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The Town of Morsain

LN large town

Corruption +2; Crime -2; Economy +2; Law +3; Lore +1; Society -2;

Qualities prosperous, racially intolerant (low level, of all humanoids except humans and half-orcs), strategic location

Danger +5


Government overlord (appointed by the Mohkba government with some autonomy)

Population 3,000* (2,994 humans; 5 half-orcs; 1 dwarf at the last Mohkba census)

*The influx of wedding parties and guests increases this amount by at least 30%, but the make-up is similarly divided.

Notable NPCs

Town Leader Lord Herttua Valta (LG Male human fighter 5/aristocrat 3) - Lumi's father

Lumi Valkea Valtatytar (LG Female human expert 3) - the bride-to-be

Attendant Queen Haijyin* (NE Female human wizard 7/druid 6) - mother of the groom

Prince Ruhtin* (LN Male human fighter 2/aristocrat 4) - the groom-to-be

Viscount Sihteeri* (LN Male human cleric 3/expert 4) - personal secretary to the prince

Citizens of Note (Eridanis Miller, Shiva Frostbourne, Beez the Frog, Talea Feychild, Sandoval Poe, Harry the Half-Mad)

*These are not normal residents, but people in town for the wedding.


Base Value 2,800 gp; Purchase Limit 15,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th

Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

Citizens of Note

These six are occasional residents—the PCs can call on them for specific support in adventuring activities.


1) Eridanis Miller

LG Female half-elf paladin 1/sorcerer 1

Medium size (5 ½ ft. tall, 116 lbs.)

AC 18; hp 14

Atk dagger +2 or longsword +2; javelin -2

Deity: Flaesuros; Detect evil at will, spells


Eridanis Miller is a mysterious wandering elf, the child of a miller's daughter. Her obvious elven ancestry has been impossible to hide since her scandalous birth (making Eridanis the subject of whispers from infancy) but through a combination of charm and righteousness, she won over most of her village by her early teens. Strong for her size and age, she trained with the local militia upon turning 16. Later that same year the Knight-Commander of the Order of Flaesuros, passing through the area as part of a campaign against bandits and Vikmordere raiders, became aware of her talents; she briefly served as the Commander’s aide, and when the campaign ended, he sponsored her paladin training with the Order.


Unknown to her, Eridanis' mysterious father had more than elf blood. A gold dragon once interbred with his ancestral line, and this influence began to express itself while the young Eridanis was still in training. The earliest manifestation of her nascent sorcerous power resulted in substantial property damage. Fortunately only her closest friend witnessed this—he convinced her she had to keep her abilities secret or risk being expelled from the Order. They concocted a story about a drunken wizard to explain the destruction, but the lie has gnawed at her conscience ever since. When Eridanis can show her superiors that the sum of her talents is greater than the parts, she’ll confess her past and work harder in the future.


It is possible that her many-greats-grandfather may appear when Eridanis' paladin abilities have reached a suitable level, but surely that is for the future. Meanwhile, most of the time she can be found with one of the following people: Tropo Oljy (11), a fellow paladin who has offered advice and guidance, and his sister Lilbet; Hopean Varinen (17), who senses her dragon heritage but hasn't said anything; Nelja Esines (53), who appreciates the way Eridanis "services" his magical items and occasionally loans her one of them; and Arvaus Ulottuvuus (136), who has looked for her father unsuccessfully.


2) Shiva Frostbourne

LG Female ice fairy sorcerer 2

Medium size (5 ft. tall, 70 lbs.)

AC 13; hp 14

Atk heavy mace +2; light crossbow +4

Deity: Demigoddess Hivaka; cold resistance, spells


Shiva is one of the most human-appearing fey to ever come out of the Haunted Forest—tall, muscular, and not as pale as ice fairies usually are in this part of the world. With the humanoids of Morsain continually encroaching the Haunted Forest, their desire to tame and control every part of nature in the region unrestrained, Shiva suffers the city in silence as she attempts to gather information, especially about events that will take the town’s citizens into the forest and for what purpose. If she finds the PCs are involved in any investigations about, or journeys into, the Haunted Forest, she will keep a close eye on them. If their actions are favorable, she may even help them.


It has been over a year since Shiva’s had more than one consecutive night sleeping on anything other than floors, and anyone providing her with a bed made of natural materials for two nights in a row (even a temporary one) has her gratitude until the next new moon. However, this won't involve any activity that damages the Haunted Forest in any way, and asking her to do so ends her help.


Shiva has few friends in Morsain, but may be found with one of the following people: Vailla Kasi (31), whose cheerfulness and caring attitude appeals to Shiva; Vanhus Koira (48), who admires Shiva's fey heritage and sorcerous skill; Koyja Rikkaampi (84), who often provides the single-night bed that Shiva is able to endure when in town. Each seem to recognize the longevity of the other; and Sopuisa Kalma (73), who feeds Shiva for free when she helps keep his building cool for his staff.


Shiva has spoken with Kalsa Jää (113) because of their shared love of sorcerous cold spells, but they are two completely different people and she won't be going back.


Ice faeries are fey distinct to regions around Morsain and have statistics similar to a pixieB1, with the following changes. An ice fairy has resist cold 10 and gains the following spell like abilities instead of invisibility and special arrows: at will—ray of frost, 3/day—chill touch, 1/day—scorching ray (cold damage only).


3) Beez “The Frog”

CG Male grippli ranger 3

Small size (2 ft. tall, 30 lbs.)

AC 17; hp 28

Atk greatclub +4 or rapier +4; composite (+1) longbow +7

Favored enemy (humans +2), favored terrain (forest)


Beez “The Frog” has been living amongst the “civilized” since a party of adventurers wiped out his tribe. The band set up camp in the middle of the grippli village and without knowing had severely damaged the tribal living quarters; when approached by the village elder, the humans assumed they were being attacked and rose up in anger. A minute of fighting and a few well-place fireballs later, the settlement was decimated. Beez was left unconscious, but after a little longer the humans worked out that they had attacked the grippli in error. The group’s cleric healed Beez and the adventurers took him with them, vowing to make amends for the transgression.


Beez is called “The Frog” by most people who meet him—which are many, as he’s dedicated his life to ensuring that events do not repeat themselves and is quite social because of it. The grippli has deemed himself a protector of tribes of all species that are not evil (particularly those around Morsain and its territories), using his small stature to avoid all but the most dangerous and belligerent of adversaries.


Beez is about two feet tall and as his tribe’s current leader, always wears a battered crown upon his head. When stolen, the thief manages to "lose it" within 24 hours and it returns to Beez with another small dent in it to signify yet another assault on him and his people. He may be encountered by the party as it heads out to the Haunted Forest, as he occasionally returns there to check for signs of how many humans have been coming and going along the main paths.


When in town, Beez finds it difficult to mix with the mostly intolerant Morsainians, but occasionally can be found with the following people: Kyhmy Joutsen (49), as she has empathy for Beez's predicament; Piikikas Ruusu (50), who hopes that she and Beez will work together to overcome their respective problems; the Kolmetoista (66), as they and Beez compliment each other with regard to the areas around Morsain that they know well; and Aivot Sokkelo (124), as Beez finds riddles very entertaining and Aivot enjoys Beez's enthusiasm for them.


4) Talea Feychild

CG Female elf witch 3

Medium size (5 ½ ft. tall, 117 lbs.)

AC 12; hp 15

Atk prehensile hair +4 or quarterstaff +2; light crossbow +1

Deity: The Natural Force; Twiddliwinx (weasel familiar), spells


While both nature and nurture seemed determined to drive Talea along the spellcasting path that is her heritage, inwardly she is proving to be something of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to demonstrating an aptitude for one particular arcane school or the other. Everything about the elf is wild and unruly, from the clothes she wears to her self-acting hair and, finally, her love of dancing wildly whenever she gets the chance. If loud music can be heard, Talea may well be close at hand.


Talea wears her pearls of power as a pair of earrings, their slightly mismatched appearance only adding to her reputation. She spends most of her time outside Morsain where she attracts the least attention, preferring the Haunted Forest and the company of the one or two fey she has befriended. When encountered in Morsain she is wearing a veil and billowing cloak over her usual garb. The material of the cloak seems to whip and crack through the air, making a distracting sound as Talea moves swiftly through the streets. The effect of this noise means the cloak acts in exactly the same way as a chime of interruption as Talea rushes to her destination. She happens be in Morsain when the bats kidnap Lumi and may help the party if its intentions seem good.


Talea doesn't meet many of the criteria that Morsainians expect of their fellow citizens, and has only a few people that she turns to. They include the following: Pieni Asu (37), as the gnome endures many of the same prejudices as Talea, and they support each other; Kulta Vuori (89), as each sees a kindred spirit in the other with their equally unconventional appearance and nature; Hämis Puoli (93) in particular, although all of the "Three Little Birds" enjoy Talea's energy and enthusiasm; and Romahdus (117), who sees something of what she hopes will be her future self in Talea.


5) Sandoval Poe

LE Male elf fighter 2/rogue 3/shadowdancer 1

Medium size (6 ft. tall, 170 lbs.)

AC 20; hp 45

Atk kukri +8

Sneak attack +2d6, spell-like abilities


Sandoval Poe always has two raven companions with him, Eddga and Allyenne. They do little more than remark upon his doings (one with sarcastic encouragement and the other with placating sentiment, and they decide which will deliver which comments at the beginning of the day), although he does talk to them and treat them as if they are his family. Sandoval is very quick to throw in dry wit and one-liners when he talks to other people, and has a passion for playing chess. He usually travels via his shadow walking ability, but doesn't generally let on how exactly he gets around.


Sandoval is happy to work for money, but when he comes across someone with obvious power (personally or politically) his fee may change to a "favor at a later date". He much prefers to bank these favors, especially with men of honor (like paladins) who he knows won't lie to him. The elf never uses these favors to get people to break their own code of honor, but rules certainly are made to be bent a little now and then (by Sandoval’s reckoning, anyway). At present, Sandoval is owed a favor by Lord Valta's head butler AND a high ranking guard, and as a result will be found at the betrothal ceremony.


Sandoval views sit well on his shoulders and he will almost always be in the company of someone who believes the same as he does. Therefore he can usually be found with one of the following people: Tiikeri Muurari (25), where the two of them spend their time either discussing or trying out locks and keys; Nopsa Oikeus (35), where the two men practise unarmed combat, viciously fighting until one of them is completely subdued; and Hiiri (72), who has a real soft spot for Sandoval and treats him as a werecreature.


Poe occasionally drinks at The Spirit Bottle (96), although he finds Sielu Kaitsija unsettling. For her part, Sielu sees a potential ally in any fight to run her out of town. Poe is put off by Sielu's lack of concern about his shadow abilities, but is drawn to the nature of her building.


6) Harry the Half-Mad

CG Male halfling barbarian (titan mauler) 4

Small size (3 ft. tall, 30 lbs.)

AC 16; hp 41

Atk greataxe +8

Deity: Leahcim; big game hunter, iron liver


Halflings are rare in Morsain; their reputation for mischief and causing trouble (or being members of the Grinning Ragamuffins) is well known. As a result, Harry has styled himself on a portly fey baron he once met, all bluster and swagger as he travels the region as an “axe-for-hire,” but much more considered when it comes to revealing his true self to those he works with. Harry has seen what happens when a “Morsain Mob” gets the wind up its tail, and doesn’t wish to feel its wrath first hand.


