Amulet of Icy Defense, Jaamuuri's

Amulet of the Sundered Heart

Argus Spyglass

Ashenbone Axe

Axe of the Bloodwolf

Biting Gauntlets

Blade of the Sun Lord

Book of Illustrated Illusions

Bonereaver's Recurve

Brashclaw's Chopper

Brazier of Super-heating

Bronze Horn of the Depths

Cloak of the Dark Servant

Coin of Singing

Dagger of Nabid

Draft of Distilled Magic

Drekon's Kite Shield


Echoing Fury

Entangling Whip

Gel of the Miraculous Jig

Golden Dentures of the Noble

Horn of the Tritons

Igneous Glaive

Infernal Horn

Life Ring

Linen of the Chosen

Lute of Friendship

Manifest of Seawaleg

Mask of the Thirst

Mischievous Gauntlets

Post Horn of Panic

Quazzi's Quarterstaff

Rhythmic Nanchaku

Ring of Exuberance

Ring of the Vampire

Sacred Necklace

Shahiri Puzzle Box

Sharur, Smasher of Thousands

Shield of King Rytan

Self-lighting Candelabrum

Skofnung, Best of All Swords

Songbook of Charming


Staff of Balance

Skrýmir's Orb of Illusion

Sword of King Rytan

Teleportation Spires

Tome of Lycanthrope Control

Tome of Nabid


Uyutmak's Shield

Venerable Quarterstaff


Wooden Half-Greaves of Longstriding