Loyalty: Kham-u-Tael
Alignment: NG/LE
Export: Foods – Coffee, Cocoa, Spice/Herbs,
Material Items – Gems, Gold
Import: Specialty Goods, Livestock, Spice
Assets: 18,500,000 gp
Population: 2300 total – 2278 humans, 12 dwarves, 8 kobolds, 2 lizardmen.
Authority figure: Kham-u-Tael, LE male mummy fighter6/cleric9/noble8
Authority: Tael’s Teeth
Important Characters: Jor-ak-rul, Glin-dal, Becka-Tael, Fei-dra

The central temple city of Kham-a-Tael’s empire, hosting the largest of pyramid structures still in active usage, the city of Tiwantisul sprawls out from its main temple in a circular layout, keeping the honored place of their Lord and the sacrificial alter at the focus for every dwelling. A city of stone, there is no lack of color within the city proper, as berries and plants are harvested to create dyes and paints of brilliant reds and greens, the richest blues and yellows. As a people, they do not believe in the poverty of their neighbors, and therefore all share a stance of financial equality within the community, sharing in the spoils of hunts, crops and the ocean’s nets.

A people who believe in the importance of a continued supply of human sacrifice, the alters atop the main temple are stained deeper than any rain shall ever cleanse. Many a traveler has found themselves a guest at a feast around an evening’s fire, only to awaken tied to a sacrificial stone with the morning sun.

Blessed by the Jaguar Spirit, Jim-di, many of the tribes produced young warriors a generation ago who could call upon the strength of the Jaguar, and become mighty beasts capable of great feats of ferocity. Gathering these warriors and hunters together, Kham-a-Tael had them trained under the tutelage of Jor-ak-Rul, building the elite force known as Tael’s Teeth. Unknown amongst the simple N’rcul was that they were visited by a being who spread what he believed to be a blessing, but little did his gifts have anything to do with the spirit world. A were-jaguar, traveling to as many tribes as he could, and presenting himself to the chieftain as a warrior claiming maiden rites, this individual bested several tribes greatest warriors in lone challenges, and left behind him a path of children. Not all of his offspring were born with his “gift”, but the majority were, and when their gifts began to develop it did not take very long for word to reach the ears of the Risen Lord. Today these men live and serve their Lord, acting as his personal guardians, acting as the first and last line of defense between him and any that seek to reach him.

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