Cliff Jones 1964-2014


Cliffton Anthony Jones

Cliffton Anthony Jones, 49, died February 14, 2014, in Bellevue, WA. He was born April 1, 1964, the beloved only child of Percival and Evonne Jones. A co-founder of game company Wizards of the Coast, he most recently served as IT director at Seattle-based Gen Con. Mr. Jones enjoyed games, music, travel, and sports, and was well known for his warm heart and infectious laugh. He is survived by his parents and the many friends he made everywhere he went.


I would personally like to thank CJ for all his contributions to, specifically- creating and managing the development of adventure conversions into the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop by SmiteWorks. CJ was my go-to-tech guy, my Dungeon Master, and most of all- my friend. He will be sorely missed by all of us here at
-Jonathan G. Nelson
Founder & Owner

The Seattle Times: CJ’s Obituary Page

6 thoughts on “Cliff Jones 1964-2014”

  1. CJ was a friend. I met him while working for GenCon. He will be missed by the many people that knew him. I am sure he is sitting up there with his dice and making Moses roll for initiative!

  2. That’s tough, especially to lose someone that you’ve shared such an important part of your life with. Keep cranking out the good stuff in his memory.

  3. Wow. Seems a really, really great guy. It just…”exudes” somehow.
    So sorry for the tremendous loss to everyone privileged to have known him;
    I would like to have been among that fortunate number.
    Rest well, CJ…

  4. Cathleen S. Adkison

    My heart is broken over the loss of our greatest of friends, CJ. I met CJ when I was seventeen as a part of a small role playing group in Walla Walla and College Place. We all moved to Seattle and some of us Started Wizards of the Coast, Inc. CJ was always a character and was always first on the list to invite to games, events and parties. We love you CJ. We’ll keep the home fires burning!

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