Story Locale (Duty in Drak’kal): Collapsing Slaughterhouse

When the massive alligator made its escape from the Broztavya Circus’ animal tents in Disaster in Drak’kal, it tore through many buildings but none suffered more than Rizarkan Butchery. Their warehouse—filled with the carcasses of animals ripe for hunting in the spring—was ransacked by the reptile, so heavily damaged that its owners have completely abandoned it. Since then the Kal Street gang has taken residence in the place, though they aren’t the only ones to call the dwelling home.

collapsing slaughterhouseThough the building itself has been dangerous for months and the ne’er-do-wells nearby are unfriendly at best, a DC 12 Knowledge (local) check reveals that there have not been any sightings of persons entering or leaving the structure for some time—since Issa, the cousin of local hero Lightning Stokva, took shelter there on her first night in Drak’kal. Whatever danger she may have brought to the collapsing slaughterhouse still follows the lass, but the source of this malevolence remains hidden within.

Every round that a creature takes a move action within the collapsing slaughterhouse,  there is a 30% chance that one of the following events occurs (roll 1d8 to determine which):

  1. Falling Shingle: A piece of shingle falls from above, striking the creature for 1d4-1 bludgeoning damage  (minimum 1; Reflex DC 12 negates).
  2. Faulty Floorboard: One of the piece of lumber the creature steps on isn’t anchored at all and levered poorly, swinging upwards to smack them in the face for 1d4 bludgeoning damage (Reflex DC 13 negates).
  3. Fleshy Deposit: The creature steps on a piece of decaying organs, is hit by a falling bit of skin with a prominent patch of mold, or catches a whiff of something horrendous and becomes sicked for 2 rounds (Fortitude DC 13 negates).
  4. Macabre Surroundings: The overwhelming stench of death, excessive gore, and foreboding atmosphere get under the creature’s skin, making them shaken for 3 rounds (Will DC 13 negates; this is a mind-affecting effect).
  5. Shifting Timbers: Parts of the ceiling and walls creak, sway, and shift with the wind to send clouds of dust down that blind the creature for 1 round (Fortitude DC 14 negates).
  6. Something in the Dark: The myriad shadows cast all over the interior of this building play tricks on the eyes. The creature spots a bit of the shadows and wreckage that seems to be more than scrap, fascinating them for 3 rounds (Will DC 14 negates).
  7. Swinging Hook: While most tools of the trade were taken from the collapsing slaughterhouse after the alligator ate its fill, the beast sent deadly metal implements all over the place. One of these hooks or knives falls down to hit the creature (atk +8, 1d6+1 piercing or slashing damage).
  8. Roll twice (ignore any 8s; when this results with two effects that have the same type of save, disregard the second roll).

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