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Pathfinder RPG Comic Book!

PATHFINDER ROLE-PLAYING GAME NOW A DYNAMITE COMIC BOOK! Fantasy Comics Based on Best-Selling RPG Coming in 2012 ¬†January 4, 2012 (Runnemede, NJ) ‚Äď Paizo Publishing has licensed its award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to Dynamite Entertainment, who will publish comics based on Pathfinder‚Äôs exciting fantasy world in 2012! Launched in 2009, Pathfinder has taken the tabletop […]

NERD TREK interview with Matt Wilson of Privateer Press!

Matt Wilson, Chief Creative Officer of¬†Privateer Press¬†& Director of the film¬†Wolfsbane¬†sat down with NERD TREK for an exclusive interview. ¬†Privateer Press is responsible for the WARMACHINE product line as well as HORDES, IRON KINGDOMS, and No Quarter Magazine. ¬†The movie Wolfsbane is Wilson‚Äôs first foray into the film industry and is a steam-punk twist on […]


“WANT THIS LOOT?” – Contest! Here’s how to win this loot PLUS a free 1 month subscription to! 1. ¬†“Like” on Facebook. 2. ¬†Share a link to “” with all of your friends on Facebook. That’s it! ¬†You’re entered to win!   Win more stuff: If you wish you can also print out […]


PAIZO LAUNCHES RPG SUPERSTAR 2012 Open Call RPG Design Challenge Seeks New Talent ¬†December 5, 2011 (REDMOND, Wash.) ‚ÄstPaizo Publishing is proud to announce RPG Superstar 2012, the fifth season of its popular RPG design contest. The search for the newest talent in RPG design begins December 6, 2011 on¬† “Over the last five years, […]

Everything I need to know I learned from Dungeons & Dragons

Mayor Igor Leonid 2

“With tongue-in-cheek humor, the creator of the award-winning Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress takes on the self-help section, proving that the benefits of the Dungeons & Dragons¬ģ game goes far beyond simple entertainment.” During PAX Prime 2011 NERD TREK met with Wizards of the Coast to discuss their new line of Neverwinter products. ¬†After the […]

Pathfinder Online MMO

Paizo Licenses¬†Pathfinder MMO Rights Goblinworks¬†to Produce Next-Generation Fantasy Sandbox MMO Paizo Publishing, LLC¬†has licensed the MMORPG electronic gaming rights to its¬†smash-hit Pathfinder¬†Roleplaying Game intellectual property to Goblinworks, a Redmond, Washington¬†game developer and¬†publisher that will create Pathfinder Online, a¬†next-generation fantasy sandbox massively multiplayer online game. Founded by¬†Paizo co-owner Lisa Stevens (Pathfinder RPG, Vampire: The Masquerade, Magic:¬†The […]

How to build miniature Work Camp Tents

How to build miniature Work Camp Tents Build your own Camp Tents for your games! Note: instructions follow the visual presentation! The instructions and photos given were created in ¬ľ‚ÄĚ scale, meaning, ¬ľ‚ÄĚ would equal 1 foot in the real world. You can use the same construction process to build in any scale you […]

It’s official, is Pathfinder compatible!

Today took another step toward fulfilling our ultimate goal of world domina… oh wait, that’s my other project. ¬†Today we accomplished one of our main goals! I love the Pathfinder RPG and find that the simplified rules (especially when it comes to skills: perception & acrobatics to name a couple) make 3.5 even better. […]

Great Response!

Great Response! Well, so far it’s just Todd and I that can view this blog (and perhaps a couple friends helping with beta testing) but nevertheless, I will continue to post! Yesterday I decided to loose the news of the existence of upon the general populace via Twitter & Facebook. ¬†The response was more […]

The website is almost done!

The website is almost complete! ¬†After experimenting with hundreds of different layouts and images we are almost there! ¬†It’s been a bit crazy and plagued with¬†schizophrenia¬†perfectionism. ¬†Don’t ask me to define that, I just don’t know what I’m saying after an entire day spent staring at code. ¬†I do know that I’m VERY pleased with […]