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Awake in Alucinar: Astral Overlaps

The Plane of Dreams is a dimension that exists on the boundaries of many others—not just the Material Plane but also Limbo, the Plane of Shadow, and the Astral Plane as well. While this interactivity is what sustains Alucinar, there are areas where two or more dimensions interact and interfere with magic, change the nature of gravity, or even alter the flow of time.

astral overlapProximity (and thus accessibility) to so many different dimensions has made the Dreaming Island a locale sought after by arcane theorists and magical researchers since its discovery. Reaching the Plane of Dreams is not as simple as a slumber, however; only certain creatures (those native to the realm) are able to leave it, and otherwise it is accessible only through very specific locales or the use of rare substances found only in Aventyr.

Though they can be dangerous and unpredictable, locating a dimensional overlap on the Plane of Dreams is a simple endeavor for anyone adept with arcane or divine energies.The convergence of planes is extremely easy to see; a detect magic spell and Perception check (DC 1 + 1 per 1,000 ft. from the overlap) allows a creature to read the ebb and flow of power in Alucinar.

Astral Overlaps
The most commonly found dimensional overlaps on Alucinar are astral overlaps. These areas are shrouded in magenta and violet hues, and normally the least dangerous. Currently they are nearly all enveloped by the cinar boundary, but bits and pieces of astral overlap can be found in the Dreaming Island’s interior.

  • Within an astral overlap, a creature may make a DC 10 Will save each turn to grant themselves access to subjective directional gravity for 1 minute, though they are only able to “fall” at 1/5th the normal rate (30 ft. in the first round, 60 ft. every round thereafter).
  • There is a 5% chance each hour that a creature in an astral overlap experiences wildly erratic time flow, their body aging one year in the span of an hour (aging effects accrued while in an astral overlap do not take effect until a creature returns to its native plane).
  • Spells and spell-like abilities have a 20% chance to be improved by the Enhanced Magic planar trait.
  • Any type of outsider can be appear in an astral overlap, but some are more common than others (aeon, agathions, air elementals, asura, azatas, daemons, div, djinni, d’ziriak, fire elementals, invisible stalkers, proteans, and psychopomps).
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