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Tribal Troubles: Bane of the Piseogach

locust mebbe - tim tylerBane of the Piseogach     CR 8
XP 4,800
LG slow persistent haunt (100 ft. radius around the Temple of the Many-Winged Father)
Caster Level 8th
Notice Perception DC 15 (to see a locust carving)
hp 36; Weakness susceptible to magic, tricked by Stealth; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute

Effect When this haunt is triggered, a Small sized earthen locusts forms from the nearby sand and dirt (one for each creature sensed by bane of the Piseogach). These locusts move to protect the Temple of the Many-Winged Father (or another important religious or ritual site) with an effect identical to antilife shell, creating a 10-ft.-radius emanation that hedges out living (and unliving) creatures, and change position to insure access to what they protect is restricted (this includes flight). They are in fact incorporeal, but spells and spell-like abilities can target and damage them normally. The earthen locusts always manifest on Initiative rank 0, have no offensive abilities, and AC 14. Any attack on the temple (including ranged attacks) manifests the bane of the Piseogach.

Destruction After 1 minute, the earthen locusts always return; only when the Temple of the Many-Winged Father is entirely destroyed (or the enchantments upon  it are stable once more) are they destroyed permanently. Treat each earthen locust destroyed as a CR 1 creature.

Adventure Hook The Piseogach Clan is aggressive but require the assistance of magic users for an unforeseen task. They have seen travelers destroy some of the earthen locusts with accursed spells, and freely offer any adventurers that utilize magic their friendship—so long as they agree to help the superstitious savages overcome the bane of the Piseogach and breach the Temple of the Many-Winged Father.




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