Anti-Vermin Powder

butterfly-fairies-5Anti-Vermin Powder
Aura moderate abjuration; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 700 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
This heavy white powder weighs considerably more than one might expect. When uncorked it emanates a harsh, overpowering odor that makes the air around it taste just a little bit like copper.

The enchanted dust in this flask has two properties. It may be used to duplicate the effects of the repel vermin spell for 2 and a half hours; these must be in half hour increments, but also keeps away any fey of Tiny size or smaller. Each time anti-vermin powder is used this way it consumes one use.
Alternatively it may be thrown as a splash weapon that deals 1d4+1 points of damage per available use to any fey of Tiny size or smaller or vermin hit by the flask of anti-vermin powder. This consumes all the remaining uses of anti-vermin powder.
Flasks of anti-vermin powder initially contain five uses of the magical powder.

Success on a Knowledge (nature) check to learn more about anti-vermin powder reveals some facts about the unique item’s lore:
DC 15     The origins of anti-vermin powder aren’t well known but its use is ubiquitous in the stocks of purveyors that deal in enchanted goods as well as the finest quality gourmet restaurants.
DC 20     Druids find this unique magical dust to be an abomination, but it isn’t unknown for some to allow its use on their lands when blights of vermin overcome a territory.
DC 25     A capricious fey by the name of Xyvzian was the first to introduce anti-vermin powder to the world at large. The creature’s reasons are still a matter of debate to this day, but remain unknown to most.
DC 30     One group is supposedly solely responsible for the distribution of the enchanted powder but are spoken of in hushed tones and even then, their name remains elusive. They protect the secret formulas to create it without the use of magic, though even then, it requires a DC 40 Craft (alchemy) check to create. Alchemists insist against it, however, and assure anyone that makes the attempt to keep their success a secret—those that don’t suffer untimely ends.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, repel vermin; Cost 350 gp 14 xp


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1 thought on “Anti-Vermin Powder”

  1. Justin Andrew Mason

    Very neat item! First thing that comes to my mind are a good set of bellows and a few flasks of anti-vermin powder just might come in handy. I know, as a programmer dealing with my fair share of bugs in code today, I surely could use a flask of this in real life right about now. 😉

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