Harry’s curiosity perpetually gets the better of him, and he usually offers his services to a party once it is out of sight of the town walls—especially if those he works for are heading towards where a “halfling stronghold” is rumored to exist. Around here, what is called a “shortened shack” by others is palatial to Harry, and one day he hopes to find a sumptuous forest home to call his own. Harry has some experience of the Haunted Forest, but tends not to be believed when describing it.


As a result of his far-from-conventional appearance and outlook on life, Harry has few friends in Morsain. Those people who do spend time with him include: Inguna Ulli (5), who is happy to include Harry as a member of her family when he visits; Hampag (13), who is considering apprenticing himself to Harry in order to develop some form of martial skills and differentiate himself from his peers; Aulis Hukka (71), who knows Harry is an out-and-out halfling, but finds him engaging; and Vasara (116), who spars with Harry.


*These six are occasional residents, and are people the PCs can call on for specific support in adventuring-style activities.


Shops, establishments, emporia, and other places of interest


Morsain is a jumbled-up town that starts around the castle moat and sprawls away to the south in a random manner. There are several small marketplaces that accommodate visiting salesfolk depending on their wares, as they are craft, profession, and alignment focussed. Many high value homes and well-protected warehouses sit on the moat edge facing the castle. The central market are is treated as a town sector in its own right, and a number of permanent salesfolk are based there.


Most buildings have an upper floor that is slightly larger than the ground floor; the overhang of these first storeys usually have a trapdoor in them so items can be lifted from street level. If a building has more than one upper storey, it overhangs the street even further than the first floor for the same reason. Buildings tend to be a mix of stone and wood at ground-floor level, then wood on the upper floors. Roofs are varied depending on the need for security or allowing smoke or similar to escape, but most of them are made of wood, such as pine, cedar and birch.


Despite the predominance of wooden structures, fire is rare in Morsain. Buildings tend to be insulated and water-proofed to a high degree on the inside so the result of winter snows can keep the outer cladding damp throughout most of the year. When a long hot period threatens to dry everything out, either rains are created or water elementals are hired to douse the entire town. Late summer storms tend to come early enough to deal with any drying-out buildings long before they become a fire hazard.


GM's note

It is worth considering Morsain as a fairy-tale town - there is a lot going on, more than you would normally find in a settlement of its size: more experienced people, more magic, more action, more mysterious and "expensive" items... you name it, there is probably more of it. This isn't designed to overface the players or PCs, as much of what is available is low level and there as background flavor, but some establishments can be used straightforwardly as side treks should the party need to gain a little more experience or equipment. Most of the powerful creatures and items they encounter will flee rather than draw attention to themselves.


In case the range of tales from the Brothers Grimm isn't something you are familiar with, each of the shops, inns and market stalls in Morsain has a link to one of the stories, usually very loosely but some more recognisable than others. Many of the tales are universal in nature, with the Grimms collecting particular versions to include in their anthologies. Morsain's establishments hint at the original versions of these stories within their background, versions that have a little more blood and guts, or are more dramatic in their outcome.


With all of these establishments and owners, take the elements that you want and run with them. If there is too much of anything anywhere, filter out what you don't need and perhaps just go with a single thread over the entire town. Have fun with them, and remember that the whole of Morsain is one big fairy story at heart.


All descriptions follow the same format (its name and location, owner, their role, and the shop’s services) and includes a few historical and/or current facts or rumors about the place or the proprietor. Other aspects can be chosen by GMs, or removed if unnecessary. Unless otherwise noted, shopkeepers in Morsain appear to be human, as do many of the non-human residents because of the town's level of intolerance.


Table XX-XX: Sectors Containing Morsain's Shops

1A-W1B-M2 - CG3 - NG4 - LG5 - CE6 - CN7 - N8 - LN9 - NE10 - LE11 - All


  1. Froggy’s Charismatic Transformational Boutique Sector 2

Run by Froggy Hopson (CG Male sorcerer 4), a transmuter/illusionist who usually knows the following spells: 0th: ghost sound, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation; 1st: disguise self, enlarge person, reduce person; 2nd: alter self


Hopson will alter clients for a short period of time in order for them to achieve specified tasks. His fee always includes a kiss, as Hopson is a frog cursed into human form. He hopes to one day meet the person who will transmute him back into his true form (which could be either sex, and any creature; Froggy just doesn’t remember any more).


His boutique is warm and humid during spring and summer, and always free of flies. In winter, the place is regularly closed for a couple of days at a time, as Hopson has to sleep during the coldest times.


  1. Cat-Eat-Mouse Provisions Store Sector 7

Atter Urlim (N Male druid 1/expert 1/ranger 1), who usually knows the following spells: 0th: create water, purify food and drink (x2); 1st: goodberry (x2), owns this rough-and-ready food shop offering low-cost fare that is much better than average for its type, and all of which is best eaten raw. Most food is suitable for both animals and humanoids, as a lot of vegetables, fruit, and grains are included. If possible, he adds a goodberry or two in a sale so creatures feel refreshed.


Urlim has an almost pathological dislike of fire (his favored enemies are outsiders from the realms of fire), and the store is lit by continual flames that he moves as required. Any real flame has created water dumped on it from one of the many small ewers that Urlim has placed around the building. Any objections to this lead to the customer being ejected and barred.


  1. Mary’s Elixirs of Hide-and-Seek Sector 6

Mary Clearwater  (CN FEMALE wizard 5), who usually knows the following spells: 0th: detect magic, detect poison, read magic, resistance; 1st: comprehend languages, hypnotism, protection from evil; protection from law; 2nd: detect thoughts, locate object, obscure object; 3rd: clairaudience/clairvoyance, tongues, owns a small mobile booth that features a limited selection of potent elixirs covering assorted abjuration, divination, enchantment and universal spells. Her full list of possibly stocked elixirs is as follows:

0th: arcane mark, daze, detect magic, detect poison, read magic, resistance;

1st: comprehend languages, hypnotism, protection from chaos/evil/good/law; sleep, true strike;

2nd: daze monster, detect thoughts, locate object, obscure object;

3rd: clairaudience/clairvoyance, deep slumber, nondetection, tongues


In addition, Mary has exceptional Bluff and Diplomacy skills (both +11), and is able to teach her techniques to others in about 6 weeks, granting them a +2 competence modifier. Naturally, she is extremely good at bargaining when it comes to prices for her stock, whether actual money or an exchange of goods..


  1. The New Adventurer’s Provisions and Fortitude Store Sector 8

Amara Stoutheart (LN Female expert 4) sells potions, scrolls, and wands that overcome fear. She tends to stock the following, with prices at 115% usual, but she guarantees the quality and strength of her stock, offering a money-back policy if anything she says about an item turns out to be untrue. Everything she sells has her symbol—a gynosphinx with a legal tome in its right front paw—hidden somewhere on it.

Potions: 0th: cure minor wounds, guidance, purify food and drink, resistance, virtue

1st: bless, endure elements, expeditious retreat, mage armor, remove fear

2nd: aid, invisibility, mirror image, remove paralysis, resist energy

3rd: haste, heroism, prayer, protection from energy, remove curse (divine)

Wands: 0th-3rd as "potions" above

4th: deathward, reincarnate, resilient sphere, restoration, stoneskin

Scrolls: 0th-4th as "wands" above plus any you wish to include at or below 3rd level that protect a creature


Amara's lack of fear comes from her distant family heritage. One of her relatives entered a pact with a royal naga over 20 generations ago in order to rid a jungle town of a vicious snake cult. Since then, every 25 years, one member of the family has an overwhelming urge to make overcoming fear the focus of both their own life and that of others. Although far from her family , Amara fulfils this role for the current generation.


Amara isn't aware of her background, and her potential response to finding out isn't known. As a story hook, any party that reveals her heritage might either: release her from her task but make her fearful; reveal she is a barrier preventing the release of a pack of 6 yeth hounds and this barrier breaks when the information is relayed; or act as the catalyst for true love between Amara and a pipe-playing satyr from the Haunted forest.


  1. The Wolf and Belly Rocks Inn Sector 3

Inguna Ulli ( NG Female barbarian 2/expert 2) is a nanny and runs this establishment—which provides food and lodging for hunters and trappers—with her seven foster children, the parents of whom were all killed by wolves over the years. These creatures have been hunted by the family ever since, and a dozen stuffed heads adorn the walls.


It is said that each full moon the heads howl in lament, the sound of which acts as a form of detect and charm animals spell that allows Ulli and the children to try and hunt down others of the offending creatures. This is only true if a wolf has set up a lair within one mile of Morsain, or a pack of at least six wolves has a hunting range that comes within one mile. Inguna is highly skilled [Knowledge (nature) +9, Perception +10, Survival +13] when it comes to tracking them, and is training her charges to be similarly adept.


If the party finds small but deep ponds in territories when wolves are known or used to be active, there is 25% chance that at the bottom of the pool is a wolf's headless body, weighed down by a stomach full of rocks. The temperature of the pond, often just below freezing even though the water doesn't become solid, is enough to stop the body from decomposing. The pelt of such a creature might still be sold at market, although Inguna will recognize the creature 80% of the time if she sees the party with the body, and question the PCs with regard to why they are disturbing the wolf's corpse.


  1. Trusty Sven’s Sector 11

Trusty Sven (LG Male cleric 3; animal domain) operates this shop alongside his wife Brittany (LG Female wizard 2) and their young and talented daughter Emily (LG Female bard 2). It is easily one of Morsain’s most peculiar businesses, a place where masterwork mechanical familiars and animal companions are found. There are also items that either help defend live familiars and companions—such as a harness of protection for rats or toads—or enhances them—for example a collar of intelligence that improves a raven's ability.


Sven usually knows the following spells: 0th: create water (x2), purify food and drink (x2); 1st: bless, summon monster I (x2); 2nd: calm emotions, owl’s wisdom. Brittany usually has the following spells prepared: 0th: mage hand (x2), open/close (x2) 1st: hypnotism, mount, sleep. Emily usually casts the following spells: 0th: lullaby, mage hand, open/close 1st: hypnotism.


Trusty Sven converses with animals whenever possible, using a wand of speak with animals and his domain ability. For some reason unknown to him, speak with animals always lasts twice as long as it seemingly ought when he is under its influence. Many folks regard him as some kind of benign werebeast, but no evidence of this exists. Sven has a distant bloodline linked to fey and gnomes, both of which allow his ability to be naturally enhanced.


In addition to his heritage, and also unknown to him, the banding on his warhammer that joins the haft to the head is a ring of animal friendship that somehow continues to work normally. This automatically puts him in a good light in the eyes of any animal with which he talks. Trusty Sven is frequently put forward as the "Voice of the Marketplace" when dealing with dockside merchants, law courts, or the castle's staff.


Sven's mechanical beasts are only ever tiny, just like their living counterparts. The family can make larger creatures, but rarely do so, as this takes them away from their main business. A tiny creature takes about a working week to make (40 hours), while a colossal one takes 64 times longer, and Sven can't see the point. At any given time, Trusty Sven's has 3d2+1 familiars or animals in stock, with an 80% likelihood of a named, specific animal being on the shelves. The family will take commissions if asked.


  1. The Peasant and the King Sector 9

Holan Olice (NE Male expert 3/rogue 1) stocks numerous possible bargains as well as mistaken purchases. Holan has the following skills at his disposal (amongst others), with the indicated ranks: Appraise +9, Diplomacy (PF) +8 (Diplomacy +8, Gather Information +8 [3.5E]), Disable Device (PF) +8 (Disable Device +8, Open Lock +8 [3.5E]), Linguistics (PF) +9 (Decipher Script +9, Forgery +9 [3.5E]), Knowledge (local) +9, Perception (PF) +9 (Search +9, Spot +7 [3.5E]), Use Magic Device +8.


