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Foul Machinations: Bogs of Bane

bogs of baneAfter Stealing Stones the PCs emerge in the Vast Swamp and after resting bear witness to a grisly scene of trapped and tortured elders of the Bloodclaw tribe. It’s a trap however, and the adventurers help a group of demon hunting warriors fight off mud monsters lurking in the mire. For their troubles the party are lent the use of a demonbane net as the locals lead them through the Muddy Mangroves. The danger sin this part of the marshlands are often and varied, from demon roots and mudcage traps to the blighted tree spirits and lightning gas haunts, not to mention the abyssal influence pervading Bloodclaw Territory.

lightning gas hauntOnce the adventurers have reached the nearest Bloodclaw settlement they are brought before the local chieftain, who gives them a chance to become honorary members of the tribe by undertaking a proving quest. After tracking down some bog troll raiders and dispatching those monsters along with a few other beasts in a cavern nearby, the PCs earn the trust of the demon hunters and are given a trollbone mace, made privy to all the Bloodclaw have to offer—food, shelter, and most important of all, information. The P.R.A.N.K.S.T.ER.S. [BTW GMs: in case you missed it, those cypher notes have been decoded! —MM] have been seen in the area, heading into a maze-like part of the Muddy Mangroves. The Bloodclaw that befriended the PCs (a woman barbarian human named Varssadd) agrees to help them through the labyrinth, promising that her knowledge of the fiendish Mud King’s bogs of bane will prove vital to their success.

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Foul Machinations: Stealing Stones part 2

granite grottoThe adventurers have made it into the Shlyappa zwerc enclave and are shadowed by a mysterious dwarf soon after: lysyy the hat merchant. He pleads with them to investigate the strange happenings in his storeroom, and the PCs find a bit of dust (as well as a deadly earthen mimic!) that can only lead to the Granite Grotto. The party uncovers P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R. smugglers in the unique cavern and would put an end to the illicit operation right there, but are held at bay by ignis the stonespeaker.

Though the trail is momentarily lost, a young dweorg boy flags the adventurers down and directs them to a side tunnel where the criminals fled. Unfortunately the dwarf reveals itself as a lethal and maddened gitwerc underterror not long after and when the PCs catch up to the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. the ne’er-do-wells cause a cave-in that threatens to kill everyone! Finally after prevailing against these deadly challenges, the adventurers take one last long walk through tunnels before emerging in a marsh somewhere in Aventyr.


bailey's hatStealing Stones has been designed with a sandbox approach and there are several other articles to use when running this part of the AaWBlog Adventure Path [the first post tying this month together is located here. —MM]. Six dwarves—all whom once knew Doc—lost their lives in or near Shlyappa and many of them are still tethered here, haunting the numerous passages and tunnels (and ideal for a sidequest of a GM’s devising: sneezing bell haunt, Bailey’s hat, graceless cackle haunt).
Of course we’ve also got traps galore (the replacement hat trap, festering crown fireball trap, hat rip trap) as well as a treatise on Subterranean Adventures by Justin Andrew Mason, and then of course, several new magic hats (infested tam o’shanter, maculos mask, Klavekian mining cap). Unlucky adventurers may even pick up the cursed amber attenuator somewhere along the way and have an even tougher time in the zwerc enclave!


It’s been an exciting build-up and we’re steadily moving toward a crescendo, so make sure to join us throughout August as we take the party through the Vast Swamp of Aventyr in Bogs of Bane!


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Foul Machinations: Stealing Stones

Earthen Mimic (Sara Shijo)When we last left the party, they were nearing the last step through the Underworld to reach a zwerc enclave believed to be the source of a special stone the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. are acquiring: Shlyappa. By befriending or slaughtering the minotaur rulers of the small subterranean realm at the entrance to the Amber Roads that lead to the sought after demiplane, the PCs can earn themselves an improved amber attenuator. With this navigation tool in hand the adventurers are unlikely to get lost on the final leg of the journey, but just before their arrival they are ambushed in a collapsing tunnel by mischievous, deadly schewerka!

There are certain things the PCs will quickly learn not to do while there and that, oddly, hats of some kind are practically a necessity (though the adventurers may have acquired one after the ambush). Road to Shlyappa 1Besides the enforced taboos there are also indigenous creatures out along the border of this place; some are deceptive like the earthen mimic, and others familiar but obviously changed by the Amber Roads. More danger yet awaits the party as they travel through Shlyappa should they be about nefarity—the amber prison trap, the hat rack trap, and the sneezing bell haunt!

Explore some of what Shlyappa has to offer throughout the rest of Stealing Stones, and make sure to tune in tomorrow to see the first signs of the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. in this far flung place!



The Aventyr Bestiary Kickstarter!


  • Book Golem and Liberum Golem – If you prefer your golems well read, these constructs are up your alley—just mind the paper cuts.
  • Chicken Coop – Swallow parties whole with this madman’s dream of a chicken mixed with a house.
  • Cold Mutated Ogre Spider, Earthen Spider, Sloth Spider – We at AaW firmly believe there can just never be enough spiders.
  • Exsanguinator the Daemon – Make adventurers really feel the hurt and introduce them to the master of blood.
  • Eye Eater – Give maiming PCs a try and don’t hesitate to rip out an eye or two (it can give them a new perspective on the game!)
  • Mosaic Tile Golem, Mushroom Golem, Pumpkin Golem, Totem Golem, Treasure Golem– There’s a reason Paizo is so fond of these…
  • NITNAM – Remember that time the adventurers had to go inside of the giant, flesh-sac alien monster to kill it? You always will.
  • Pubo, Great Pubo, Jinn Wizard, Tyngdekraften – Explosions, antimagic fields, and gravity wells—who could ask for anything more?
  • Skildpadder – If dwarves don’t belong on top of giant subterranean tortoise-bullettes, what’s the world coming to?
  • Templates: Dark Scion, Eldritch, Fleshdoll, HEL, Titanic – Because you never really can have enough templates.

