Coin of Singing

Coin of Singing

Basic Elements
This seemingly standard copper coin gives someone 3 ranks in Perform (Singing) and allows them to Inspire Courage as per the Bardic Music ability once per day, but only for a maximum
time of 4 rounds.

This also means that person usually has a handful of coppers or a silver or two to get by on, but rarely more.

Made by casting Enthrall on a copper coin. This assistance from a bard, if the maker isn’t one, comes in the form of her Inspiring Competence for a full two minutes during the manufacture process. This allows the magic to take effect.

Advanced Elements
As part of the process, the coin has to be marinated in a mixture of the spittle of the bard who undertakes the Inspire Competence and the droppings of a songbird which have dried and the powder collected at either dawn or dusk. This marinade can be no more than 24 hours old when the manufacture process is started and the coin must sit in it for a 24 hours before the full
process detailed above is completed.

Aura: Weak Enchantment; CL: 5th, Craft Wondrous Item, Enthrall, creator must be a bard or get construction aid from a bard; price 2,100gp weight 1/10th lbs.