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Blood Thirst Box (CR 7)

Pen_box_(Qalamdan)_by_Shaykh_Muhammad_(Shaykh_Kamal_Sabzavar),_1587,_Gujarat,_India,_lacquered_teakwood_with_mother-of-pearl_inlay_-_Freer_Gallery_of_Art_-_DSC05236Blood Thirst Box

This hand carved wooden box is inlaid with mother of pearl in circular patterns and has golden hinges and clasps securing the lid. The wood itself is smooth, and the fine grain of the hard wood creates a mesmerizing pattern with the inlay.

Type: magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device 31

Trigger Touch; Reset None


The PC that opens the box is cursed (DC 24 Will Save negates). The cursed character hungers for blood, and will not eat anything else. One quart of humanoid blood is required each day, otherwise, after 24 hours the PC gains the exhausted condition. After feeding, the PC is fatigued. Also, if the PC does not feed, normal starvation rules apply.

The cursed PC also gains light sensitivity.

The curse can be removed by remove curse with a caster DC of 24.

This is the first of three trap posts that are thematically connected with this month’s overall theme, Cultus Sanguineus.

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