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Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Alligotonium

alligotoniumAlligotonium (metal of binding; demon ore; the floating metal)
Availability exceptionally rare

This dense carmine-swirled black metal is nearly three times the weight of solid iron and just as strong, but becomes lighter when agitated—if exposed to a violent enough transfer of energy, the metal becomes lighter than air for a time. This loss of mass persists for 1-minute per halved weight factor, after which the substance quickly reverts to its base weight.

Alligotonium is magical in nature and when in its natural (heavy) state radiates a field similar to a dimensional anchor with a particularly devastating binding effect on creatures of the demon subtype. However, while “lighter weight” after being agitated the effect inverts, and the field radiating from the metal acts to negate any arcane or natural binding effect. The strength of this field in both instances is entirely dependent on the amount of alligotonium present.

For every 1/10th of a pound of alligotonium (about the size of a large marble weighed in its natural state) that exists within the range of the same field, the effect extends an additional 1-foot in a spherical radius.

Large natural deposits of alligotonium ore can negate planar travel and associated effects for an entire region, as well as naturally bind demons to the area, preventing their escape. For this reason, some refer to alligotonium as the “demon ore”, as its deposits are usually accompanied by many angry (trapped) demons.

Due to its reaction to agitation, alligotonium is very nearly impossible to forge. Attempts usually resulting in bits of the metal floating off on the wind only to crash down in scattered piles minutes later. However, a relevant DC 40 Profession check allows the material to be forged when alloyed with cold iron. When this is accomplished, there are unique natural abilities attributed to the item crafted.

The deposit of exceptionally rare material found at Demon Pass, though less than quarter of a ton, is the largest concentration of the ore ever discovered—the amount of the metal found in the vein there is a more abundant lode than any other find of the alligotonium ever discovered!


Items forged from alligotonium automatically acquire the following abilities:

  • 15-foot radius sphere of dimensional anchor. This effect remains constantly active until the item is agitated (such as alligotonium armor being struck by a weapon), at which point it becomes inactive for 1d4 rounds.
  • Weapons crafted of alligotonium gain demonbane (+2 on attacks against devils, demons and evil outsiders; never stacks with bane).
  • Armor forged of alligotonium gains DR 2/bludgeoning or concussion. When the character wearing the alligotonium armor is successfully dealt bludgeoning or concussion damage, the armor weights 1/10th its normal weight for 1d4 rounds, negating all limits on maximum Dexterity modifiers for the armor type for the period of this effect.
  • Wands or rods crafted of alligotonium are automatically treated as if the effect or spells is being cast with the extend metamagic feat.

Magic items can be crafted of alligotonium, but any extraplanar, extradiminsional, or teleportation effects do not function. The ability can be bestowed upon the alligotonium item, but the metal’s natural dimensional anchor prevents the effect from working.

Items crafted of alligotonium weigh 50% more than the standard weight of an iron equivalent.

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