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Foul Machinations: Destiny Derailed (Part 2)

demon on the rails
Throughout Destiny Derailed, the fortunetelling press has spit out news of future events; after Borys enlists the PC’s help to avert a strike, the party discovers that all is not as it seems. What does the doppix have to do with devices that collect and convert blood, and is this connected to the wereguten curse?

The adventurers, fighting demons and hazards on the tundra, need a place to rest and recuperate. Fortunately, they can do so in a nicely appointed boxcar located in Railcar City, home of the upper echelon of the on-site PNE employees. This rest is short-lived, however, as a cloud of sharp alligotonium ore descends upon Steamtown, unearthed by the demolition crew blasting a route through the mountains. Worried that the explosion killed the workers and stirred up demons, Borys sends the party with the work crew in a repaired train engine—which stops as an ireful hellion walks the tracks towards them, the operators fleeing for their lives.

After the demons are dispatched, they return to a a wrecked town full of ore and cursed items possessed by hellion revenants! To make matters worse, the goblins have stopped working, as they believe their god is dead—Borys again asks for help.

[And while all of this went down, the AaWBlog won an ENnie! -RT]

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