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Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Arcane Artillery Pylon

Arcane Artillery Pylon
Aura strong necromancy; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 136,000 gp; Weight 1,500 lbs.arcane artillery pylon

This large, sturdy t-shaped cart is mounted with a pivoting, enormous crystal pylon.

An arcane artillery pylon requires the infusion of negative or positive energy in order to function. This magic item can hold a charge of up to 1,000 points of channeled energy, at which point it glows (depending on energy type this can be gold, amber, or black). Any number of creatures can channel energy into an arcane artillery pylon at the same time, but conflicting energy types remain incompatible (for example, if the magic item is charged with 432 positive energy points, attempting to charge it with 32 negative energy points reduces its total to 400 positive energy points.)
An arcane artillery pylon can fire a ball of energy (positive or negative, whichever it is charged with) accurately at locations across a battlefield. Upon making contact, the sphere of power explodes in a radius and intensity defined by the type of shot.

Light Shot (35 points): 20-ft. radius, 10d6 channeled energy, Fort DC 17 halves, Range 2 miles, Knowledge (engineering) DC 15
Medium Shot (60 points): 50-ft. radius, 15d6 channeled energy, Fort DC 19 halves, Range 1.5 miles, Knowledge (engineering) DC 20
Heavy Shot (100 points): 100-ft. radius, 20d6 channeled energy, Fort DC 21 halves, Range 1 mile, Knowledge (engineering) DC 25

Creatures operating an arcane artillery pylon (the “shooter”) can do two things to affect the weapon as it fires. A shooter with Alignment Channel can expend one of their daily uses of channel energy to choose an alignment subtype when activating the magic item. Any shooter can make a Knowledge (engineering) check (determined by shot type) to maximize the arcane artillery pylon’s effectiveness; on a success, the DC to resist the resulting channel energy ball is increased by +4.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, channel energy, life channel; Cost 68,000 gp


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