Maddening May: Azurewrath

Azurewrath [Rick Hershey]

Aura moderate evocation; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 10,630 gp; Weight 4 lbs.

This beautiful longsword is made of a blue-tinted steel and has been forged by a highly capable hand. The blade has a number of runes that blaze with a bright electric blue light that illuminates the surroundings of the weapon, while the handle is sheathed in the leather of a shocker lizard. The air around the longsword is heavy with the tang of ozone.

This +1 shock longsword is sized for a Medium humanoid and glows with an electric blue light that illuminates the area as a light spell (bright light radius of 20 ft. and shadowy light out to 40 ft.). Upon command (“arc” to activate, “ground” to deactivate, both in Draconic), this shock weapon is sheathed in crackling electricity. The electricity does not harm the wielder. The effect remains until another command is given. A shock weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of electricity damage on a successful hit.
The bearer of azurewrath gains an unnatural sense of impending danger. Three times per day, whenever the wielder has to make an initiative check, they gain a +3 insight bonus on that initiative check.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, anticipate peril, lightning bolt; Cost 5,315 gp  

Success on a Knowledge (local) check to learn more about azurewrath reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     Forged by a master smith over three centuries ago, azurewrath was wielded for many bloody decades by the famed eldritch knight Essima Oakdew. An elven warrior and mage of significant power, this weapon was a tribute to both disciplines as well as homage to the raw power of nature.
DC 20     Essima was known for her hatred of all things unnatural, slaying many minor demons and devils wherever she could. Although her reasoning for undertaking such actions was unfathomable to most, it is said that Essima had lost loved ones during an attack by outsiders on the lands of her home.
DC 25     Fleeing with her life to lusher lands to the southwest, Essima continued to roam as she tracked down and destroyed heretical cults and their allied outsiders. Many were destroyed, although some escaped her wrath through luck, force of arms, or good judgment. One such escapee managed to make good on its threat of revenge, and Essima was found murdered in her bed with an unrecognized yet foul symbol burnt onto her fair features. Her powerful sword was taken, and it is assumed that it has drifted with the murderer into one of the realms of HEL.
DC 30     The inscrutable doings of the Vaporous Veil are whimsical, however, and some have heard stories of azurewrath laying somewhere in the Dar’Spelun Slugmarsh, and such a blade is sure to prove useful in that lethal swamp of the Underworld…

Original Creator: Tylida Eraldi, approximately 319 years ago.


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