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AaWBlog Closing, New Adventurer’s Chronicle magazine coming Spring 2016


We regret to inform our avid readers that the AaWBlog is being retired (sans Tales from the Tabletop). We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the entire AaWBlog team: Mike Myler, Justin Andrew Mason, Rory Toma, Lance Kepner, Tim Snow, Stefanos Patelis, Brian Wiborg, Jonathan Ely, and the rest of our fantastic¬†contributors. AAW […]

Adventurer’s Weekly – The Party (part 2 and a bid farewell)


Tekkittir (NG Female half-orc barbarian) is a towering warrior that eschews regular weapons in favor of an uprooted tree‚ÄĒshe likes the sounds the leaves make right before she smashes something. She is, however, a bit odd in the head; Tekkittir insists on speaking in third person and doesn‚Äôt often realize when she‚Äôs being insulted, turned […]


Adventurer's Weekly #5 - Panel 2

We are posting early because the¬†Into the Wintery Gale¬†Kickstarter ENDS TODAY! Pledge now before this project’s funding period ends! For $15 you get a digital PDF of the epic viking adventure (with optional sidequests, taking PCs from levels 8 though 13!), the bestiary, the magic item compendium, 5 mini-dungeons, the encounter deck, the player’s guide, […]


Adventurer's Weekly #3 - panel two

Adventurer’s Weekly #3: Perform Check Characters by Mike Myler Illustrations by Nathanael Batchelor Have you backed the¬†Into the Wintery Gale Kickstarter yet? It launched and funded yesterday, and right now it’s over 150% past the initial goal! Help us unlock more stretch goals and see just how far Justin Andrew Mason’s epic viking adventures can […]


Adventurer's Weekly # 1 - P3

Adventurer’s Weekly #1 – Walkers!   Created by Mike Myler | Illustrated by Nathanael Batchelor Welcome to the first issue of Adventurer’s Weekly! Everyone at the AaWBlog is¬†thrilled to add Nathanael Batchelor to our team as a¬†regular artist and we simply cannot wait for¬†Adventurer’s Weekly to help guide readers through the second AaWBlog Adventure Path […]