by Will Myers

Cost: Fin Starling may entice the PCs with "hear about the Vikmordere found dead in the Cathedral?" offering additional information for 20 gold. If the PCs are already in good with Fin Starling, he may offer the information free of charge. Alternatively Mayor Igor Leonid and the Village Guard may rope the PCs into helping find out what the Vikmordere wanted and who killed him.

Background: The Vikmordere were certain they could push back the invaders but when they realized they could not hold the village, they had to leave quickly. The Vikmordere had to leave things, important things, behind.

When the Klav troops entered Rybalka, they used what structures they could, but erased almost every trace of the Vikmordere from Rybalka. They even erected a cathedral to the God of Warriors to celebrate their victory. But what used to be in place of the cathedral?

Hook: A dead Vikmordere is found inside the Rybalka Temple Cathedral, carrying a sword, a shovel and a pick-axe. He had broken several of the stone tiles in the church and had begun shoveling up the dirt underneath.

Adventure: The dead Vikmordere was shot in the back with an Elven arrow. Could it have been an Elf that killed the Vikmordere? If so, then there’s an Elf on the loose in Rybalka and the PCs have to figure out who it is. It could be one Elf or a small party of them. They won’t take kindly to being found out and would fight back. The PCs also have to figure out what the Vikmordere was after. This could involve digging up the cathedral, trying to do research in the Library (who may or may not have any useful information…or Sage Yuri might have some info that’s not for public consumption) or possibly taking the Vikmordere body back to his tribe, if they can figure out which tribe he belongs to. They then have to be (extremely) diplomatic in returning the body and finding out what the Vikmordere were trying to find. If they can’t be diplomatic, they PCs may have to fight their way out fo the clan home and back to town.

Conclusion: Do the PCs get what the dead man wanted and return it to the Vikmordere? Can they convince the Mayor to let them do that? Do they find whatever it is and keep it for themselves?

Reward: By researching the Vikmordere settlement in the Library, the party can learn the possible locations of a few Vikmordere stashes of money and magic. By returning the body to the Vikmordere and using diplomacy with the Vikmordere, they can possible open small-scale trade relations between the Vikmordere and Rybalka. By finding the Elf (if there even is one), the PCs can raise their status in the town, which could include cheaper ‘Hero’ rates or other favorable interactions with the townsfolk.