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Magic Item Monday: Clockwork Scarab

clockwork scarabClockwork Scarab
Aura moderate divination; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 2,750 gp; Weight

From afar this tiny, strange device looks like a scarab but on closer inspection you see it is made from many small wheels, springs, and gears grinding together.

A clockwork scarab is a tiny, magically-imbued mechanically animated beetle. To activate a clockwork scarab the user winds the tiny key located on its underside and then places the clockwork scarab upon the floor, facing it in the direction the user desires it to move.
A clockwork scarab moves 40 feet each round. Its first movement is in the direction in which it is pointed. At the beginning of every round thereafter the device randomly determines the direction it will move in for the next 40 feet.
1d4                        New Direction of Travel
1                            Forward
2                            Turn Right
3                            Turn Left
4                            Full Turn (Backwards)
If a clockwork scarab runs into an obstruction, it automatically makes a full turn in the opposite direction for the duration of its movement in that round. If it becomes stuck the clockwork scarab turns circles in place until it either finds a direction to travel, or its duration fully expends.
Once activated a clockwork scarab continues to move for 10 + 1d10 rounds. When the scarab reaches the end of its duration, the device crumbles into a pile of non-magical loose gears and an empty tin shell.
A symbol of scrying on the back of a clockwork scarab triggers when the device is activated. The scrying effect is always successful and is centered on the clockwork scarab, allowing the user to see and hear the clockwork scarab‘s surroundings (approximately 10 feet in all directions). The effect remains active for the duration of the clockwork scarab, but ends immediately thereafter.
A clockwork scarab has hardness 1 and 1 hp.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, at least 20 points in Knowledge (engineering), symbol of scrying, 250 gp of tiny masterwork gears; Cost 1,500 gp

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