trap Tuesday (Banlan Backlash!): Dimensional Funnel

RELLUMMDimensional Funnel      CR 11
Type magical; Search/Perception DC 38; Disable Device destroy dimensional tethers (see text)
Trigger teleportation spell; Reset none
Effect spell effect (plane shift; all creatures and items within 30 ft. of the dimensional tethers are not teleported to their intended destination, instead drawn to a second matching set of dimensional tethers which may be located on any plane; increase the DC to resist the triggering teleporting effect by +5)

The high mages of Timeaus are true masters of arcane energies and one of them—a subversive agent for the Banlan Brotherhood—was involved with researching alligotonium, discovering a means to teleport the enchanted material despite its unique properties. Using a practiced ritual of the high mages (the dimensional funnel trap) he has treated some of the magical ore already in their possession, crafting a total of 12 dimensional tethers. 6 of these have been pegged down far beneath Nyamo in the city’s catacombs, and the rest are in the hands of agents traveling with the party.

When the dimensional wheels activate, the whole caravan the PCs are traveling in is hurtled across the planes to eventually land in the Ingan Abattoir, a place the infiltrators know only too well—but will the party fare well once they arrive, or fall prey to its dangers?

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