Calling all Beginner Pathfinder GMs and Players!

The BASIC Adventure series is here!  These adventures are specially designed for Beginner Pathfinder players and game masters!

Kevin Mickelson kicks off the new series with “A Learning Time”, a Pathfinder compatible adventure for 4 PCs of levels 1-2.

Exallizar Academy is a place that, for generations, has trained the best and brightest heroes in the land. All of the students are the children of famous heroes, and as one of the fortunate attendees, it is your job to uphold the legacy of excellence attached to your family name.

As a student in Exallizar, you will be put through the paces like never before. This first year will see you and three strangers attempting the Gauntlet – a mysterious crucible that will put all of your studies to the test!

BASIC Adventure #1 available now for AaW subscribers, PDF due out soon!

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