The Peasant and the King doesn’t sell one specific stock, such as bread, jewelry, or candles. When an individual goes in, there are completely different items from the last visit, with no connection between the two. Whatever is on display, it seems to be reasonably priced and a bargain—indeed the whole building is under a constant suggestion spell (CL 20th, Will DC 13) that does nothing more than encourage this impression. This spell was in place when Olice purchased the building and heavily influenced his decision to buy it. If an item is sold and the Will save failed, roll 2d8 to set the additional cost or discount, as may be:


Table XX-XX: Peasant or King Discount

% change-15-10-5+0+0+0+0+5+10+15+20+25+30+35+40


The new price always seems reasonable, and Olice's rather oily diplomacy makes it even more so. The one good thing about items for sale in the shop is that they are never poor quality, and always do their job well, so customers tend to put up with the eccentricity of the shop and its owner.


  1. The Besoothed Beast Sector 2 -

Oday Pires (CG Male Bard 4), who usually casts the following spells: 0th: dancing lights, ghost sound, lullaby, mage hand, open/close, summon instrument; 1st: hypnotism, sleep, unseen servant; 2nd: calm emotions, enthrall, is a fiddle-playing, animal-calming musician who seems able to clear any type of non-intelligent creature from Morsain’s buildings. At heart, Pires has a soft spot for all animals, and will lead them to safe areas rather than dispose of them. At other times, many of the creatures he has removed return to his home and listening to his playing, although Oday has never figured out why.


Pires doesn’t attempt to take work from Hopean Varinen of The White Snake (17) and vice versa; they operate in different ways and towards different aims. Deep in Pires' family history is a deal with a divine celestial charger to protect creatures that survive in woodlands, the reward being abilities to earn their trust. Whenever Pires passes a stable, he has a strong urge to stroke any nearby horse on its shoulders. If he ignores a horse, there is a 60% chance it will whicker softly at him and gently bow its head.


  1. The Shape-Shifting Dozen Sector 5

Delly Scala (CE Male rogue 2/wizard 3), who usually knows the following spells: 0th: daze, flare, prestidigitation, touch of fatigue; 1st: ray of enfeeblement, reduce person, sleep; 2nd: hideous laughter, scare, leads an assortment of low level mages and thieves (9 in total), renegades determined to deflate the pompous citizens of Morsain. The group is rounded off by a doppelganger and a mimic with Intelligence 14. They act in a way that ensures no long term physical harm to their victims; the same can’t be said for the reputations of those they target. Their rather evil reputation is based more on the endless pleasure they take in the humiliation of others than any out-an-out wickedness, but they are still a gang to avoid.


Scala is aware of The Grinning Ragamuffins, but hasn't been approached to join the group. This hasn't stopped his gang working in the same way. He understands how that group operates, and works hard to make his own activities look like those of the Ragamuffins themselves. This has two effects: it deflects attention away from him; it allows him to sometimes operate in full daylight, and display his abilities to the group. However, his coterie is too large for the Ragamuffins to work with, and he won't be asked to join up.


  1. Cock, Hen, and Duck Sector 3

Azin Vermor (NG Female expert 4 [Knowledge (local, nature) +10 each]) has nuts and seeds for sale, along with other dry stock animal feeds. This establishment is also known as “Urchin Feeds,” as Azin encourages local youngsters to gather small harvests of nuts, seeds and grain whenever possible for low-level financial reward. She is also looking longer term for a business partner, and will eventually choose someone local to take over the establishment.


Behind her shop, Azin keeps hens and ducks in order to sell high quality eggs. These eggs are truly wonderful, and one in ten of them laid on the night of the full moon has a magical effect. If used to baste the material component of any spell linked to flying or aerial activity, it increases the caster level by +1. There isn't any way to identify which eggs will do this short of wish or miracle, and Azin has never had more than 3 in one day no matter how many eggs were laid. Full-moon eggs sell for 25gp each.


Azin currently has one drake and one cockerel, both prized specimens of much larger-than-average size. She has recently taken delivery of a peacock and three peahens and is currently attuning them to her home.


  1. Transforming Oils Sector 4

Tropo Oljy (LG Male paladin 4/cleric 1), who usually knows the following spells: 0th: guidance (x3); 1st: bless weapon, magic aura, magic stone, magic weapon, and Lilbet Oljy (LG Female wizard 3), who usually has the following spells prepared: 0th: arcane mark, light, mage hand, mending 1st: magic weapon (x 3); 2nd: darkness, invisibility, have a brother and sister set-up that makes magic oils for weapons. At any given time, the shop has 1d3+2 of the following oils on sale: bless weapon (divine), darkness (arcane), daylight (arcane), invisibility (arcane), keen edge (arcane), magic stone (divine), magic weapon (divine), magic weapon (arcane).


There is a still in the basement used to manufacture the oils, and the Oljys will pay well for any ingredients relevant to these oils that adventurers recover. The siblings are both anti-war, and will only take up arms against an opponent as a last resort. They regularly help the Morsain guards to arrest and try wrongdoers rather than see them killed, and step in when they see mobs attacking individuals.


Tropo is considering setting up a paladinic school in order to promote the benefits of good character. While Morsain is lawful, Tropo feels that there is too much leniency when it comes to helping your fellow citizen. He and Lilbet are both concerned about the increasing level of intolerance towards anyone not a human or half-orc. The school would offer tutelage to all humanoids, and the siblings are preparing for a backlash.


  1. Rampion’s Ropes and Ladders Sector 10

The shop owned by Rampion (LE Male expert 3/ranger 1), as the name suggests, sells ropes and ladders from all kinds of materials, such as hair, silk, web, and so on. He often has magical items for sale, such as ropes of climbing or entanglement, knots, or razored, and sells them for 115% of the listed price. He stores truly specialist stock in his cellar, such as reknitting ropes made from troll gut and ladders formed from spider’s legs that can attach to any surface (using spider climb).


At the GM's discretion, Rampion can also sell nets, belts and sashes made from relevant natural materials, and even stock known cursed items to give as gifts to enemies, such as a noose of strangulation (as a necklace of strangulation) fashioned to look like a gold-adorned rope torc. the useful items can be readily available and straightforward to buy. The less savoury stock is never sold directly from the shop; Rampion suggests a time and place for the trade to take place, and then does the deal under the watchful gaze of a hidden hired hand or two. He then shuts up shop for three days, ostensibly for making new items.


As an additional plot line, Rampion can be the person that equips Nopsa Oikeus (35). The pair have an agreement with regard to dealing with the less-than-lawful inhabitants of Morsain and the surrounding area. Rampion acts as a go-between to get any specialist equipment that Oikeus needs; indeed, the monk's belt and bracers are a result of Rampion's work and perseverance.


  1. The Men of the Wood Sector 6

Lackhe (CN Male expert 4), Noqua (CN Male expert 4), and Hampag (CN Male expert 4) offer their services as guides through the forest. While none of them is a druid or ranger, they all have enough experience of the the lands surrounding Morsain to be useful additions to a traveling party. The trio keep a secret; they are all cursed to become toads each night, both during the rainy season and when violent storms kick up. Folks often wonder why they appear more beautiful during dry summers and ugly as the weather turns.


In addition, once per day when speaking, they each produce a copper coin from under their tongue when the weather is dry, and a baby toad when it is wet. They are all desperate to find a cure, although they cannot discover how to tell anyone about their situation in any humanoid words.


To make matters worse, they have been told that if they do not marry well, they will die badly; each day that passes makes this a more difficult challenge to achieve. At present there always seems to be one or other of them at the castle thanks to the influx of guests for the wedding. They have made themselves available free of charge to patrol around the castle and beyond into the forest, and each of them is taking the chance to find a bride. Any female PC will definitely attract their attention, and if love blossoms, a proposal will take place at the end of the adventure.


  1. Three Spinners Sector 7

Athex (N Female expert 3), Dorema (N Female expert 3), and Rethen (N Female expert 3) are three sisters able to turn flax into linen, silks, or cotton; indeed pretty much any other material suitable for clothing, bedding or similar. The siblings each have a magical item that helps them achieve their wondrous spinning: spinning wheels of alteration (Aura faint transmutation, CL 6th, Price 13,000 gp, Weight 5 lbs.; Once per week this wheel can be used to spin one material, such as flax, into up to a dozen other types like silk, cotton, linen, wool, or whatever the user desires, for up to 120 minutes per week; Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate).


The goods produced in just 30 minutes of spinning is equal to the work of 2 humans laboring for a day. Each half-an-hour after the first, a character spinning must make a DC 15 Craft or Profession check. If it fails, she must stop and cannot use the wheel again for this purpose until a week has passed. In any event, the wheel will only work for 2 hours per week before the mechanism grinds to a halt.


The sisters are careful not to produce too much material, thereby attracting attention to themselves as well as driving down prices. They frequently use their spinning wheels non-magically, disguising their effect. But a high price or a need to spin a high-quality product always results in the wheels being used magically


  1. Hansel and Gretel Sector 5

Hansel (CE Male barbarian 4) and Gretel (CE Female barbarian 4) are siblings who aren’t at all keen on spellcasting after a run-in with a witch when they were younger. Now they are witch-hunters as well as cookers of exotica; just don’t ask what some of the meats are or where they came from. They frequently cook and serve up familiars and companion animals of their victims (and are usually given a wide berth by most Morsanians).


The siblings have developed some specific and successful tactics for dealing with casters of any type, including charging in and flanking to deal as much damage as possible with the first couple of rounds. They think of each other long before anyone else, hence their harshly-assigned evil reputation. In reality, they simply don't care about other people and choose to keep up a menacing and unpleasant demeanour.


Gretel owns "Clever Gretel's", and Hansel is the proprietor of "Gambling Hansel's." They both relax a little when running these haunts, as each rarely sees their sibling in these alternative establishments.


  1. The Snake Leaves Sector 2

Trystine (CG Female ghaeleB1; permanently blind, quested to aid locals for 1,000 years without causing harm to anyone, made to remain in her human form) has raising, restoring, and resurrection abilities for sale. She is a long way from completing her task, only 200 years into it, yet retains a cheerful demeanour. Trystine's blindness is irreversible and she can only call on the healing domain as part of her quest; though she sells her healing at full price, she secretly donates almost all of her income to charities. Many Morsainians are convinced she has a treasure trove in her home, and she is a constant target for “local opportunists”.In fact she has very little, relying on her spells to get by.


Her home is covered by a hallow spell, with death ward in place. Typically she has the following cleric spells prepared (6/7/7/6/5/4/4/3; save DC 13 + spell level): 0th: cure minor wounds x 2, detect poison x 2, virtue x 2; 1st: cure light wounds*, cure light wounds, deathwatch, remove fear x 3, sanctuary; 2nd cure moderate wounds*, delay poison, lesser restoration x 3, remove paralysis x 2; 3rd: cure serious wounds*, remove blindness/ deafness x 2, remove curse, remove disease x 2; 4th: cure critical wounds*, neutralize poison x 2, restoration x 2; 5th: mass cure light wounds*, raise dead x 2, true seeing; 6th: heal*, heal, heroes’ feast, mass cure moderate wounds; 7th: greater restoration, regenerate*, resurrection.


The hardest part of this quest is maintaining a disciplined shell. Trystine would love to be able to see again, as well as revel in the freedom and individuality of her natural inclinations. But she knows she looked too closely at the workings of the Infernal and almost gave in to temptation of the experience, so remains stoic. If anyone can move her quest forward rapidly without redress with regard to time, she will help them do so.


