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Dungeon Elements – Stairs

Ā  For the next few weeks we’ll explore how typical dungeon elements can be trapped in non-traditional ways. This week we’ll look at stairs, as illustrated by the following trap, which was inspired by a videoĀ from students at Rochester Institute of Technology. Escher Stairs A staircase leads up, then abruptly turns right. Type: magical; Perception […]

Porcelain Doorknob

Consider the following trap: Porcelain Doorknob Trap (CR 1) A well-worn porcelain doorknob is in the center of the door. Type: mechanical; Perception DC 17; Disable DeviceĀ 17 TriggerĀ touch; ResetĀ None Effect TheĀ doorknob shatters, leaving sharp edges. Atk +8 melee (1d6 damage) Sadly, this is a trap drawn from personal experience. The doorknob on my office door […]

Trap Inspiration from MMOs

Today we’ll look at the trap below: 180 Degree Teleporter A small, deep chasm is in front of you. It looks like it can be easily jumped. Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable DeviceĀ 30 TriggerĀ location; ResetĀ None Effect There is a teleporter on the far side of the chasm. It immediately teleports the character to the […]