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Trap Inspiration from MMOs


Today we’ll look at the trap below:

180 Degree Teleporter

A small, deep chasm is in front of you. It looks like it can be easily jumped.

Type: magical; Perception DC 30; Disable Device 30

Trigger location; Reset None


There is a teleporter on the far side of the chasm. It immediately teleports the character to the same spot, but rotated 180 degrees. In order for the jump to succeed, the character must traverse the chasm twice, once on the way to the portal and then back to the original jump point, thus use 2 times the distance for the DC. Those that fail fall into the chasm, either by failing the original distance, or hitting the portal and then falling.

This trap was directly inspired from two events within World of Warcraft. The first event happened to us on a raid. We were running back from a complete raid wipe and several of us were automatically following one particular character. As we were navigating the dungeon, we all heard, “Ooh, sandwich” on Teamspeak, and watched as the lead character plowed his way straight into a lava pit. Of course, all of us that were following joined him in the lava bath mere moments later.

The second thing was something that would happen to me often when I would enter a dungeon instance. To enter an instance, you would run your character through a portal, where you’d be teleported to the inside of the dungeon. Well, many times, the teleport would spin me around 180 degrees. Since I’d usually be on auto-run, my character would then immediately run right back out of the dungeon as soon as I entered.

Naturally, if you put these mechanics to creative use, you can end up with something hopefully fresh and new. You just have to keep your eyes open to unusual occurrences that can be used in traps.

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Trap Tuesdays: Save for Half Damage

Welcome to Trap Tuesday

aka “Save for Half Damage”

Trapped_GlovesI am the creator and maintainer of Trap-a-Day, a blog, which, like the name suggests, posts a new trap every day. Since its inception, over 800 traps, mostly Pathfinder, have been posted. Coming up with a new trap every day can be a challenging endeavor, and over the coming weeks I will discuss many aspects of trap creation, including mechanics, placement, design, and creative inspiration.

A few weeks ago, I was running my regular Pathfinder campaign and a wacky combat situation arose. The characters had entered a large warehouse with conveyer belts manned by mechanized skeletons. During the combat, characters and skeletons alike ended up fighting on the conveyers. Every round, the conveyers moved 10 feet. Since the conveyers were in the middle of the melee, the movement ended up provoking attacks of opportunity. It was quite chaotic and happened completely by accident. This was a side effect not anticipated.

So, the following week, I needed an idea for my Thursday trap. Remembering the fun that was had during the combat, I came up with this:

Next week we’ll continue to look at more situations that can spark trap creation ideas.


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