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AaWBlog Closing, New Adventurer’s Chronicle magazine coming Spring 2016


We regret to inform our avid readers that the AaWBlog is being retired (sans Tales from the Tabletop). We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the entire AaWBlog team: Mike Myler, Justin Andrew Mason, Rory Toma, Lance Kepner, Tim Snow, Stefanos Patelis, Brian Wiborg, Jonathan Ely, and the rest of our fantastic¬†contributors. AAW […]

Wandering Wasteland: Primordial Tar Haunt

primordial tar haunt_fixed

Primordial Tar Haunt ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†CR 6 XP 2,400 CN Persistent haunt (20-ft.-radius pool of tar) Caster Level 6th Notice Perception DC 22 (to hear the dying cries of primordial creatures) hp 27; Trigger proximity; Reset 1/day Effect When the primordial tar haunt is triggered, a deinonychus, pteranodon, and rhinoceros rise from the bubbling sludge (as summon […]

Awake in Alucinar: Metallic Puddle

metallic puddle project file

Metallic Puddle On casual observation a metallic puddle looks like any other sitting pool of water, but a closer look (normally requiring a DC 22 Perception check) notes the peculiarities of its reflections‚ÄĒand that they don‚Äôt mirror what they should. These strange anomalies appear randomly across both Aventyr and Alucinar, though wayward planar explorers claim […]

Awake in Alucinar: Sea of Chaos

Alucinar, Plane of Dreams

Sea of Chaos ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†CR 11 XP 12,800 Persistent CN haunt (2-mile-radius area of effect) Caster Level 10th Notice Perception DC 20 (to notice a shimmer in the surrounding landscape) hp 49; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day Effect The sea of chaos haunt manifests each day within 1000 ft. of a Limbo overlap in the Dreaming […]

Awake in Alucinar: Cinar Boundary

cinar boundary haunt

CINAR BOUNDARY¬† ¬† ¬†¬†CR 10 XP 9,600 N Persistent haunt (50-ft.‚Äď1,000-ft.-radius around Alucinar) Caster Level 10th Notice Perception DC 14 (to see a miasma of green energy) hp 45; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute Effect The cinar boundary is triggered when a creature experiencing dual-existence on Alucinar (either from a somnambular skurgxon swarm‚Äôs attack or […]

Bogs of Bane: Lightning Gas Haunt

lightning gas haunt

Lightning Gas Haunt ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†CR 8 XP 4,800 Persistent CE haunt (20-ft.-radius) Caster Level 8th Notice Perception DC 25 (to smell the odor of rotten eggs) hp 36; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 hour Effects When the lightning gas haunt is triggered a nauseating fog cloud arises from the swamp, the vapor tinged with flashes of electrical […]

Stealing Stones: Cursed Amber Attenuator

cursed Amber Attenuator

CURSED AMBER ATTENUATOR Aura moderate illusion; CL 8th Slot ‚ÄĒ;Cost 16,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs. DESCRIPTION When used to navigate, a cursed amber attenuator blocks junctions and side tunnels while traveling underground or on the Amber Roads, covering the openings with illusions of walls and barriers seamlessly blended into the existing passageway. The image is […]