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Cool stuff for nerds like me

What do a binary clock, phantom keystroker, and a NES USB controller have in common? They cause my nerd sensors to go to maximum and my wife to go to red alert hiding the credit cards!  I have been navigating the net finding stuff nerds like me really don’t need but must have in their office or home.  So far I have my sights zeroed in on a LED clock which looks like it belongs on the bridge of the old school Enterprise and the giant size polyhedron dice set.  There’s just too much good geek stuff out there to pass up.

Here’s a few of the wonderful nerdy things I found that peaked my interest:

TIX Led ClockTIX LED Clock
As soon as my wife relinquishes my credit card this clock is going next to my bed! Reminiscent of the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise from the original Star Trek this clock would look nice just about anywhere nerds go, from Earth to Vulcan.

Retro NES USB ControllerRetro NES USB Controller
The NES was the first system I really went crazy over. I made it a goal to obtain as many NES cartridges as I could by trading with friends and bartering goods and services with grandparents. Not only did I work hard to obtain an extensive collection of NES carts, but I set out to conquer them all. I probably beat more NES games than any other system. Plugging this old/new beauty into my computer will be a real treat… whenever the mail gets here.

GP2X Caanoo MAME/Console EmulatorGP2X Caanoo MAME/Console Emulator
This tiny device packs a solid punch by perfectly emulating Amiga, Commodore 64, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Neo Geo, Flash Games, and tons more! It also plays video and has a bunch of built in goodies like a personal calendar, e-book reader, and voice recorder just to name a few. This is a MUST HAVE for any hard core retro gamer.

USB Classic JoystickUSB Classic Atari Joystick
What better way to return to the old school when playing your old arcade roms on your computer? The Atari 2600 was my first video game system so this controller is extra special to me. I know it’s silly to have an attachment to a controller, but hey- I’m a nerd cut me some slack.

Star Trek MonopolySTAR TREK Monopoly
This game is more fun than listening to data talk about his cat Spot! In this custom edition Monopoly, nearly every element of the game has been redesigned: Properties, Money, Houses, Hotels, Community Chest, Chance, Utilities, Railroads, Tokens. Instead of the old stand-by tokens you’ll have your choice of Vulcan Harp, Phaser, Communicator, Klingon Blood Wine Goblet, Shuttlecraft, or Captain’s Chair. The Captain’s Chair is Kirk’s not Pike’s. Still awesome, but well… who wouldn’t want to be Captain Pike? Still, the game includes 22 properties from the complete Star Trek Continuum. Buy, Sell, and Trade properties from homeworlds like Vulcan, Andoria, and Cardassia Prime. Starships stand in for Railroads. You get the idea.

Nintendo MonopolyNINTENDO Monopoly
Out of all the various flavors of Monopoly you could own, we think this one takes the cake. (Speaking of cake, we’re pretty upset about Bowser’s use of the Trojan Birthday Cake to steal away Peach in Super Mario Wii. Very evil.) Gone are the property names from New Jersey, replaced with your favorite Nintendo characters, grouped mostly by game. Collect Samus Aran, Ridley, and Metroid to complete the orange set, or Link, Zelda and Ganondorf to complete the green. Power-up your characters and build them toward being invincible. Zip your star past go, collect your $200 and drive your friends into bankruptcy.

Why Cry Baby AnalyzerWhy Cry Baby Analyzer
You’re probably wondering why I threw a baby monitor into the mix. Truth be told my wife and I are expecting… a baby as well as many sleepless nights. Well my friends, this isn’t just any old baby monitor! With this new technology we can determine why the baby is upset at 2 am and solve the issue and return to a restful night’s sleep so I’m prepared for another day at the office. If you’re expecting a baby or already have a V 2.0 of yourself this is a must have and the price on ThinkGeek was recently reduced from $100 to $30! I’m ordering this right now and I think that will put the family credit card back into my possession… Mwa ha ha!!

Version 1.0Version 1.0 T-Shirt
This item goes hand in hand with the next, especially if you have a little one and want to wear matching shirts while visiting your nerdy friends. Everyone will get a kick out of these, I know I will!

Version 2.0Version 2.0 T-Shirt
For your little nerd, this will match perfectly with the version 1.0 shirt. Your friends will definitely get a kick out of this!

resistance is futileResistance is Futile T-Shirt
More of a Vulcan statement than a Borg one, we think you’ll still find this t-shirt quite appetizing. Unless you’ve recently wired up your own M.A.M.E cabinet or added a modchip to your Xbox, chances are good that your voltmeter and ammeter are still hiding in the garage at your parents house from your high school physics days. Leave them there and pick-up a digital multi-meter, jeez 😉

AD&D Baby Creeper
OK, I promise this is the last baby thing I post, but I have been a Dungeon Master for over 25 years and could not pass this one up. This would make a great baby shower gift for your D&D friends who are having a baby- *hint* *hint* guys! 😉

Choose Your Weapon T-Shirt
I own this shirt and have worn it to many a gaming session, although the guy in this picture is not me. It’s become one of my tried and true and have proved to be stain resistant to rare spices and sour cream… don’t ask!

Chaotic EvilChaotic Evil T-Shirt
This last product needs no fancy description, it’s the shit!


OK, I don’t want to burn you out so I’ll stop subjecting you to my nerd paraphernalia… for now. Until next episode of “Cool stuff for nerds like me” remember- We’re NERDS and we’re proud so you can go jump in a lake of hydrofluoric acid or inhale 20,551 Btu of Phosgene gas!

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