Dagger of Nabid

Aura strong evocation; CL 15th

Slot none; Weight 1 lb.



Like the Tome of Nabid, this dagger was also used by the secret sect of devil worshipers and wielded by Nabid the Vicious. The Dagger is cursed and if instructions from the Tome of Nabid are followed and the dagger used in a ritual to draw and drink blood from other humans, one can extend their life indefinitely, this also applies to ones physical appearance. Over time one will become addicted to the daggers life giving properties and cannot live without the ritual. If the wielder of the dagger goes without a ritualistic feeding for more than one week they will lose control and slay anyone around them, friend or foe- to get at the warm blood coursing through their veins.



The cursed Dagger of Nabid is a Dagger +2/+4 vs. Good.

The character using this dagger must make a DC 15 Will save every day it is within his or her possession or become chaotic evil.

The owner will be compelled to perform a strange ritual described in the Tome of Nabid. If the owner of the dagger does not possess the Tome of Nabid they will be compelled by a insatiable urge to locate it. Their dreams will be haunted by images of the tome in which it's location will become apparent. Upon waking the owner will be immediately drawn to its location traveling great distances in order to obtain it.

The Tome of Nabid details an evil feeding ritual involving both the book and the dagger. Once a wielder performs a feeding ritual they will not be able to dispose of the dagger and will always keep it nearby. The only way to remove the dagger from the individual without physical confrontation is a remove curse spell cast by a level 10 priest or higher.



Dagger +2, Baatezu skull, 2 pints of blood from a LG humanoid