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Awake in Alucinar: Alu Boundary Trap

alu boundary trapAlu Boundary Trap     CR 12

Type magic; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31
Trigger location; Reset automatic reset
Effect mired in dual-existence on Alucinar (50% chance each round of combat to become incorporeal; condition persists for 1d4 days; DC 17 Will save negates); multiple targets (any creature with an Intelligence of 1 or greater physically passing into Alucinar)

The Plane of Dreams is not at all easy to enter into, almost as though the entire dimension were averse to conscious minds. In addition to dimensional overlaps and the power of nightmares in the Dreaming Island, the alu boundary trap often proves too challenging for travelers foreign to Alucinar. Once the alu boundary trap snaps against the mind of a creature they lose the ability to reconcile dreams and reality—vestiges of sleeping minds and the Material Plane overlap, creating a confusing landscape of double images and false targets that most find deeply unsettling. While they were once quite rare in Alucinar, instances of the alu boundary trap have been on the rise since the P.R.A.N.K.S.T.E.R.S. began their meddling not long ago.


[Submitted by Rory Toma!]

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