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How to build miniature Work Camp Tents

How to build miniature Work Camp Tents Build your own Camp Tents for your games! Note: instructions follow the visual presentation! The instructions and photos given were created in ¼” scale, meaning, ¼” would equal 1 foot in the real world. You can use the same construction process to build in any scale you […]

Great Response!

Great Response! Well, so far it’s just Todd and I that can view this blog (and perhaps a couple friends helping with beta testing) but nevertheless, I will continue to post! Yesterday I decided to loose the news of the existence of upon the general populace via Twitter & Facebook.  The response was more […]

The website is almost done!

The website is almost complete!  After experimenting with hundreds of different layouts and images we are almost there!  It’s been a bit crazy and plagued with schizophrenia perfectionism.  Don’t ask me to define that, I just don’t know what I’m saying after an entire day spent staring at code.  I do know that I’m VERY pleased with […]

Submit your Questions for Matt Wilson of Privateer Press

Matt Wilson, Chief Creative Officer of Privateer Press & Director of the film Wolfsbane will be sitting down with NERD TREK for an exclusive interview. Privateer Press is responsible for the WARMACHINE product line as well as HORDES, IRON KINGDOMS, and No Quarter Magazine. The movie Wolfsbane is Wilson’s first foray into the film industry and […]