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Magic Item Monday (Uralicans Uncut): Black Pudding Cloak


Black Pudding Cloak
Aura faint psychometabolism; ML 5th
Slot shoulders; Price 5,800 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This cloak is made of black silk, slightly oily and slimy to the touch.

The black pudding cloak grants the wearer DR 2/bludgeoning. Once per day, when damaged by a piercing or slashing weapon, the wearer may immediately split in 1d4+1 images (as the spell mirror image).

DC 15     Psionic items can be fashioned from small, living pieces of black puddings and other oozes.
DC 20     It is rumored that there is a plane that is solely inhabited by oozes, puddings and jellies.
DC 25     More powerful items can be fashioned from the inhabitants of the ooze plane.
DC 30     The Uralicans were known for opening gateways to exotic planes to harvest materials for spells and magic items.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, silk, 1 pinch of black pudding from the plane of ooze, biofeedback; Cost 2,900 gp

The folk that persist in Uklonjen are still advancing psionically as a society. As they explore new planes, they harvest material to make new and exotic items that unlock the powers of the mind. While the party’s gold may be useless here, the information that the PCs can give the Uralicans is priceless beyond compare to them; astute adventurers can use that to barter for goods and services.


1 thought on “Magic Item Monday (Uralicans Uncut): Black Pudding Cloak

  1. Is it a cloak or a cursed magic item? Perhaps a bit of both…

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