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Stealing Stones: Cursed Amber Attenuator

cursed Amber AttenuatorCURSED AMBER ATTENUATOR
Aura moderate illusion; CL 8th
Slot —;Cost 16,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

When used to navigate, a cursed amber attenuator blocks junctions and side tunnels while traveling underground or on the Amber Roads, covering the openings with illusions of walls and barriers seamlessly blended into the existing passageway. The image is projected to all creatures within 100 ft. of the bearer, but only the creature who has possession of the cursed amber attenuator can break the illusion (any other creature that tries to touch an illusory wall or barrier treats it as real). A cursed amber attenuator always leads its user to the closest aggressive monster instead of the correct path to reach their destination; this increases the chance of a random encounter by 10% every thirty minutes traveled. A DC 18 Will save allows the bearer to see through an illusion created by the cursed amber attenuator (this save may be attempted every time the bearer physically interacts with an illusory wall).

Magic Items improved amber attenuator

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