  1. The White Snake Sector 4

Hopean Varinen (NG Male wyrmling silver dragon druid 3), who usually casts the following spells: 0th: detect poison, guidance x 2, resistance; 1st: calm animals, speak with animals x 2; 2nd: animal trance x 2, appears to be a young man who has the uncanny ability to talk with animals and will help with all types of negotiations, from asking a rat to leave a cellar to convincing a war beast to ride into the fiercest of battles. Varinen doesn’t attempt to take work from Oday Pires (8) and vice versa; they operate in different ways and to achieve different aims. In fact, if one is too busy to help, there is a 50% chance the other is suggested.


No one knows he is a dragon, and Varinen isn’t experienced enough to know what exactly will happen if and when people do discover this fact (he can make an intelligent guess, however). Although his druidic leanings mean he has Neutral Good tendencies, Varinen is still lawful at heart and lives where he set up his first home in town. He rarely spends more than a few minutes each day in dragon form, except on the night of the first full moon after each equinox, when he spends up to six hours flying far above the snow-clad hills far to the north of Morsain.


If his ruse is discovered, Varinen experiences anger and a blood-thirsty mob. "Trouble is, dragons is trouble!" is a common Morsainian saying, and most of these creatures steer clear of the town except for dire emergencies. The Far Northern Council of Drakes is considering sending a heavily disguised envoy to the wedding and using the occasion to make an overture of peace. If this happens, Varinen will unexpectedly encounter an old green dragon that appears as a shaggy, moss-laden, extremely charismatic human druid/barbarian thanks to the effects of a polymorph any object spell. This creature is more LN than LE, but this still causes friction with Varinen. The green dragon stays for a maximum of 6 days before leaving, whether successful or not.


  1. The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean Sector 11 (usually)

Moondoe Kahvila (NG Female expert 3) runs a mobile oven that seems to appear wherever it is needed, selling hot drinks and satisfying toasted bread. If ever a fire is needed, the oven (a form of sustaining spoon that only provides small-but-filling toasted loves and hot drinks like coffee, cocoa, or chocolate) is able to provide one, with both straw to use as kindling (to start it) and coal (to sustain it) available to buy.


The oven also acts as a cape of the mountebank and allows Moondoe to travel quickly to where she will bring greatest comfort. This ability explains why Moondoe often unexpectedly appears exactly where she is most needed. Her knowledge of caravan timetables is prodigious and she is at the appropriate gate for the arrival of such merchant trains 95% of the time. She makes her sales, then magically heads back to her spot in the central market before the caravan can beat her there.


  1. Fisherwoman Onn and Smoker Kala Sector 8

Onn-Kim Miles (LN Male ranger 2) and Kala Miles (LN Female expert 3) are married fishmongers that locally source the fare they prepare and sell. While both the Mies fish extremely well, Onn-Kim does most of the catching and Kala completes the preparation and smoking, and handles sales. The shop also has a golden flounder that helps make decisions by swimming to pieces of food. It answers questions when a piece of food is dropped into each of two tubes and they fall to the bottom of its tank. Whichever it swims to and eats is the correct action to take, or at least the Miles’ customers think so!


There is even a rumor going around that the flounder grants wishes, so positively are its decisions received, although that same rumor states that it rescinds them if too extravagant. This is difficult to prove or deny, as everything appears random if closely looked at. However, if someone chooses to cast wish using the flounder as a focus (one isn't usually needed), the following happens:


  • Create a nonmagical item of up to 35,000 gp in value (usually 25,000 gp).
  • Grant a creature a +2 inherent bonus to an ability score. (Usually two wish spells are required to do this)
  • Remove injuries and afflictions from one creature per caster level PLUS a quarter of your caster level. (e.g., a 20th level caster can cure 25 creatures. Usually a single wish can aid one creature per caster level).
  • A wish can revive a dead creature whose body has been destroyed, using just one wish spell to duplicate a resurrection (Usually this task takes two wishes, one to recreate the body and another to infuse the body with life again.)
  • Alternatively, the wish can revive a dead creature whose body hasn't been destroyed and the character who is brought back to life does not lose an experience level.
  • Transport travelers. A wish can lift one creature per caster level PLUS a quarter of your caster level. (e.g., a 20th level caster can lift 25 creatures) from anywhere on any plane and place those creatures anywhere else on any plane regardless of local conditions. (Usually a single wish can lift one creature per caster level).
  • Undo misfortune. A wish can undo a single recent event. The wish forces a reroll of any roll made within the last two rounds (including your last two turns).


A caster that does this finds they can only use the flounder once, and that the minimum xp cost for doing so becomes 25,000, not 5,000. In addition, as the wish is cast, the Mileses, their flounder, and the shop wink out of existence, appearing on a random plane somewhere in the multiverse, perfectly suited to be there.


  1. The Valiant Tailor Sector 3

Tunkki Kaato (NG Male elf fighter 1/expert 4) operates a very specific armory, one that seems able to only make items that help defeat giants. Kaato used to be a giant hunter, roaming the lands to track down and eliminate all types of giantkind. He was once famous for it, but that was many hundreds of years ago. Eventually the giants became fed up with his interfering (and interring) ways, and hired a pair of wraith assassins to deal with him. This they did, leaving Kaato not only dead but cursed in undeath.


His body was discovered and recognized, and he was resurrected thanks to several grateful former clients, but found that no matter what, he couldn’t improve his skills in any way that allowed him to take on giants in a straight fight; he just failed to be able to gain enough experience and retain the lessons learned from other hunters to return to his previous profession. Whenever he came close to recalling how to face and beat the creatures, the information simply slipped his mind the next time he slept.


However, in his wanderings, he found an intelligent magic item, a sewing needle containing the soul of a wizard who had also fallen foul of giants and had vowed revenge. The main feature of the needle is its ability to craft magic armor. It does this with padded, leather and hide armor only, as they need a lot of stitchwork on them to be completed. Any armor made by Kaato behaves as if it is simply masterwork until a giant-type opponent is faced; then for 30 seconds it behaves as if it has a +2 bonus and is made of adamantine, before returning to its masterwork padded condition until the next sunrise.


  1. Zezolla’s Sector 10

Zezolla Valhe (LE Female wizard 5), who usually knows the following spells:  0th: light, mending, open/close, read magic; 1st: animate rope, feather fall, floating disc, magic aura; 2nd: continual flame, magic mouth, shatter; 3rd: keen edge, secret page, trades in animated and form-shifting objects. Zezolla also has a staff of artifice that allows her to influence various items (Aura strong transmutation, CL 11th, Price 40,219 gp, Weight 9 lbs.; This staff is usually made from five parts, equal lengths of wood, stone, metal, glass, and bone. It allows use of the following spells: 1 charge—animate rope, wood shape; 2 charges—stone shape; 3 charges—animate objects; Construction Requirements Craft Staff, the aforementioned spells). The staff currently has 15 charges, although Zezolla recharges it as required.


Deep within her, Zezolla has a single component from a zelekhut embedded into each of her heart, lungs, and stomach. This grants her spell resistance 20 to any spell with the chaotic descriptor. She doesn't know that they are there, although she does occasionally feel a slight discomfort if she is overactive and one or other of them moves ever-so-slightly. To date, she has put this down to (e.g.) cramp, indigestion, food poisoning, irregular eating; you name it, she thinks she's had it. What she doesn't realize is that these components will influence her choice of magic for the rest of her life, with transmutation and evocation spells making more than 90% of her spell list.


Zezolla feels drawn to Mother Hulda (24), but isn't a fan of her good tendencies. Mother Hulda isn't keen on Zezolla's rather selfish approach to life, and tries to keep clear of the wizard.


  1. The Riddle Sector 6

Ehka Varmaan (CN Female expert 3/bard 1), usually with the following spells ready: 0th: know direction, light, message, open/close, read magic, sells maps, clues, details of treasure troves and magical hordes, and hints of places filled with wonder. Ehka has a cursed pair of boots of springing and striding. Every week that the boots stay in Morsain, the enhancement bonus to speed drops by 2 feet and the competence bonus to Acrobatics is reduced by 1. At the end of a week, there is a cumulative 20% chance that the owner feels that “going for a stroll” is just the thing to do; at this point, the two bonuses return to their full level and stay there until the cycle is repeated.


The timespan of this “stroll” equals 1 day for each week since the last “stroll”, although up to 10 hours of rest and sleep each day is included. Ehka isn’t aware of the full nature of the boots, but as she is the exploring type, hasn’t questioned these feelings of wanderlust that she gets. Besides, her travels take her to interesting places that allow her to indulge in her love of maps and finds!


If someone other than Ehka wears the boots, he finds they are attuned to her and will take him of on a journey that would interest and best suit her. Eventually the boots understand their new owner and adjust the paths they follow. This process takes a complete lunar cycle. In the mean time, the new wearer is unsure where he will end up on any given walkabout.


  1. The Mouse and the Bird Sector 9

Pikku Kirous (NG Female expert 3/cleric 1; luck domain), usually with the following spells: 0th: guidance, purify food and drink, resistance; 1st: bless, shield of faith, sells unusual minor curses and other misfortunes. Kirous is as honest as the day is long and has everyone’s good intentions at her heart. She buys and sells only items that she thinks will aid adventurers and others in their quests to “do the right thing." Among her stock are scrolls and potions of up to 2nd-level cleric spells, 1st-level druid spells, and arcane magic that boosts attributes and good fortune, along with minor wondrous magic items up to a value of 1,500 gp that do a similar job. Everything sells for 110% of its value due to the high regard in which Kirous is held. She has recently set up a new shop due to a change in her circumstances.


Pikku is currently the unknowing victim of a malicious imp, Nolata Pahempi (LE Imp cleric 3). The vile creature has taken to poisoning potions with its own venom and has gained some divine magical ability of its own so that it can amend spells and scrolls (and the effect of other magic items) through a combination of its newly-trained unholy talents and innate suggestion ability.  Pahempi spends most of its time as a mouse-like rat, either visible or invisible, but sometimes in a bird-like version of its natural form.


The imp listens very closely to Pikku during the week; then on her holy day, as she is falling asleep, it uses commune to gain the answer to six questions she has asked herself, and feeds back a mix of hazy truth and lies. Thanks to the imp, Pikku's best business is from her new shop in a less reputable part of town, where ne’er-do-wells purchase her goods as gifts for their enemies, but also that her faith is constantly being internally questioned. If anyone saves her from Pahempi, she will consider herself extremely fortunate and dedicate her life to her luck deity.


  1. Mother Hulda Sector 4

Hulda Oikeus (LN ZelekhutB2 transformed into an old woman) grants rewards to those who work hard, and imperils those who are lazy. She lacks any will to fight these days, but all of her other talents and abilities are just as potent as when she first reached Aventyr. Mother Hulda—as she is known throughout Morsain—is a fair, wise, and knowledgeable old woman who offers advice and guidance over strong, sweet tea, and delicious pastries. For all her fair recommendations and usual good humor, she is not someone to cross. She will utter harsh words to those who don’t act respectfully; after these, loud-mouths often find themselves either completing some task or other to make amends if they stay in town, or deciding to head off to recover “something or other” for a charity, needy group, or impoverished organization (although quite why is often unclear).


However, if people are decent and honest, they will sometimes find “exactly what they need” to get going with an adventure, thanks mostly to Mother Hulda using clairaudience/clairvoyance to find out what will help that person. Hulda's time in Morsain has allowed good tendencies to grow.


