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A great and rich culture of people and history, the N’rcul are a people who live in harmony with the rainforest that dominates most of their lands. Separated from the other nations by the blasted deserts of the North, and the cliffsides overlooking the ocean to their East, the outside interferences within their growing culture were few and far in between. Developing a spiritual belief system that relies heavily upon the animal spirits around them, as well as the spirits of the moon and sun, and heavily practicing human sacrifice, the N’rcul experienced a true miracle, when, following the passing of a beloved ruler, their leader returned from the grave, restored to life, stronger and filled with the power of the spirits themselves. Kham-a-Tael rose from the grave ignorant of the world outside of his lands, knowing no more of the mysteries of the world then his people, and truly believed that he and only he had been chosen to return from the other side by the spirits, as a sign to his people, a sign that the spirits are listening, and they are watching.

Kham-a-Tael’s rising sparked a religious fervor within his people, a renewed strength within the nations under his name, and renewed hope for the future of these lands. It was into these lands that a pair of undead were drawn, sensing the power of a newly awakened, and extremely powerful, undead, an unlikely pair of traveling companions (The Vampire Davional, and the Lich Malakittal). Presenting himself to The Risen Lord within his sleeping chambers, Davional set about establishing nightly visits with the curious undead lord, building a rapport, staying only long enough each night to make sure the interest was there, until the two had gotten familiar enough with each other that the talks got lengthier and lengthier, building to the point that Davional and Malakittal were given rooms within the temples to better accommodate them. It was through these late night conversations that Davional began to educate Kham-a-Tael as to what he believed him to be (a mummy), and several of the abilities demonstrated by Kham-a-Tael supported the theories of the cunning vampire.

It was within these conversations that Davional laid the seeds for Kham-a-Tael’s mistrust of the outside world, and allowing outsiders to know of the miracle of his rebirth, and in friendship offered to both Davional and his companion Malakittal a permanent place of safety within his lands as well. Davional, realizing the possibility, took the offer a step further, and countered the offer with a safe means of utilizing the resources of the lands to make both his own and Kham-aTael’s people profitable, while guaranteeing that outside influences would be kept at bay. Davional offered to take the edges of NaeraCull for his own people, the Wandering Nation, forming a living buffer between the N’rcul and the outside world, and begin setting up trade with other nations and consortium’s for the natural resources of the rainforest, with the people’s of the wandering nation and the N’rcul supplying the work force, splitting labor between the materials being harvested. Convincing the Risen Lord that it was only a matter of time before a force to large to repel would arrive and begin harvesting resources against their will, it was only logical that they preemptively set up trade relations of their own. All connections were made from Davional’s people, and work began immediately on gathering the Wandering Nation and building them a home to call their own, as well as setting up mining sites, harvesting camps, and farms to utilize local fauna such as the cacao and several other rare herbs.

Of all the materials available however, the desert offered up the strangest, in the form of raw glass. The deserts of NaeraCull lie within the path of the Scorched Lands, and as such are subjected to temperatures that fuse dunes of sand into glass on a regular basis. Organizing a workforce comprised of constructs, golems and undead all under the watchful eye of a handful of trusted subservient necromancers, Davional has turned the harvesting and export of glass into an extremely lucrative enterprise.

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