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Foul Machinations: Awake in Alucinar


dreambladeSomnambular skurgxon swarms introduced the party to the Plane of Dreams, though those unwilling to step through the portal onto the Dreaming Island can make due with the Dreaming Fields’ bounty. Once there the PCs encounter Sleepless Sonuvanje, a dreaming dragon that escorts the adventurers into the custody of ameslari (a new player race native to Alucinar) that regale the party with their love for storytelling. In turn the adventurers tell their own stories, earning the trust and companionship of a dreamwalker named Dag. The ameslari is so inspired he offers to transform into a dreamblade to aid one of the PCs until the end of their days.

limbo overlapThere’s recently been a huge influx of activity in the Plane of Dreams and the ameslari are on their way to find out more about what’s been doing on. Traveling alongside the natives the PCs encounter both astral overlaps and limbo overlaps, learn (perhaps painfully) of the newfound alu boundary traps and the resurgent cinar boundary, possibly becoming lost due to the astral cord trap or Doohan’s doom, before finally reaching the destination of both their aim and their guides: Ullast. Nearly the entire town’s population ended up Awake in Alucinar, but relating to them will require much more than a well told story…

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