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ZOECon 2012: Fandom and Gaming in the Pacific Northwest

ZOECon 2012

Fandom and Gaming in the Pacific Northwest

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, the creative minds behind JourneyQuest and The Gamers: Hands of Fate, are proud to announce ZOECon 2012, taking place November 9th – 11th at the Doubletree Southcenter in Tukwilla WA. The convention will be a celebration of fandom with many activities to enjoy, including screenings of many ZOE produced and distributed shows, gaming run by local game developers, panels, cosplay, special guests, and much more!

Oh, did we mention we’re also filming a movie? The Gamers: Hands of Fate will be shooting footage during the con for use in the feature film! We are excited to have our fans be a part of this unique event. For more information, please visit us on the web at Find out more about Zombie Orpheus Entertainment at

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is a pioneer in a new, freer distribution model for content. Fan supported and creator distributed, ZOE strives to remove the classic constraints on entertainment. No DRM, allowing you to enjoy your entertainment on your terms. Creative Commons licensing allowing redistribution and remixing. Region-free DVDs without copy protection allowing you to archive and protect your purchased content however you see fit. Our model means fan support translates directly to new content. If enough fans like a show, it can’t be cancelled. No studio, no network, no cancellation.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate is the latest film by Matt Vancil. Beginning five years after the end of Dorkness Rising, Cass (Brian Lewis), Leo (Scott C. Brown), Joanna (Carol Roscoe), Gary (Christian Doyle), and Lodge (Nathan Rice) are having difficulty fitting gaming into their hectic schedules. The Shadow remains undefeated and the crew vows to conclude their campaign at Gen Con – the best four days in gaming. Meanwhile Cass is pulled into the world of Collectible Card Games in hopes of winning a date with Natalie (Trin Miller), a highly skilled hardcore player who is trying to save the heart of the
game from monetized corruption. Funded by Kickstarter, The Gamers: Hands of Fate ended its campaign as the highest funded film in Kickstarter history.

Learn more and buy tickets here:

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Midgard Campaign Setting

Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb and Brandon Hodge bring to life a Central European-flavored world of darkness and deep magic for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and AGE System

The first major new worldbook for fantasy roleplaying games since Monte Cook’s Ptolus is out today from Kobold Press. Midgard Campaign Setting is compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and includes an extensive section of rules for Dragon Age RPG. The book is already heavily supported by published adventures and sourcebooks for Pathfinder, AGE and 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, including Midgard bestiaries for all three systems.

The world of Midgard has its roots in lead designer and publisher Wolfgang Baur’s own home campaign that began when he was a teenager playing D&D Basic Edition. It has since expanded into a sprawling, serpent- encircled world of heroic adventure through a collaboration with fellow designers Jeff Grubb and Brandon Hodge, and a vibrant, creative community of project patrons.

“The kobold team worked really, really hard to make sure that the Midgard Campaign Setting went out into the world with plenty of useful, entertaining support material behind it,” says Baur. “The Midgard Atlas for the iPad is already out, and additional releases will roll out through the rest of this year. Items already underway include the Midgard Adventures series of modules, the Player’s Guides to the various regions, and the Journeys to the West expansion of the Wastes and the Western Ocean.”


The 296-page book is available in hardcover and softcover at and includes:

• Pathfinder and AGE System rules for gearforged, kobold and minotaur PCs

• 26 new backgrounds, 3 new schools of magic and new specialties for AGE System

• New clerical domains including clockwork, moon, hunger and beer

• More than 50 kingdom write-ups, with new feats and traits for each region of Midgard

• New spells, magical items, and incantations

• New gear and weapons unique to the setting


“I feel as though the dawn is just now breaking on something great, and I am grateful for all the excellent company that has gotten Midgard Campaign Setting to this release,” says Baur. “In particular, I’d like to thank my wife Shelly, my cowriters Jeff, Brandon, Christina, Dan, and Adam, all the artists and cartographers, and every single patron who backed this mad venture, which has turned out far beyond my expectations.”


