Jaamuuri’s Amulet of Icy Defense

A small but high quality diamond in a fine platinum setting on a thin mithril chain, this amulet creates an indestructible wall of ice up to 50' wide, just over 13' high and 5' thick, once per month. To do so, one must speak the words: "murus glacie". To create a temporary hole through which to pass one must be wearing the pendant and speak the words: "iter liquidum". When a current owner dies, it teleports away in a northern direction between 100-1000 miles, to be found again by a lucky adventurer.

Aura: Strong Evocation
CL: 20th
Slot: Around the neck
Price: 145,000
Weight: 4 ounces
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, Wall of Ice, the amulet itself, which needs to be made from white metals worth at least 1,000 gp

Every jarl wants to be remembered; for bravery, skill, power, influence perhaps. Others for the wealth they gained, yet more for the cruelty with which they oppressed their enemies. Jarl Rehellinen Koira - roughly translated as 'The Honest Dog' or, in slang, 'The Honest Military Law Enforcer' and not his birth name but one gained after his unswerving support for and protection of a previous legitimate jarl , despite some obvious flaws - was different to all of them in that he trod a path of fair diplomacy from the moment he gained his position to the end of his days.


Rehellinen Koira was an unlikely choice for jarl, gaining the position only because after the death in battle of the then jarl, the two champions put forward by the opposing tribal factions both managed to die during the various trials traditionally completed to choose the next leader; during a race across a barely-frozen lake, one which Koira had warned the two participants against crossing, the ice opened, the two fell in and the lake resealed itself before they could be rescued. Many took Koira's knowledge of the dangers to be a sign that he was marked by the gods, and on the day after the deaths, both factions approached him to be a temporary jarl until one could be found through the trials process. But Koira proved to be good at the job and kept both sides happy.


For Rehellinen Koira treated everyone as an equal, both within his frost giant tribe and without. He made no suppositions about those he met and tried always to smooth the path between two people, tribes or races. Whilst this initially made him seem rather weak in the eyes of his internal and external enemies, the tactic quickly led to improved trade, wealth and health at the same time as reducing the number of slain tribal members. The wisdom and decisions of Rehellinen Koira became bywords for justice, equality and the right way forward. Koira's time stopped being his own, even as the jarl, and he became owned by the people


So in order to give him some time away from the endless crowds who beat a path to his door, Rehellinen Koira had a item made that allowed him to literally shut himself away from those who perpetually wanted to take up his time. An amulet which periodically allowed him to cast a thick wall of magical ice over his private room in order to have some peace and quiet. His people realised the ultimate value of this, as he came out from these short periods of solitude even more able to deal with the issues and concerns of others, and renamed him Jaamuuri, or Icewall, as a humourous acknowledgement of their own over-demanding way with Koira. So Jaamuuri's Amulet became a gift from the people to the jarl they never expected but grew to love.

On his death, the senior priest and mage of the tribe agreed that the amulet was Jaamuuri's alone. They summoned a colossal snow roc which carried the body away on its back and the amulet in its beak. When far out of sight of any humanoid eyes, the creature let both items fall from the sky and be taken by the frozen wastes. Jaamuuri's body has never been found, all these many years later. However, the amulet turns up periodically as it attempts to draw different factions together. Sometimes this process works for good, sometimes for bad. The amulet simply chooses an owner and hopes for the best. On the death of the owner, it teleports away in a northern direction between 100-1000 miles, to be found again by a lucky adventurer some time in the future.
by Stephen Yeardley