Zezolla Valhe (21) feels drawn to Mother Hulda, but isn't a fan of her good tendencies. Mother Hulda isn't keen on Zezolla's rather selfish approach to life, and tries to keep clear of the wizard.


  1. Seven Ravens Sector 10

Tiikeri Muurari (LE Male sorcerer 6), Usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, light, message, open/close, read magic; 1st: comprehend languages, detect secret doors, detect undead, identify; 2nd: detect thoughts, locate object; 3rd: clairaudience/clairvoyance, has keys for every possible occasion: physical, metaphysical, or astrological. Muurari is an unusual character, a surprise package even for Morsain's population. He is rarely seen without his trademark red-and-gold trimmed hooded robes, fine leather gloves, and wire-framed glasses. He seems to be (and historically has been) all things to all people—a traveling merchant peddling inexpensive magical devices, a "villain" in the eyes of cruel and oppressive monarchs, a noble adviser to otherworldly creatures, and a sagacious guide to the planes for those about to travel. Muurari’s current role is that of a simple arcane diviner trying to locate lost possessions, people or paths for those in need.


Muurari has an elderly raven familiar, Korppi, that controls 6 mechanical birds called the Kello. These raven automatons are each able to tell exactly when a specific moment in time occurs, and croak knowingly at sunrise, dawn, midday, dusk, sunset, and midnight.


Muurari is incredibly charming (Charisma 22) and able to win most people over. However, this is the result of a closely guarded secret, something that no living creature other than Korppi knows; the sorcerer is descended from a powerful rakshasa, one of the 16 great-great-great grandparents on his father's side. Inwardly the legacy of this is a Lawful Evil outlook on life, a talent for sorcery (particularly detect thoughts, which he is able to cast at his caster level plus 2, so currently 8th level), and this incredibly charming persona. Outwardly, Muurari has hair on the palms of his hands and a smooth top surface. He doesn't quite have the "upside down" hands of a rakshasa, but someone very experienced with these Outsiders would wonder long and hard. He is currently the voice of Sector 10, and in regular contact with Trusty Sven (Establishment 6).


Besides his divination-focused casting ability, which he uses to make his pronouncements about the lives of others, Muurari's main tool is his astrolab, something that has been passed down from generation to generation. This astronomical device has two effects: 3 times a day it allows the owner to cast Divination spells at 4 levels above his current casting level, and once per day allows the owner to transfer up to five levels of his spells to a key for later casting, in the same way as a ring of spell storing.


  1. Little Red Riding Hood Sector 8

Puna Viitta (LN Female wizard 5), usually with the following spells: 0th: mending (x2), read magic, resistance; 1st: comprehend languages, disguise self, feather falling, grease; 2nd: eagle's splendor, invisibility, knock; 3rd: displacement, water breathing,is a purveyor of cloaks, capes, hats, and hoods. At any given time, Viitta has the following items in stock or is working on at least one of them as an order for someone (as the GM sees fit): cape of feather falling (as a ring of feather falling but requires both hands to function), cloak of displacement (minor), cloak of resistance +1, hat of disguise, mitre of comprehend languages and read magic, skullcap of persuasion. Her usual spells reflect what is required to make any of these wondrous items, as they tend to be her stock-in-trade items. She also makes non-magical versions of various cloaks, capes, and various types of material-based headgear that are always masterwork quality.


All of Puna Viitta's items have her signature sewn onto them somewhere in thick red thread; this has become part of the process to ensure her magic takes effect and guarantees the authenticity of her work. Viitta is from a far-away land that she never talks about. She carries a brand between her shoulder blades that can't be removed no matter what magic is used, although no one in Morsain has seen it. This marks her as seditious and untrustworthy in her own land. Only a Knowledge (geography ) DC 30 check reveals this.


Cape of Feather Falling

This cape is crafted with a feathery hem all around its bottom edge. It acts exactly like a feather fall spell, activated if the wearer grasps the bottom corners and falls more than 5 feet.

Faint transmutation; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item, feather fall; Price 2,200 gp.


  1. Town Musicians Sector 5

Aasi Rumpali (CN Male rooster bard 3; Perform +8 [drums, rally cries]), Hauva Tuuba (CN Male dog bard 3; Perform +8 [brass instruments, shaggy dog stories]), Kisu Kitara (CN Female cat bard 3; Perform +8 [poetry, stringed instruments]), and Kukko Laulaja (CN Female donkey bard 3; Perform +8 [dancing, singing]) are a quartet of cousins. All usually know the following spells: 0th: dancing lights, ghost sound, lullaby, message, resistance, summon instrument; 1st: disguise self, silent image, sleep.


The quartet (all Perform +8 for both skills) are all nieces and nephews. Once they were much more accomplished and played for prestigious members of Klavek society, but they fell foul of a mysterious undead patron of the arts that drained them of their experiences and cursed each to their animal forms after it took a dislike to their arrangement of one of its favorite songs.


To this day, they strive to save enough money to have the effects reversed, but as soon as they have some set-aside coin, it is lost or is used to help others. It doesn't help that the only time they are all in human form together is during the evening of the full moon. For the rest of the time, each dawn 1d4-1 appear in human form whilst the others stay as animals. This seemingly were-like state has driven them to the shadiest part of town.


  1. Singing Bone Sector 7

Luutua Soittaja (N Female bard 2/cleric 2/expert 1; Perform +7 [wind instruments]), usually with the following spells known: 0th: ghost sound, guidance, message, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance, virtue; 1st: detect undead, doom, obscuring mist, ventriloquism, specializes in odd instruments that occasionally seem to have minds of their own.


Soittaja is rather a loner, her love of all things skeletal leaving her slightly isolated from most of the residents of Morsain. not least because of the rib cage wind chimes outside her shop, and the skulls that "clack!" together as the door is opened to let her know of a customer. However, her ability to manipulate bones into instruments is legendary, and those rare people with a true love of the macabre come from miles around to buy her goods. This is because, as a result of the local materials she uses from the Haunted Forest, most of her instruments do have a life of their own and are able to judge the nature of the person using them. They then make a decision as to whether they support the user's actions, and respond accord to their own slant on life, in both helpful and hindering ways.


At any time, Luutua Soittaja has 1d3+1 of the following instruments available for sale. None of them are magical as such, but do seem to have lives, minds, and aims of their own. Each requires a minimum number of skill points (SP as listed) in order to successfully play it, and can produce a "good" or "bad" effect depending on its mood - they follow the will of a successful user 80% of the time if the Perform check is successful, and their own will 60% of the time if the user fails the Perform check.


Table XX-XX: The Singing Bone's Selection

InstrumentMain bone/sOther part/sPerform SPSpell-like effects (Good/Bad)
BagpipesHollow clavicle, humerus, radius, ulnaStomachWind (9)G - Remove Blindness/DeafnessB - Deafness (user)
DrumsHip, sacrum, coccyx, cranial, facial bony plates to be struckTibias to strike withPercussion (6)G - Death KnellB - Hold Person/3 rounds (user)
FluteHollow femurCarpals as keysWind (6)G - Owl's Wisdom/6 minutesB - Shatter (user's objects)
OrganIntermediate/proximal phalanges; metacarpals as keysSeveral scapula for keys to strikeKeyboard (6)G - Consecrate/6 roundsB - Desecrate/6 rounds
LyreFibulas, mandible to act as frameThin strips of lower intestineString (9)G - Remove curseB - Bestow curse (user)
Musical sawFlexible sections of a spine to flex as saw, wooden bowTwo strips of upper intestineString (6)G - Find Traps/6 roundsB - Shield Other/6 rounds
Pan pipesBoth pairs of floating ribs, hollowed outSinew to tie bones togetherWind (3)G - Hide from Undead/3 roundsB - Deathwatch (user glows)
Ruotiphone1st to 9th pairs of ribs,all hollowed out, to be struckPatellae on 10th ribs as strikersPercussion (9)G - Searing Light (6th level)B - Animate Dead (6th level)


  1. Devil with the Three Golden Hairs Sector 11

Piru Enkeli (LN Celestial bearded devil) is the master of undertaking unachievable tasks and answering unsolvable riddles. Enkeli is a devil on its way to the celestial planes. It has renounced evil, but not yet been able to shed itself of all of the influences of this alignment. It does have "celestial" elements to its nature, which currently have a dampening effect on any deeply evil urges, but knows it will take 1,001 years to finish this stage of its transformation. The most striking visible aspect of this change is Enkeli's hair, moustache, and beard, all of which are now colored a bright red-gold, hence the name of the shop.  As it has time on its hands, it undertakes any seemingly impossible process it is given, knowing it has more than sufficient opportunity to succeed. Treat Piru Enkeli as a bearded devil with the following amendments:

  1. Enkeli’s alignment straddles good and evil, making him Lawful Neutral.
  2. The effects of the infernal wound are not fully removed. However, such wounds do now heal naturally—healing any damage from Enkeli requires a DC 10 Heal check or DC 10 caster level check.
  3. Enkeli's beard no longer infects creatures with devil chills and can now remove disease 50% of the time (as a 5th level cleric).
  4. Enkeli's spell-like summoning ability is steadily transforming. At this stage, the table shows what can appear when he successfully summons creatures (it still functions a 3rd level spell) and what they can do.


Table XX-XX: Enkeli's Summoning

01-106 lemures2d10 lemuresAttack Enkeli and others within 30 feet in 1d3 rounds
11-303 small air elementals1d10 small air elementalsAnswer questions with a +6 skill modifier to each of three randomly selected Knowledge categories as well as the Air and Travel domains
31-503 small earth elementals1d10 small earth elementalsAnswer questions with a +6 skill modifier to each of three randomly selected Knowledge categories as well as the Earth and Plant domains
51-703 small fire elementals1d10 small fire elementalsAnswer questions with a +6 skill modifier to each of three randomly selected Knowledge categories as well as the Fire and Sun domains
71-903 small water elementals1d10 small water elementalsAnswer questions with a +6 skill modifier to each of three randomly selected Knowledge categories as well as the Water and Healing domains
91-006 celestial giant bees2d10 celestial giant beesAid Enkeli with any non-combat task for 2d12 rounds

Enkeli charges are just enough to cover the cost of better-than-average food, of the upkeep of the shop, and pay any taxes. It has little use for holding on to any more money, and gives much of it away to any needy temple. Enkeli will occasionally be found talking with good clerics in order to boost this aspect of its intended alignment.


  1. Louse and Flea Sector 9

Tai Hyönteinen (NE Male wizard 3/druid 1), who usually has the following spells known: 0th: create water, daze, detect poison (w), detect poison (d), guidance, message, read magic; 1st: charm person, detect animals or plants, goodberry, hypnotism, sleep; 2nd: alter self, detect thoughts, and Loppa Hyönteinen (NE Female druid 4/expert 1), who usually knows: 0th: guidance (x2), purify food and drink, read magic, resistance; 1st: detect animals or plants (x2), goodberry, speak with animals; 2nd: owl's wisdom (x2); lesser restoration;  are a couple who both suffered at the hands of fate and false promises, and as a result are determined to see others "experience" the same (despite often feeling remorse for their actions).