Get your pledge in and get your game on!



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Mendacious Materials – Part 2

escape from mohkba imageThough the adventurers were ambushed by the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. before, they manage to track down where the highly valued contraband is and this time the PCs get the drop on the criminal cabal! Within some barrels in a safehouse, their auras hidden by cunning devices, are several pounds of Shlyappa ore. After returning to Jesker with the mendacious materials in hand, the party have some more time for investigation in the capital of the Klavek Kingdom; hopefully they’ve been paying attention and the strange dream the adventurers share sheds some light on their situation (and forays into noble homes continue to be dubious, so trespassing PCs best be wary).

The great old mage keeps himself busy preparing a ritual to deal with the blood thralls (a leftover from the notorious Cultus Sanguineus), but things go awry and the adventurers have to flee from Mohkba, chased by Mohkba guards trained to deal with spellcasters! PCs that are unfortunate enough to get caught are fitted with special shackles and tried in the courts of the Sanctioned Arcane Practitioners. As long as the party isn’t extraordinarily stubborn, however, they should make it out of the metropolis and on to the Underworld without too much trouble. Musings of the Mage 2Once they get there it’s a different story altogether—provided the PCs can reach the true Amber Road that leads to the Shlyappa Enclave, they’ll need to be careful of false planar pathways. [Full details on the Shlyappa Amber Road area are in tomorrow’s Sidequest Saturday! -MM]

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Foul Machinations: Mendacious Materials

opsjenaAs the PCs crossed the Mohkba River in the end of Strange Salve some thugs waylaid them on the water. On their persons the party finds a damning note related to the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.ER.S. and shortly after reaching the docks of the Klavek Kingdom’s capital, an address appears on the parchment. Following it to an abandoned theater on 531 Ripkorski Way, the adventurers become pawns in *the game of a powerful, strange old mage, made to do battle against an *opsjena! After proving their worth, he introduces himself as Jesker the Great, a member of an obscure arcane order (the Sideribus Volunt). The nefarious criminal cabal targeting the PCs are his adversaries, and the mage needs the party to act when and where he cannot.

blood thrall templateTo cement his noble intentions and as a show of good will, the old wizard gives the adventurers several magical curatives, including the incredibly potent sideribus sanabit salve. Jesker knows of a P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. shipment coming into Mohkba and *the PCs manage to ambush the criminals—or so it seems! Blood thralls*, horrible mangled creatures mutated by unknown means, burst from casks in the wagon and attack as more of the ne’er-do-wells appear to flank the adventurers! [Tomorrow in Mendacious Materials the party gets another crack at the real resource being carted around by their enemies, though astute readers may have figured that out already! -MM]

nightmare wellspring hauntAs the PCs travel throughout the Mariner’s Quarter of Mohkba, there are ample means to line their pockets but just as many reasons to be wary; a snatch and grab from one of the local religious groups can turn out to be quite painful. What more, the metropolis is experiencing a religious resurgence after truly troubling events with some of the nobles last year, and the remnants of the bloody Cultus Sanguineus still haunt the city (though not all of the lingering spirits have to do with the settlement’s corrupted elite).

[Hyperlinks marked with * have both Pathfinder and 5E D&D Rules. -MM]

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Foul Machinations: Strange Salve (part 2!)

baroness grandaj's estate - frosted windowThe adventurers finally reach the Refuge of the North, Enixam, a town of lepers and outcasts pushed out of the Klavek Kingdom’s capital across the Mohkba River. With the serafin salve given to them by Antonio Casta to deliver to the leader of the settlement, the party finally reaches Baroness Grandaj’s Estate, bringing the concoction directly to the ostracized noble. Though things go badly within her home, the PCs are free to explore Enixam afterwards though for the pristine of form, there are plenty of dangers to had—both from irate citizenry and the occasional curse.

Unless they’re looking to take an extremely long walk across the Klavekian Grasslands the PCs need a ride across the Mohkba River (a task that might be even more difficult than the last time). The adventures manage to procure passage on a ship, but its sailors draw blades and attack not long after the vessel leaves Enixam’s docks! After defeating the duplicitous thugs the party finds a cryptic note implicating one of Aventyr’s most notorious groups: the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S., a continent-spanning criminal cabal of ne’er-do-wells. In addition to the note, the void of Ullast haunt casts more shadows onto the disturbing events during Duty in Drak’kal, leading toward Mohkba and what it is that happened to the missing town.

void of ullast hauntThe would-be assassins were all wearing inflatable gauntlets so even if the ship is scuttled, the adventurers have a reliable means to finish crossing the river but once there, more danger is afoot. Troublemakers within the party find that their ilk is not tolerated very well in the capital—noble estates are protected by disfiguring statue traps and the waterside homes of the wealthy are liberally equipped with water globe traps.

Much more is revealed in this weekend’s sidequest as we bring Strange Salve to a close, so make sure to stay tuned and follow the AaWBlog 2015 Adventure Path as we journey into June with Mendacious Materials!