About Wolfgang Baur

Wolfgang Baur is the Kobold-in-Chief at Kobold Press and the founder of Open Design, a collaborative game design company that has served as a doorway for many new game designers breaking into the industry as well as featuring work by industry veterans such as Ed Greenwood, David “Zeb” Cook, Jeff Grubb, Nicolas Logue, Richard Pett and Ari Marmell. Open Design’s innovative patronage model was the precursor to crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Wolfgang has edited Dragon, Dungeon, and Kobold Quarterly magazines and is the publisher of the ENnie and Origins award winning Kobold Guide to Game Design series. In addition to keeping the field open for newcomers, he has a long record as the designer of dozens of award-winning adventures for Pathfinder and four editions of D&D. His worldbuilding includes foundational work on Dark-Matter and Planescape. Wolfgang is a winner of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming and lives in Kirkland, WA

About Jeff Grubb

An award-winning game designer and author, Jeff Grubb has over a hundred listed credits, including more than

15 published novels and over 30 short stories. He is one of the founding fathers of both the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms campaign settings for Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Spelljammer and Al-Qadim. Jeff is also very comfortable in other people’s worlds, having worked in the Marvel Universe, Thieves’ World, the Worlds of Warcraft and Starcraft, and the Magic: the Gathering multiverse. His most recent novel isStar Wars: Scourge. He is currently a world-builder and author at ArenaNet, which has just released the computer game Guild Wars 2. He lives in Seattle with his wife, mother-in-law, and two cats.


About Brandon Hodge

Brandon’s design credits include numerous Open Design projects, including Halls of the Mountain King and Sunken Empires, the Paizo adventures From Shore to Sea and Feast of Ravenmoor, and contributions to Paizo’s Adventure Path line, as well as freelance work with Kobold Quarterly, 0one Games and Green Ronin. By day

he owns and operates Monkey See, Monkey Do! toy store and the steampunk-and-circus-sideshow-themed Big Top Candy Shop in Austin, Texas. The demented twists he brings to Midgard’s Wasted West can perhaps best be explained with his extracurricular hobbies collecting ouija boards, haunted antiques, planchettes, and other Spiritualist-related items, and displaying his world-class planchette collection on his website He lives in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood in Austin, Texas with his lovely wife Adrienne and their black cat, Miette.


DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® and D&D® are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the United States and other countries and are used without permission.

Pathfinder and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and are used under license. See for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Special Halloween Pathways!

In this special Halloween issue of Pathways, Adventureaweek brings you the Black Shuck, a creature that lurks the countryside of the Eastern Klavek Kingdom by Jonathan Nelson & Will Myers.  We also get a special treat in the form of “Black Magic” by Will Myers.  Will is a radio DJ and took his favorite dark songs and converted them into fun spells to toss into your campaign.

You’ll also find articles by Michael Welham (Rpg Superstar and #30 Badges of Faith) Steven D. Russell (Book of Monster Templates), Crieighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press), Thomas LeBlanc (#30 Battle Standards), Will Myers, Jonathan Nelson, and Nathan Land (AdventureaWeek).  Also you will find the top products with reviews by Endzeitgeist and KTFish7, and an interview with freelance game designer Ryan Costello (Monsters of Sin, The Genius Guide to the Mosaic Mage).  


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How to get your Adventure Published

To make an adventure successful you need more than just a great idea and a bunch of cool monsters, although that’s an excellent start! You need proper spelling, grammar, and formatting. You need a solid layout with jaw-dropping artwork and top-notch cartography. You also require a delivery method and a publisher.

That’s where this free PDF and Adventure-A-Week come in. We’re here with you every step of the way. We will help you hone your ideas, develop artwork and cartography, create WEB, PDF, and if successful even PRINT format.

Take a look at the Adventure Composition Tutorial, and see whether you’d like to take the plunge into adventure design!  When you’re ready, submit your adventure pitch!


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Interview with Joshua Gullion of

Larry Elmore and Joshua Gullion talk about the good ole days

Every week you get an amazing adventure filled with incredible illustrations and jaw-dropping cartography, as well as access to an entire website filled with everything one could ever want or need.  Ever wonder who works here and how they do this week in and week out?  Well now you’ll finally be getting some answers.  Each week we’ll be interviewing a member of the crew to see how every week they pull off what others have called “impossible”.

Joshua Gullion is a member of the Adventureaweek crew as well as an avid RPG reviewer as Ktfish7 on numerous sites including Paizo, NERD TREK, and DriveThruRPG.