The pair sell love potions, and other elixirs to influence creatures to keep their promises. The shop always has a range of herbs, roots, potions, and elixirs or philtres that act as a form of curse (as bestow curse) by reducing either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. They also produce variations that enhance a person's Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma in order to impress the object of their attention (or affection). Here is a sample of what is on offer:


Table XX-XX: Positive and Negative Effects

ItemDurationEffect on othersCostEffect on selfCost
Herbs2 roundsInt, Wis or Cha reduced by 1100 gpInt, Wis or Cha increased by 150 gp
Roots4 roundsInt, Wis or Cha reduced by 2200 gpInt, Wis or Cha increased by 2100 gp
Potions8 roundsInt, Wis or Cha reduced by 4400 gpInt, Wis or Cha increased by 4200 gp
Elixir/Philter12 roundsInt, Wis or Cha reduced by 6800 gpInt, Wis or Cha increased by 6400 gp

Additionally, Tai and Loppa occasionally have two or three items for sale that do similar jobs to these herbs, roots and liquids, such as a cloak of charisma, circlet of persuasion, or eyes of charming. They have one cursed item, which they only hire out at the exorbitant rate of 1,000 gp as they always shut the shop for as many weeks as hours it was rented for. This is a cloak of mental powerlessness, which appears to be a cloak of charisma +6. The pair knows that the authorities would blame them for the results of this item being used as much as the user if a connection was ever made.


Cloak of Mental Powerlessness

A cloak of mental powerlessness appears to be a cloak of charisma +6. As soon as a character dons this garment, she takes a -10 penalty to Intelligence and Wisdom, forgetting spells and magic knowledge accordingly. The robe can be removed easily, but in order to restore the wearer's mind, the character must receive a remove curse spell followed by heal.


3.5E Moderate transmutation; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, permanency; Price 5,500 gp. PF Aura strong transmutation; CL 13th Slot body; Weight 1 lb CREATION Magic Items cloak of charisma +6


  1. Girl Without Hands Sector 4

Vailla Kasi (LG Female wizard 6), usually with the following spells known: 0th: mage hand (x4), open/close (x2); 1st: animate rope, erase (x2), mage hand (still), open/close (still); 2nd: alter self, cat's grace, fox's cunning, knock, levitate; 3rd: fly, haste (x2), keen edge, sells written items, including transmutation scrolls.


Vailla was born without hands and no amount of magic has been able to regenerate them. However, she discovered she was a talented transmuter and has honed her magical skills to ensure she has the means to write as required. The mage produces high-quality scrolls that cover her extensive knowledge of transmutation magic. Even with her condition, she is constantly cheerful about her others abilities, and is a source of joy and encouragement to many others, especially young women who desire a positive mentor.


  1. Clever Hans Sector 6

Hans Kovaonninen (CN Male ranger 3) undertakes tasks brought to his attention, though rarely without accidentally mishandling them. Kovaonninen is a jovial chap who readily joins great adventures with a focus on helping other people. However, Hans has a gift for accidentally disrupting plans, making them take longer than expected or costing more than was intended. This is because he has a trio of capricious cursed relics, gifted down through his family over many generations. The Kovaonninens firmly believe that the fact their family has slowly been eased from the center of Klavek society in Mohkba to the frontier town of Morsain is only due to circumstance and nothing to do with the gauntlets of fumbling, medallion of thought projection, and stone of weight that those destined to lead the family find in their possession on reaching adulthood.


The three artifacts are a genuine trio, sentiently linked together from the moment of manufacture by a half-fiendish mage long ago, and aren't “all bad” all the time. On any given day, one of them will work exactly as what it appears to be - the gauntlets as gloves of dexterity +2, the medallion as a medallion of thoughts, and the stone as a stone of good luck - while the other two act as their cursed versions. The items "discuss" this just before the owner wakes up, and there is an equal chance of which one is the "good artifact" and which are the "bad".


In addition, the three have the ability to use locate object or creature one per day, but there is only a 5% cumulative chance per hour after the owner wakes and is actively engaged in a task that this takes place. If the owner goes back to sleep before the ability is used, the cumulative chance resets back to 0% the next time he is awake.


  1. Three Linguists Sector 7

Kieli Puhuja (N expert 4), Språk Puhuja (N expert 4), and Zabaan Puhuja (N expert 4) are Morsain’s resident translators. They are all fluent in Common and Dwarven; otherwise, between these brothers there isn’t likely any language the PCs may encounter that the trio doesn’t know to some extent. Zabaan's Druidic is very basic. He is considering taking specific training to learn more quickly. He'll happily pay a PC to teach him.


Table XX-XX: Languages Spoken by the Three Linguists

TranslatorLanguages (Linguistics +10/Speak Language +10)
KieliCommon, Dwarven, Elven (fluent), Gnome (fluent), Halfling (intermediate), Sylvan (intermediate), Auran (intermediate), Draconic (emerging), Giant (emerging), Celestial (early)
SprĂĄkCommon, Dwarven, Halfling (fluent), Orc (fluent), Undercommon (intermediate), Elven (intermediate), Goblin (intermediate), Ignan (emerging), Gnoll (emerging), Infernal (early)
ZabaanCommon, Dwarven, Aventyr Sign Language (ASL) (fluent), Sylvan (fluent), Orc (intermediate), Gnome (intermediate), Terran (intermediate), Aquan (emerging), Abyssal (emerging), Druidic (receptive)

SIDEBAR 1-A Way with Words

D&D/PF rules on languages are incredibly binary: you either know a language or you don't. Of course, this is done for ease of gameplay, but it takes away the mistakes and misunderstandings that can occur with any recently-learned, rarely-used, or just plain uncommon language, and isn't all that realistic. There are no suggested rules to say that Kieli is only in his second semester of Halfling, whereas SprĂĄk has already completed the full course - so here are our thoughts.


Learning a language has several recognized stages as follows: receptive, early, emerging, intermediate, and fluent. In the real world, receptive suggests you know up to 250 words, early up to 252-1,000 words, emerging between 1,001-3,000 words, intermediate something like 3,001-6,000 words, and finally fluent which is 6,000+ words. To translate this into gameplay, consider receptive being equivalent to: asking where a shop or bar is, and buying bread or a beer when you get there; early allows you to make yourself understood in a conversation, but you'll almost certainly sound like a child; emerging will allow you to get by on a day-to-day basis, hold down a job, read posters and fliers, join in with a bard, and answer Knowledge question of DC 10 or less; intermediate will let you talk about all Crafts and Professions, even including some of the more specialist task-specific terms and nuances, and Knowledge aspects that are DC 20 or less; while fluent will allow you to cover any Knowledge query, to deliver a divine sermon, understand (if not cast) the contents of arcane and divine spells, and get to grips with (e.g.) legal aspects of communities using that language.


The following table can be used as a guide to indicate the bonus or penalty to the Use Language check:


Table XX-XX: Levels of Linguistic Ability

Bonus or PenaltyLevel of Language Required in a Book, Document, or Conversation, etc.
User's LevelReceptive+0-5-10-15-20

Naturally, you can ignore all of this. Just state that, "Not all three translators are consistently available; the table of languages lists their level of understanding from greatest fluency to least," and leave it at that, especially if your players: aren't keen on moving away from the definitive rules; don't like "fluff" interfering with "crunch"; don't enjoy stretching ideas in unusual directions.



SIDEBAR 2-Give Me a Sign!

In our real world, sign languages spring up everywhere, and develop just as the spoken word does. American Sign Language (ASL) is part of the Langue des Signes Française. British Sign Language takes in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand amongst others. But there are pretty much as many sign languages as there are spoken ones - for example, Europe has over 30 documented sign languages, but 23 spoken ones.


In the game, the Drow seem to have the monopoly on sign language, although historically there might have been a nod towards it in Thieves' Cant, or other class-specific languages. But here we are suggesting that there is an Aventyr-wide version of sign language (ASL) and that those folks without the ability to speak may well have adopted and become fluent in it.



  1. Clever Elsie Sector 3

Elsie Halpa Hilpea (NG Female commoner 2/expert 2) is a proprietor of budget items, though they are of surprisingly good quality. Elsie started her working life taking in washing and quickly established a reputation of how to get the best from "old and tired" clothing, as well as knowing the value of cheap-and-cheerful items. This spread quickly to other goods, and she soon found herself acting as a pawnbroker for the poorer citizens of Morsain.


However, any items left "unaccounted for" - unpaid for (the account falls into arrears) or not claimed (no one confirms ownership via, e.g., an account of how it fell into their hands) - becomes Elsie's property to sell as best she can to cover her costs. This takes place every last day of the week, and there is always a crowd. If Elsie has a large number of unrelated items, she will set a stall up in Sector 11.


  1. Tailor in Heaven Sector 10

Nopsa Oikeus (LE Male monk 6) offers severe retribution for those who are caught constantly cheating, lying, and thieving. This somewhat self-centered monk has taken it upon himself to right wrongs, both actual and sometimes less clear. He lives a very simple life but expects a high payment for his services, which are then largely gifted to local lawful societies and institutions. He is very good at what he does: bringing to justice those who prey on the less able—his methods are neither pretty nor for the faint-hearted, and close-to-death bodies found dangling from the court building are almost certainly his work, although this has never been proved.


Oikeus has managed to "punch above his weight" for some time thanks to a monk's belt and a pair of thin, cord wrist bindings that act as bracers of armor +3. Both are evilly-aligned, infused with their maker's blood and sweat.


As an additional plot line, Rampion (12) can be the person that equips Oikeus. The pair have an agreement with regard to dealing with the less-than-lawful inhabitants of Morsain and the surrounding area.


  1. Wishing Table, Gold Ass, Cudgel in a Sack Sector 8

Hauta Hiipia (LN Female rogue 6) runs a shop full of cursed gifts (with a few that can help the right person). Hiipia has a background in archaeology—grave-robbing and looting tombs via permit, some say. She is very good at it, and at just 18 years old has made rapid progress as a rogue. Her legal shop sells these unusual and esoteric gifts, all of which have some kind of minor, hidden curse. She doesn't try to hide the strange nature of her stock, but does play heavily on either the buyer's curiosity or vanity, emphasising the rarity of each gift, its strange and exotic background, and the esteem the purchaser will be held in when the item is given as a gift or displayed within a home. Almost all of Hiipia's stock ends up with traveling merchants and visitors, rather than locals.


The name of the shop refers back to the first three items Hiipia recovered from a fey tomb, none of which has sold - perhaps it is the sentimentalist in her, although Hauta just says the right person hasn't come along. As she often says, "Perhaps it's you," but to date it never has been the person she is talking with.


The Wishing Table: Once per month the "true" owner can use the table to cast limited wish. 50% of the time the spell works as it is meant to, and 50% of the time the effect is the exact opposite to what was asked for. However, it hasn't worked for any creature in over 150 years.


The Gold Ass: This iron pyrite mule is about 4 inches tall. Once per day, if the command word "Aazi" is spoken, the owner finds that for 10 rounds they either gain a +2 competence modifier to attacks and skill checks that require Strength (50%) or a -2 competence modifier to skill checks that use Wisdom (50%).


The Cudgel in a Sack: This is a bag of sand about 3 inches in circumference and 10 inches long. It acts as a standard sap most of the time. However, 3 times per day when the word "Nuijia" is shouted before the cudgel is used, it either acts as a +2 warhammer (50%) or automatically misses and sends a shower of sand into the wielder's face, inflicting a -2 circumstance modifier to their next attack (50%).


Gifts that are currently available include:


The Paper-Cutter - a large sheet of thin paper, two feet square, that has been folded in half six times, originally leaving 64 squares. Each square has the perforated shape of a shuriken on it. Once per round, when the paper is folded, the topmost shuriken can be removed from its square, which then disappears. The shuriken can be thrown, and if it hits its target it causes 2 hit points of damage. However, there is a 33.3% chance that it will cause 1 hit point of damage to the person attempting to use it instead, as he cuts himself when he removes it from the sheet. This renders the shuriken unthrowable. Whether successfully thrown or "mishandled", the removed shuriken disappears after 1 round. There are 43 squares left on the paper-cutter sheet.


