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Maddening May: Bolghar’s Despair

OtherWorldly_Art_Portfolio_Volume_One_Page_20_Image_0001Bolghar’s Despair     CR 8
XP 1,600
CE haunt (30 ft. radius)
Caster Level 8th
Notice Perception DC 22 (to hear the repeated whispers of “kinslayer”)
Hp 8; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect: When entering Bolghar’s burial barrow, the anguished haunt manifests. A dwarf clad in rags with pieces of dated armor screams incoherently about dishonor and revenge, then suddenly sobbing about forgiveness and punishment for a grave crime. The haunt harmlessly dissipates but everyone in the haunt’s area must make a DC 19 Will save or develop multiple personality disorder. If the save is failed the character must start taking saving throws every hour to determine which personality dominates.
Every morning and each time the afflicted character is rendered unconscious, he must make a DC 19 Will save; on a failure a different personality takes over. A character’s memories and skills remain unchanged, but the various personalities have no knowledge of each other and deny, often violently, that the other personalities exist.

Personalities (roll a d12)
1-4 Bolghar, the plotter: You are convinced that a person close to you will betray you; you must stop him before he hurts you. A randomly determined party member or NPC is the target of your paranoia. You watch him closely and do not trust him to be alone at any time lest he plot your downfall. Eventually you will have to stop him permanently as your illness progresses—but it must look as an accident, or else the others might become nosy.
5-8 Bolghar, the kinslayer: You have committed a grave crime and you must seek redemption from the randomly determined party member or NPC that you have wronged. He is not aware that it was you who did it, but to be redeemed you must be of aid to him to the best of your abilities.
9-12 Bolghar, the leader: You have been given the honor of leading your family’s expedition to the Dar’Spelun Slugmarsh, or at least you think you should have, instead it is your rival who gained it! You do anything to make him look bad; you frequently voice better ideas and show the others that you are a better suited leader of this expedition.

Destruction: Sprinkling holy water over Bolghar’s tomb while reciting the verse of the Kinslayer destroys the Bolghar’s Despair haunt. Alternatively, speaking to the haunt in Clearwater Caverns and realizing he is Bolghar’s brother then bringing the message of forgiveness to the spirit releases Bolghar from the haunt and allows him to finally rest—this solution also destroys the haunt of Clearwater Caverns.

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