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Weird Wednesday (Lands of Ludolog): Cursed Black Pomegranate

Cursed Black Pomegranate
Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight ¼ lb.

This relatively large pomegranate-like fruit boasts a thick rind of deep purple, of a hue that is almost pitch.

Any creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher within 100 feet of a cursed black pomegranate immediately becomes aware of the fruit and is overcome with a sudden insatiable hunger to consume it (DC 25 Will negates). On a failed saving throw, the creature must take any action within their means to obtain and eat the cursed black pomegranate. Any creature who consumes one of these cursed magic items becomes immune to this alluring effect for 2d4 hours.

A creature that consumes a cursed black pomegranate gains a +3 bonus to Strength and Dexterity and a +5 bonus to Perception for 3d4 hours. These effects stack with bonuses of other types, but the bonuses are not cumulative. When the magic from a cursed black pomegranate wears off, the affected character is overcome with an intense craving to consume more of the fruit.
cursed black pomegranateIf another cursed black pomegranate is not consumed within an hour of the onset of the craving, the affected creature takes one negative level (no saving throw) and 1d4 points of Constitution damage (DC 30 Fortitude negates). This repeats each hour until another cursed black pomegranate is consumed. This addiction can only be ended by a remove curse spell.
A cursed black pomegranate is naturally magical. If at any time this magic is negated or surpassed (as in an antimagic field), the fruit instantly shrivels and turns to dust.

Inside of a cursed black pomegranate are hundreds of pulpy spherical seeds that each pulsate in erratic rhythm with a very dim greenish glow. The seeds are extremely bitter when first placed upon the tongue, but this quickly passes as they are eaten, giving way to a mind-bogglingly sweet flavor that seems to permeate every taste bud. The pulp of a cursed black pomegranate often stains the fingers, tongue, and lips of a creature eating it with the glowing green juice contained in the delicate seeds—stains that cannot be removed by any means for 1d4 hours.

Trees that grow cursed black pomegranates produce 6d6 of the fruits every month. The bright green glowing flowers that sprout on these trees transform instantly into fully ripe produce on various nights throughout a given timeframe (determined by local patterns of climate and weather). A sapling grows from the corpse of any creature that dies while craving cursed black pomegranate, fully maturing in 2d4 days if there is fertile soil to root in nearby (completely consuming the body within its thick trunk).

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