The Mighty Pen - this writing instrument allows the user to draw an arrow in the air. This then flies towards its target as if fired by the person who drew it, causing 1d4 of damage on a successful strike. However, 40% of the time it arcs back towards the artist at their own attack roll, causing 1d2 damage if it successfully hits. There appears to be enough ink left for a dozen arrows, and Hiipia has never found a source of replacement ink to refill the barrel.


The Flat Note - A single note pipe, with a frayed reed that defies all attempts to replace it. When used (a Perform (wind instrument) DC 12 or Use Magic Device DC 15 check), a clear note sounds. 50% of the time this produces the same effect as remove fear (CL 5) on all allies within 30 feet; 50% of the time the note is totally flat, and cause a hideous laughter (CL 5, DC 14) effect on everyone within range.


The Thinking Statue - This small bronze statue is of a dwarf studying a mysterious, oddly- shaped "something" (it isn't anything in particular) while scratching his head with a quizzical look on his face. There is a word or name engraved on the base: "Harvinaisuus". If the curious item the dwarf is holding is pressed - Hiipia knows how this happens, but won't do it herself - the dwarf exclaims, "Ah, it's a rare thing!"


Once per week, if a person holds a mystery object that they want identified and presses the object held by the dwarf, the statue does one of two things. 50% of the time it acts as an identify spell and the dwarf will describe exactly what the item is and how it works. However, the other 50% of the time it will give an entirely incorrect description to such a degree that when the item is used, it will fall to pieces, utterly useless and unrepairable short of a wish or miracle spell.


The Aberrant Deck - this small deck of 21 cards is made up of pictures of various nagas, 4 each of the dark, guardian, lunar, spirit and water types, and one of a necrophidius. The 4 cards with each type of naga on have one each of 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the creatures on them, while the necrophidius has just 1 image on it. If the cards are shuffled, held or placed face down, and then one card is picked randomly. The person drawing the card is influenced by the link between whatever is drawn and the most influential component of their alignment. The number of images on the card affects the PC's next attack, saving throw or skill check as a luck modifier as follows:


Table XX-XX: Effects of the Aberrant Deck

NagaIf LawfulIf ChaoticIf GoodIf EvilIf Neutral
Dark + 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1, 2, 3, or 4+ 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)
Guardian+ 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1, 2, 3, or 4+ 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)
Lunar- 1, 2, 3, or 4+ 1, 2, 3, or 4+ 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)
Spirit- 1, 2, 3, or 4+ 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1, 2, 3, or 4+ 1, 2, 3, or 4- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)
Water- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)- 1 (1,2) or 2 (3,4)+ 1, 2, 3, or 4

If the necrophidius is drawn, the drawer gets a +1 luck bonus to her next attack, saving throw, or skill check, while all her allies within 30 feet get a -1 modifier to theirs. Only one card can be drawn per 24-hour period. Drawing a second card immediately inflicts a -5 luck bonus.


The Mask Arrayed - For 5 rounds per day during melee, this close-fitting, plain, cloth mask acts as a hat of disguise in one of two distinct ways. 50% of the time it turns the wearer into the image of the person his opponent most fears, imposing a -2 morale modifier to all attacks and saving throws made by the opponent, while the other 50% of the time the wearer looks like the person his adversary most hates, granting a +2 morale modifier to his opponent. Whether the modifier is +2 or -2 is checked every round. The 5 rounds can be split over the course of a day.


The Kinglook Glass - This is a simple mirror until the word "Kuva" is spoken prior to looking into it. Then the viewers see themselves as the last king of the local realm. If this image is viewed for 3 rounds, there is a further effect: 50% of the time the person gains an air of regal serenity, granting a +2 competence to Wisdom and Charisma, while the other 50% the viewer takes on an air of overbearing menace, giving a -2 competence modifier to Intelligence and Charisma. The mirror can be used twice per day by the owner, and the effects last 2d4 rounds with each use.


  1. Thumbling’s Threads Sector 2

Pieni Asu (CG Female gnome expert 4) is an accomplished seamstress and skilled tailor (Craft [clothing] +10, Profession [tailor] +10) and can readily make masterwork and high-quality "town and country" clothing for small and smaller creatures. She is small, even for a gnome, hence the name of her shop.


Pieni also owns Thumbling's Travels (45) and keeps a range of her homemade travelwear there. These masterwork items keep the wearer fresh and comfortable in appropriate weather to such an extent that if the wearer becomes fatigued, she is able to continue for an additional hour before the condition takes effect.


  1. Mr. Fox's Wedding Services Sector 5

Haulikko Vihkisormus (CE Male bard 2/rogue 2/sorcerer 1), usually with the following spells known: 0th: daze (B), daze x3 (S), lullaby x2 (B), touch of fatigue x2 (S); 1st: charm person x2 (S), hypnotism (B), hypnotism x2 (S), performs services for relatives and potential spouses of reluctant brides and grooms. Despite being ridiculously charming, he is a despicable character who "encourages" fiancés and fiancées into their forthcoming marriage.


Vihkisormus began his career as a straightforward rogue, attending weddings disguised as a distant relative who happened to be in town. He quickly realised that some bardic skill gave him a way to metaphorically charm those running these weddings, as well as a way to fool any guards. As he flexed his arcane powers he found he had a hidden natural talent, and his sorcerous skills developed ways to literally charm people. Then he returned to his roots, gaining further rogue talents.


Vihkisormus is more than capable of using magical, bardic and less savoury roguish abilities to get a bride or groom to the church on time. Frequently these nervous-to-unwilling betrothed find themselves victims of "Mr. Fox's Services" on the night before the big day as they spend their final evening as a singleton with carousing friends. The ribald bard who sings and jokes part of the night away makes concerns seem less important. But how this leads to a person regaining their full faculties the next day, just as they arrive at the wedding ceremony is anyone's guess! As a plot hook, if Lumi falls in love with a party member, Lord Valta will use shady channels to discretely hire Vihkisormus to get the official wedding back on track.


  1. Elves and the Shoemaker Sector 11

Noiduttu Jalkine (LN Male wizard 5), usually with the following spells known: 0th: light, mending x2, read magic; 1st: comprehend languages, disguise self, identify, silent image; 2nd: alter self, locate object, minor image; 3rd: major image, tongues, is a traveling salesman who has an infrequent but regular stall in the central market, selling shoes from the lands of non-human humanoids. Jalkine usually appears in Morsain on the longest and shortest days, although he also turns up when there is a major event and therefore more potential buyers.


Jalkine is always accompanied by two elves, Oikea and Vasen Askel (LN Male warrior 5); one protects Jalkine's stock at all times, although the mage doesn't carry a lot around with him. He tends to "model" what he has available by use of spells such as disguise self or alter self, then send one of the elves to go and fetch an available item from a hidden spot in the Haunted Forest. On any given visit to Morsain, Jalkine has a chance of stocking the following:


Table XX-XX: Shoes on Sale

CL%Possible stock and gp cost
185Boots of the catUE, 1,100; burglar bootsUE, minor, 4,400
270Boots of the enduring marchUE, 1,650
355Daredevil bootsUE, 1,400; featherstep slippersUE, 2,200; acrobat slippersUE, 3,300; boots of springing and striding, 6,050; haunted shoesUE, 7,130; jaunt bootsUE, 7,920
440Sandals of quick reactionUE, 4,400; slippers of spider climbing, 5,280
525Boots of friendly terrainUE, 2,620; boots of the winterlands, 2,750; boots of elvenkind, 2,750; boots of the mireUE, 3,850
610Sandals of the lightest stepUE, 5,500

Each time an item rolls as being in stock at a caster level, the percentage chance of another item of the same level being available drops by 5. This happens cumulatively for each item. If you are playing the 3.5E version of the adventure, just choose the item you would like to include.


  1. The Bridegroom Robber Sector 9

Enne Vaarallinen (NE Male rogue 4) deals in stolen goods and other ill-gotten gains after being caught by the evidence of his crimes in the past (the ring finger and ring from a victim). Vaarallinen used to make his living by robbing the guests at weddings who became so drunk they didn't know it was happening. He was particularly adept at stealing from grooms, many of whom only realized their marriage finery had disappeared some days after the event. Vaarallinen especially prided himself on being able to pilfer the groom's ring; few would admit they had lost it to their bride for some time after the event, fearing the argument that would occur so quickly following the joyful day.


But Vaarallinen overstretched himself, and became covetous of a specific merchant's ring. He missed his chance to take it at the wedding itself, but foolishly refused to move on, his obsession clouding his judgement. Eventually he confronted the merchant late one night, violently mugging him rather than employing his usually stealthy and barely-noticed methods. The robbery went wrong: Vaarallinen severed the merchant's finger, ring and all, and fled. The man survived, and paid a small fortune to have his digit, the ring, and Vaarallinen tracked down. The rogue was captured, the other items retrieved, and the merchant exercised his right to take all Vaarallinen owned in preference to seeing him hanged. After serving his time, Vaarallinen returned to the shady depths of Morsain as a fence; his own thieving ways were curtailed after the ring finger from both his hands were removed as the final part of his punishment.


If the PCs find themselves in possession of stolen goods or don't know how to rid themselves of something they feel is too hot to handle, Vaarallinen is the man to see. However, he rarely pays more than 20% of a pilfered item's value, correctly pointing out that his deal is the best they will get. If he is selling something shady, the price is at least 150% the usual cost, with an additional 10% added for each step away from Neutral Evil the buyer is around the alignment wheel, meaning someone who is Neutral Good will pay 200%.


  1. Herr Maton Sector 6

Ennusta Maton (CN Male commoner 3/expert 1; Profession [merchant] +11) is a proprietor of unpredictable items—millstones, eggs, pins and needles, ducks, cats, hens and a cockerel—that change often. He is an intriguing man; his whims are driven by the phases of the moon, and he swears that during its waxing phase it gives him great clarity of vision. Indeed, on the night of the full moon he decides what his stock will be for the next 28 days, a decision that reflects whatever dream he has had that night.


To an outsider, these decisions appear to be entirely random, and even Maton himself can't explain some of them. However, this process does account for why his store will be full of unpredictable items, such as those suggested above. Some choices make him money, which he pours into the next month's stock; some leave him with barely enough to live on, in which case his shelves are quite empty the next month. But he always ends up at least back where he started once a whole year has passed, along with 1gp profit.


As GM, fill Ennusta Maton's shop with whatever takes your fancy (it may help the PCs, it may not). Perhaps the full moon occurs while the party is in town, so the stock changes—make the difference between items as unexpected as you like!


  1. Herr Gevatter Sector 3

Hassu Gevatter (NG Male cleric 5; healing domain), usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect poison, purify food and drink, read magic, resistance (x2); 1st: bless water (x2), comprehend languages, cure light wounds, deathwatch; 2nd: cure moderate wounds, delay poison; lesser restoration (x2); 3rd: cure serious wounds, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease, sells curing waters and items such as berries that produce healing juices. The healer knows a secret, but cannot tell anyone about it as it would place him in a great deal of trouble with the authorities as well as the perpetrator. When he lived in Mohkba he had his own pest control business and made a good living ensuring the homes and shops around the arcane quarter were vermin-free. However, one night he was disturbed by two rogues rummaging through the tools of his trade; they fled when he came down the stairs from his rooms to the store, only having taken some rat poison when Gevatter checked his stock.


