Loyalty: Davional
Alignment: CG/LE
Export: Wood, Glass, Herbs/Spices, Gemstones
Import: Specialty Goods, Livestock, Spice
Assets: 14,500,000 gp
Population: 1600 humans
Authority figure: Davional LE male vampire fighter 5/rogue 12
Authority: The Hounds
Important Characters: Nicol, Mikali, Tamas

Largest and most entrenched of the Wandering Nation’s areas of NaeraCull, Davional himself keeps a home within the walls of this city. Confusing many a traveler who has come across the city while investigating the rainforest, the architecture of Brastonia hearkens back to several lands throughout the history of the people’s migration across the world, demonstrating evidence of many of the cultures that have come into contact with the people’s of the Wandering Nation.

Looking overly like a picturesque painting of a community of cobble-stoned streets, with buildings of stone and mortar, the city clashes violently with the environment within which it has been built, further reminding all who visit, that the residents are not truly locals.