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AaWBlog Closing, New Adventurer’s Chronicle magazine coming Spring 2016


We regret to inform our avid readers that the AaWBlog is being retired (sans Tales from the Tabletop). We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the entire AaWBlog team: Mike Myler, Justin Andrew Mason, Rory Toma, Lance Kepner, Tim Snow, Stefanos Patelis, Brian Wiborg, Jonathan Ely, and the rest of our fantastic contributors. AAW […]

Mohkba Mania: Hail Trap

hail trap

Hail Trap       CR 10 Type mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 30 Trigger location; Reset automatic (for 2d6+1 minutes) Effects Atk +15 melee (10d6 bludgeoning); multiple targets (all targets not directly under cover); knocked prone (1d6 cold per round; DC 20 Escape Artist, Strength, or CMB check to escape; immunity to […]

Wandering Wasteland: The Transgression (part 2)

the transgression snippet #2

[Continued from last week’s Trap Tuesday! —MM] During this daily period of intense heat, Fortitude saves against the environment need to be made by creatures involved in strenuous activities (such as combat) in an exposed area but are otherwise unnecessary. During the direct Transgression as temperatures rise to greater than 240° F (115° C), unprotected […]

Awake in Alucinar: Shadow Bomb Trap

shadow bomb trap

Shadow Bomb Trap     CR 10 Type magic; Perception DC 34; Disable Device DC 34 Trigger proximity; Reset none Effect target’s equipment gains the broken condition for 1d4 + 1 hours (DC 27 Fortitude save negates); multiple targets (all targets within 60-ft.-radius of a shadow bomb trap) The P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. have engineered an explosive contraption from the […]

Awake in Alucinar: Limbo Trap

limbo trap

Limbo Trap     CR 9 Type magic; Perception DC 33; Disable Device DC 33 Trigger location; Reset automatic reset Effect target runs into flaming shard of Limbo (DC 25 Acrobatics check to bend over backwards or take 1d6 Wisdom damage and 5d6 fire damage); multiple targets (all targets in a 10-ft.-wide passage) With the aid of […]

Bogs of Bane: Bewilderment Trap

bewilderment trap

Bewilderment Trap        CR 9 Type magic; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29 EFFECTS Trigger location; Reset none Effect spell effect (confusion for 12 rounds, DC 19 Will negates; as spell but modified effect at roll 51-75: full move towards random direction) The dragon Kallothrax has smartly utilized every available natural resource in this region […]

Bogs of Bane: Mudcage Trap

mudcage trap

Mudcage Trap        CR 9 Type magic; Perception DC 28; Disable Device DC 28 EFFECTS Trigger location; Reset none Effect spell effect (strangling hair for 10 rounds, Atk +10, 1d6 bludgeoning and grappled condition; DC 20 CMB or Escape Artist check to escape); spell effect (curse of disgust, sickened by clothing [permanent], DC 15 Will negates; […]

Bogs of Bane: Demon Roots Trap

demon roots trap

Demon Roots Trap        CR 7 Type magic; Perception DC 18; Disable Device DC 18 EFFECTS Trigger touch; Reset automatic Effect spell effect (entangle, CL 10th, Reflex DC 17 negates); spell effect (holy smite, 10d8 to evil creatures and blind 1 round, 5d8 to neutral creatures; Will DC 20 to negate blindness and halve damage) Despite […]