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Box of Wonders

Box of WondersBox of Wonders (“Leahcim’s Game”)
Aura overwhelming conjuration; CL 30th
Slot none; Weight 25 lbs.

The Box of Wonders is an otherwise nondescript wooden cube, extolled squarely in the center of its cover with the image of a multifaceted gemstone in amethyst hues. The container has been carved down from a large block of tranteum trunk to the size of a small chest. The sides of the box have been finished to smooth, rounded edges, and the lid is affixed to the base with a pair of simple copper hinges. The rough-hewn interior has been marred with various carved sigils. The stylistic differences between each of the symbols suggest the markings are the handiwork of dozens of individuals.

The box has a permanent field of nondetection surrounding it that hinders any attempt to divine its location. This field also affects any items contained inside. If dispelled, it automatically regenerates the following day, increasing by 1 caster level for each preceding day until returning to maximum strength.

To activate the box, a character places treasure inside (coins, gems, jewelry, or art items that are small enough to fit inside a space of 2 cubic feet). After closing the lid, with the treasure inside, they knock on the emblazoned gemstone sigil eight times. All treasure items within the Box of Wonders vanish, consumed by the box.

If the treasure placed within the box is of ample value it manifests a random item in place of the valuables it consumed when activated. The random item created by the box can range from mundane to major wondrous items, depending on the value of the treasure held within when it is activated (see the Activated Effects Table for details) but never returns an item of greater value than half of what was put in it.

All treasure consumed by the box should be recorded, as it could be relevant to later use of the artifact. Any non-treasure items within the box are not consumed when it is activated.

Each time the box is activated it gains counter points. The number of counter points accumulated with each use depends on the type of random item the box creates and is determined by the Activated Effects Table. These counter points activate the box’s final effect.

If the box accumulates 100 or more counter points when activated (and the activation doesn’t result in the destruction of the artifact), the lid bursts open and the entirety of the treasure Leahcim’s Box of Wonders has consumed reappears, spilling out along with the final random item it created. The box then disappears and teleports to a random location at least 500-miles away and its counter points are reduced to zero.

Leahcim, patron of chance and aficionado of risk, despises those who would move to gain an unfair advantage by cheating. As a divine countermeasure, the god has bestowed each of these devices with a temporal linear field that prevents any altering of the activated effects by any means. Mechanics that would allow for re-rolls or other such means of altering the outcome do not work for this artifact. Any attempt to remove this fail-safe from the device results in its immediate destruction; just as if the character had failed the required roll for chance of destruction during a normal activation (see Destruction).

Amused by the struggle between greed and chance, the location where the box reappears may be at the whim of the god, Leahcim, sent by him to challenge another to his game.


When the box is activated the order of operations for its effects are as follows:
1. All treasure (coins, gems, jewelry and art items) within is consumed by the box when activated.
2. The box accumulates the appropriate number of counter points for the item it creates based on the value of treasure it consumed.
3. Check for the chance of destruction of the box if an item will be created.
4. If the box is not destroyed then determine the random item of the appropriate type, and it appears inside the closed container. The randomly generated item must fit within a 2 cubic foot space.

Random Item Type Treasure Value Destruction Counter Points
Mundane item 1-99 gp 10% 1
Potion or Wand (1d4 charges) 100-999 gp 20% 2
Minor Wondrous Item 1,000-2,999 gp 30% 5
Medium Wondrous Item 3,000-4,999 gp 50% 10
Major Wondrous Item 5,000 gp+ 75% 20


A character that makes a Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (religion) check identifies important historic information about the box. A character who is a follower of Leahcim receives a +10 bonus to this Knowledge check.

DC 15 – There are many folklore legends about magic boxes that can manifest valuable items for a price. In nearly all such stories: the higher the price paid, the higher the reward.

DC 30 — Also known as “Leahcim’s Game,” the Box of Wonders is a divine artifact, crafted by the hand of the god of chance and misfortune, himself. How many of these “games” exist isn’t known, but the existence of more than a few have been noted in the annals of history. It is said the boxes bring both great fortune and terrible misfortune to those who own them.

The box cannot be destroyed except as a function of its activation. Each time it is activated, there is a chance it will be destroyed and trigger an effect from the item’s Negative Effects Table. The more valuable the random item created by the box, the higher the chance of destruction. The negative effect triggered upon destruction is dependent on the number of counter points the box has accumulated.

If the box is destroyed, in addition to causing a negative effect to the user it also explodes, sending out a blast wave of splinters that deals 1d4 damage for every 10 counter points accumulated by the box. This blast wave has a spherical radius of 300-feet (DC 25 Reflex save negates).


Counter Points Negative Effects
1-20 The next potion the user drinks is poisoned: lose 10 hp / round dissipating 1 point each round; fortitude DC 20 negates.
21-40 The next opponent of equal or greater CR engaged targets all attacks on the user. Opponent gains a +5 to attack and damage rolls.
41-60 The user is automatically teleported 3d10 miles away into the lair of a random creature of equal CR. The creature is immediately aware of the user’s presence and is hostile.
61-80 The user automatically rolls a 1 on all initiative rolls for the next 1d6 days and takes a -5 penalty to attack rolls for the same duration.
81-99 All magic items in possession of the user manipulating the artifact are irrevocably destroyed.
100+ All of the above, and the user gains a negative level.


[Today’s item was brought to us by Justin Andrew Mason in both art and design!]


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