Atalai Breastplate

Atal'ai's breastplate Atalai Breastplate
moderate conjuration; CL 9th
Slot body; Price 12,700 gp; Weight 28 lbs.


This masterful breastplate is created from the finest steel that has been polished to a bright sheen, inlaid with a series of intricate designs in gold. When viewed for several moments, you realize that the obscure design depicts the stars of a distant night sky circling around a celestial body whose form bears the likeness of a beautiful human female.

This +3 breastplate is sized for a Medium humanoid and sparkles with a gentle silver eldritch twinkle that illuminates the area equivalent to a light spell (bright light radius of 20 ft. and shadowy light out to 40 ft.). Three times per day, if worn by a paladin of 10th level or higher the breastplate can be used to cast remove disease on a single target—it is especially effective at removing lycanthropy, granting a +5 bonus to the caster check against it. When the spell is successful, it automatically triggers a lesser restoration.


Success on a Knowledge (local) or Knowledge (religion) check to learn more about atalai breastplate reveals some of the facts about the unique item’s lore

DC 20     This ancient breastplate was created by the crusading paladin Hrogar Hereot to fight a large group of evil werewolves that threatened a number of communities along the borders of known civilization. A devout worshiper of the goddess of the stars, Hrogar dedicated himself to limiting the predations of evil lycanthropes after the loss of his wife (Atal’ai) and young family to a singularly powerful werewolf.

DC 25     The armor defended the young paladin well for many years, for he was truly blessed by his patron and furthered her interests against the evil shapechangers, seemingly immune to their foul taint. Indeed, he was so successful that many evil lycanthropes sought refuge in easier regions away from his holy words, deadly sword, and burning zeal.

DC 30     Hrogar never remarried and died without naming an heir, while his success lead to him being named as a minor saint by his faith (although his name is rarely recognized or invoked nowadays). His famed breastplate, amongst other treasures, was claimed by his faith but all were stolen many centuries ago by parties unknown. It is said that the church would pay a handsome reward for the return of atalai breastplate .

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, lesser restoration, remove disease; Cost 6,350 gp

Original Creator Hrogar Hereot, approximately 280 years ago.


[Submitted by Jonathan Ely!]


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