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Stealing Stones: Bailey’s Hat

Bailey’s Hat      CR 9
XP 6,400
CN haunt (a single target within a 10 ft.-radius from a tophat)
Caster Level 9th
Notice Perception DC 22 (to see a ghostly hand reaching out from a dusty top hat on the ground)
hp 18; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day

bailey's hatEffect Triggering the Bailey’s hat haunt causes a spectral hand to appear and reach out to grab the nearest creature (+9 melee touch attack). If the attack strikes, the creature is transported to an extradimensional space and makes a DC 19 Fortitude save or falls asleep for 1d10+2 minutes (the extradimensional space has 20 minutes worth of air for one Medium-sized creature).

Destruction The hat must be put on, which transports the wearer to the extra dimensional space where Bailey’s dead body lies, as well as any creatures taken by the haunt (this includes 1d4+1 corpses). The dwarven creator’s body needs to be identified (a DC 15 Heal check recognizes the oldest corpse, a tough task in a place perfectly suited for storing corpses) and brought back through the exit (destroying the tophat and expelling everything that was within). A result of 20 or higher recognizes that something biologically unnatural slayed the extraneous dead creatures within Bailey’s hat, and a DC 25 Knowledge (religion) check inspires a feeling that a gitwerc was involved in their deaths somehow.

Though notoriously shy, Bailey was never bashful about sharing his quest for a private sanctum in the Amber Roads with those he met during his travels throughout the Underworld. A master of prestidigitation, he traveled the Amber Roads and when scarce on supplies or in need of a fine distraction, put on a magic show—and disappear for weeks or months. After one particularly extravagant show wherein he managed to pull himself out of a hat, he disappeared back into the cap and never reappeared. The legend of Bailey’s hat is still told by passerby on the Amber Roads, inspiring a (sensible) fear of what lay ahead in the interdimensional pathways.


[Submitted by Rory Toma!]



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