Hello Joshua, how are you this fine evening?

Hello Jonathan, I’m doing good.  How about yourself?


Excellent, although my ogre miniature was a bit out of control on Google Hangouts today… enough about me… 

Please tell us a little about yourself and what you do at

Well, I’m your atypical gamer, I got hooked on funny shaped dice as a kid and never really shook the habit, lol.  I believe my technical title around the camp is “That crazy insomniac who builds the PDFs”…but don’t quote me on that…


What creative project are you working on right now?

Hmmm….right now…currently, in between PDF builds and the occasional review I am working on….I have two adventures both in a raw stage at this point that silently scream at me from time to time demanding my attention.  I also sparked a thought for a third adventure to add to the mix last night, but that is still very much a raw idea, with the introduction of a new golem creation amongst other things.


The Adventureaweek Campaign Setting is growing!  Tell us what part of the world you’re working on and what treats are in store for our members.  We’ve been hearing rumors about Were-Jaguars…  😉  Droooool…

NaeraCull combines many influences of Aztec inspired fantasy with the classic feel of the jungles and rain forests of old.  Dark dangerous truly ALIVE places…the type of lands where even the plants will eat you.  Where the drums of various tribes will haunt the winds while things moving just outside of sight will hunt you until you can run no further.  Populated with a people who never walked away from the older Gods, and the worship of the spirits of the land, the indigenous people of NaeraCull share a special relationship with both animal and fey in many areas of their jungle.

Living just outside of the treeline, for the most part, are a completely opposite people.  The Wandering Nation settled here in an accordance with an agreement between their leaders, and those of the indigenous tribesmen.  Creating a perfect buffer between the secrets of the jungle and the outside world, the Wandering Nation were granted a home in return for functioning as the first line of defense for the jungle itself, and the way of life that still exists under the dark of the canopy.

There’s so much more to be said, but it is early yet, and I don’t want to give away too much…lol   I will however answer in regards to the were-jaguar.  Deeply rooted into NaeraCull mythology and belief is that Jaqua, Mother of the Hunt, blesses her faithful with the glory and power of a true predator.  Lycanthropy is not seen as a disease to the tribes of NaeraCull, but rather a gift of faith.  Not all who contract the disease survive its incubation, but those who do are revered as blessed, and typically rise to the status of legend amongst their people.  Oddly, within these lands, few who undergo and survive the change lose their mental attachments to those they know, nor does their intellect diminish.  In short, unless the change goes bad, rarely does a were-jaguar turn on their tribesmen.

The were-jaguar play heavily in the first adventure for the lands of NaeraCull, planned to be finished soon and released soon after…with plans to make the race available as a PC option as well.


What would you tell folks who are sitting on the fence, wondering if they should subscribe to or not?

One of the coolest features of the subscription service is in fact the value in my opinion.  Subscribing for a year gets you a solid 52 adventures, for under a hundred.  With a site packed with lots of crazy extras – a soundboard for effects, map tiles, NPCs, spells, Hero Lab files, player maps, VTT maps…etc.

Folks, the bottom line is, we started this idea with an insane notion.  Releasing an adventure every week defies all logic, and yet we do it.  With high quality maps, fresh innovative ideas, and solid writing.  Our reviews tend to speak very highly of us, and we are only getting started.  As a company we are looking six months down the road, 12 months down the road, 5 years…we’re not going anywhere.  We like what we do, and coming to work when you work with a group of amazing fellow passionate gamers is one of the best feelings you can ask for.  I appreciate each and every one of the guys I have come to know as my fellow RPG Bootcampers. You all RAWK!  I appreciate each and every person who has ever taken the time to even look at one of our PDFs, whether you subscribed to it, bought it, got it as a freebie or freaking stole it…I appreciate you all.  By taking the time to look at what we are doing, you gave us the chance to convince you to come back for the next PDF, and the next.  Without you all believing enough in the worth of the product, we wouldn’t be on this roller coaster ride, and I wouldn’t have met a great deal of the folks I have gotten to know.  So to all of you, those who make it possible for us to do what we do…Thank You!!!!


Thanks for talking with us tonight Joshua!

Always a pleasure Jonathan!