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Bogs of Bane: Demon Roots Trap

demon roots trapDemon Roots Trap        CR 7

Type magic; Perception DC 18; Disable Device DC 18
Trigger touch; Reset automatic
Effect spell effect (entangle, CL 10th, Reflex DC 17 negates); spell effect (holy smite, 10d8 to evil creatures and blind 1 round, 5d8 to neutral creatures; Will DC 20 to negate blindness and halve damage)

Despite its name the demon roots trap is entirely benign, created by the druids of the Bloodclaw Tribe—primitives that have resisted the advances of abyssal creatures in Aventyr’s Vast Swamp for generations. Every year their elder shamans go on a long walkabout, seeding their clan’s territory with numerous demon roots traps in anticipation of the evil creatures roaming through the marshes and bogs. The blinding light that flares up when a demon roots trap goes off is always a cause for investigation by a search and destroy party, and more often than not the zealous warriors spill blood before asking questions. Many trapmasters have sought to learn how exactly the demon roots trap is crafted, but the Bloodclaw are fiercely secretive and protective of the means of its creation, refusing to share it with anyone that is not kin.

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