However, not too long afterwards, the demise of the King's sixth child was announced. The child had died of "thin blood" caused by...rat poison. Gevatter was mortified, wondering if the break-in and resulting theft had had anything to do with the death. Even if it hadn't Gevatter vowed to change his path, become a cleric, and devote his time to curing ills rather than causing them. After making this decision, he decided to visit the Merchant Godfather of his district, so as to tell him of his plans to devote his time and skill to producing healing potions and similar substances. However, when he arrived at the Godfather's house - a tall, twisting, narrow building he knew well but now found was shadowy and oppressive, he noticed that everything there was in disarray. As he made his way up the stairs to the Godfather's office he saw that on the first landing, a dustpan and brush quarrelled with each other as they attempted to clear away muddy footprints. On the second landing, many severed fingers drummed impatiently, a cracked crystal glass rolling away from them. On the third landing was a stack of bowls that clattered loudly and threw morsels of half-eaten food speckled with mold about the place. On the fourth landing were 13 fish that were cooking themselves, twisting and blistering as some internal steam boiled them. Despite all this, Gevatter carried on to the fifth landing, which was where the Godfather's room was situated.


As Gevatter reached to door, something compelled him to look through the keyhole. When he did so, he saw the Godfather wearing very long horns. He opened the door, and as soon as he did so, the Godfather retreated to bed and covered himself with a blanket. Gevatter questioned the Godfather about the odd occurrences in the house, to which the Godfather brushed off most of them, counter-claiming that Gevatter was seeing things. Gevatter brought up the self-cooking fish, however, and they flipped on the Godfather's bed until they expired. Finally, Gevatter explained that he had seen the Godfather with long horns. At this, the Godfather bellowed at Gevatter that he should “mind carefully what his eyes seemingly tell him.” The man seemed to suddenly loom over Gevatter, who saw that the horns weren't headwear but were part of the Godfather's own body - he was a demon! Frightened by both the bellowing and the sight, Gevatter bolted from the room. On the way out, as he passed a dresser, he saw the bottle of rat poison that had been stolen from his shop, along with a crude but serviceable drawing of the deceased child. Gevatter fled from the house, vowing to leave Mohkba for the furthest town he could find, and set up a place of healing for all to use to restore their health, both physical and mental. Since then, Gevatter has lived "on the run," and although nothing has come of his run-in with the Godfather, he feels that it is only a matter of time, of "when not if", and the party may be able to help him should the Godfather’s agents arrive in Morsain.


Hassu now sells potions and scrolls that reflect his healing nature; he only produces items that heal and restore (at standard price, or as circumstances allow if people are genuinely hard up) or protect from harm (at 125% the standard price). GMs are encouraged to include whatever other wares they deem appropriate.


  1. Frau Trude Sector 10

Taikoa Trude (LE Female erinyesB1 cursed to live as a human in Morsain) operates a business that hires out humanoids to do specific tasks for those that don't want to do them. Among her employees are the Green Huntsman, the Red Butcher, the White Astrologer, the Blue Fisherwoman, and the Black Collier. Frau Trude is unkindly viewed as a "witch devil" as she is old and haggard—this is more accurate than Morsainians know; she is a cursed erinyes confined to Morsain in her less-than-attractive form for the foreseeable future.


Trude wears her dirty gray hair in a bun on the top of her head. She is never without her two knitting needles, one a burnished red-gold, the other made of onyx, used to hold her hair in place. One is a wand of order's wrath and the other a wand of unholy blight, both attuned for use by devils alone. These items are much sought after, but Taikoa manages to fend off a never-ending stream of jealous outsiders, would-be rogues and robbery-motivated ne'er-do-wells, and is able to use them even today. Each has 45 charges.


The most interesting aspect of the shop (other than Taikoa Trude herself) is the team she has assembled to do the kind of tasks most folks would choose to ignore. Each character looks vaguely like a PC when the party first enters the shop, but this is fleeting and soon considered imaginary.  This happens because the quintet each has a hat of disguise, something that successfully hides the fact that these "humanoids" are actually permanently polymorphed very young dragons, one green, one red, one white, one blue, and one black. The blue and the red are female, the green, white and black are male. Their names describe the types of tasks each is best equipped to undertake, although they help each other out if they can. Whether the names are literal or metaphorical is your choice.


  1. The Candle Shop Sector 8

Elinika Kynttila (LN Female cleric 2/wizard 2), usually with the following spells known: 0th: disrupt undead, guidance, mage hand, mending x2 (c), mending (w), read magic, resistance; 1st: deathwatch, detect undead (c), detect undead (w), expeditious retreat, hide from undead, magic missile, sanctuary (c,d), sells candles, some of which can be a representation of the remaining life of the person buying it. Her huge variety of tapers belies her relatively small shop, and if she doesn't have one in stock, she will make it, a process that takes one day per 38 inches in volume (roughly 12 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter), plus one day for her personal touch to any candle if asked for, with a minimum requirement of one day. Her goods are masterwork quality and can readily be used for magical items.


Her strangest goods are those that contain the blood of the purchaser—life candles. These are very rarely made, as the cost is 100 gp per year of life remaining and can become very expensive when this total is established. She is a little uneasy about this result, not believing it is much to do with her, and charges the high sum to put people off asking her to make them. However some people do want one despite this, and the resulting candle is always plain beeswax, 4 inches high and 4 inches in diameter, and weighs a little over 50 ounces (10 cm. by 10 cm., 1425g). Each one takes 3 days to make and Elinika can't work on anything else during this time. When the candle is burned continuously for one lunar cycle and then weighed to see how much wax has melted away, it tells the owner how much time they have left to live.  For most people, the change is barely visible, but this can be an alarming process—for example, if half the candle burns away over the course of the cycle, it means the buyer only has one lunar cycle left to live, while a third of the candle burning indicates the customer has two lunar cycles left.


Of course, Elinika isn't solely responsible for these candles' manufacture, although they do require her to cast deathwatch, hide from undead, and sanctuary on them as she makes them. Although not yet the same alignment, her adherence to the Death and Protection domains has her marked for future greatness by a powerful Grim Reaper. Her workshop is watched over by this creature, who summons the relevant minor reaper attached to the person commissioning a life candle to infuse it with some of the reaper's essence. This is what reveals the time let for the purchaser rather than anything Elinika does. The buyer's blood acts as the glue for the minor reaper's contribution and the cleric's spells.


  1. Thumbling’s Travels Sector 2

Pieni Asu (CG Female gnome expert 4) is an accomplished seamstress and skilled tailor (Craft [clothing] +10, Profession [tailor] +10) and can readily make masterwork and high-quality travel clothing and items such as bags and haversacks for small and smaller creatures. She is small even for a gnome, hence the name of her shop.


Pieni's masterwork clothing keep the wearer fresh and comfortable in appropriate weather to such an extent that if the wearer becomes fatigued, she is able to continue for an additional hour before the condition takes effect. Pieni also owns Thumbling's Threads (37).


  1. Fitcher’s Sector 9

Vainaja “Fitcher” Lintu (NE Male necromancer 7), usually with the following spells known: 0th: disrupt undead x2, mending, resistance, touch of fatigue; 1st: cause fear, chill touch, protection from evil, protection from good, ray of enfeeblement x2; 2nd: command undead, ghoul touch, false life, scare, spectral hand; 3rd: gentle repose, halt undead, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch; 4th: animate dead, enervation, fear, is a practitioner of the undead arts, an avian taxidermist, and one of the most intelligent, successful, and evil people in Morsain. He disguises this last point under a veneer of charm and sophistication. Outwardly he helps deal with the messy matter of unwanted undead, and is regularly called upon for advice and guidance on them, as well as to manage any persistently wandering types. For this he is roundly praised, if avoided by less robust types. What lessens this sense of horror at his abilities is that in addition, he is a taxidermist of no small skill, with birds being his favored subject, hence the working name of "Fitcher". This is something that even the most genteel of Morsainians can celebrate, and his work commands a high price that allows him to mask his undead-related activities with decorations, herbs, and spices.


Inwardly, however, Lintu is a psychopathic serial killer. In a small set of cells beneath the cluttered storage room below his basement are the stuffed and mounted remains of his true passion; the construction of "perfect" humanoids, one male and one female, which have the most exotic feathers painstakingly sewn over their entire bodies. The corpses are set in a tableau depicting them as aerial "lovers" and an animate dead spell brings the scene to "unlife".


Lintu gathers subjects for these works on the night before the new moon closest to the shortest day of the year, a time of complete darkness. He collects just one body per annum, and only if there is a traveler available who won't be missed. However, if the ideal specimen appears at another time, he acts to take his harvest earlier than usual. He currently has four tableaux set up.


  1. The Juniper Tree Sector 7

Vapaa Mieli (N Male half-elf druid 5), usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, guidance x2, know direction, read magic; 1st: calm animals, detect animals and plants, speak with animals x2; 2nd: animal messenger, hold animal, owl's wisdom; 3rd speak with plants x2, has a unique occupation. He is able to see how to resolve injustices when transformed into a bird. Vapaa Mieli is a well-disguised half-elf druid who easily passes for human in intolerant Morsain but why he stays is his own business; if asked, he talks quietly about a dream of following a plain bird that became a soaring eagle and then flaming phoenix as it flew from his homeland towards this northern outpost. He settled where the phoenix was reborn, taking it as a sign that he too must experience rebirth in a strange land.


His druidic talents are a result of spending a lot of time out of town in order to avoid any trouble with the locals. One day, out of the blue, he decided he wanted to speak with a blackbird, and found he could do just that after murmuring a few quiet words. The bird greeted him with a deep bow and a beautiful song, then said, "I know you! I don't know how, but I'm sure I do. You are the one we are meant to talk with and tell you what we know. And we know a lot!" With that, the blackbird described all that had happened over the last hour between two arguing humans. It was gossip mostly, the details going back and forth, and Mieli soon lost track. Then the link was broken and the blackbird, Mustarasta, flew off with what sounded like a siren call but was actually a "See you later!" exclamation.


Mieli was hooked. After finding the human who had been lied to by the other arguing person and explaining what had happened, he resolved to correct injustices wherever the birds saw them. When his druidic skills allowed him to become a bird, the trust placed in him by the avians living in and around Morsain grew and grew, so that they now consider him their spokesperson within the town, a role he fulfils quite happily.


  1. Old Sultan Sector 4

The shop of Vanhus Koira (LG Male sorcerer 3/expert 1; permanently shapechanged blink dog), usually with the following spells known: acid splash, dancing lights, flare x2, light, ray of frost; 1st: mage armor x2, obscuring mist x2, unseen servant x2, provides for all kinds of dogs and even cats on the odd occasion. He appears to be a slight, shaggy haired, elderly human who has remarkable skill at training, socializing, and supporting dogs (and surprisingly, cats). Koira supplies these creatures to residents of the town on the understanding that the moment they mistreat them, the animals have permission to return to him and explain what has taken place.


The fact that he is a blink dog would go almost all the way to explaining his abilities, but he kept his true identity hidden once he experienced the way some Morsainians treat anything other than humans, half-orcs, and prized horses. His condition, which came about after tinkering with what turned out to be powerful fey magic, has so far proved resistant to remove curse spells and similar, and Koira hasn't been able to afford anything more potent in his attempts to revert back to his blink dog form.


Koira has found he has some sorcerous talent, and is becoming a genuine expert on the meaning of dog- and cat-related omens, as well as upon tactical matters involving interactions with neighboring races and creatures. As such, he is a constant source of information as discovered by the town's canines and felines.


  1. The Six Swans Sector 5

Kyhmy Joutsen (CG Swan maidenB4) runs an inn where she makes ale that supposedly transforms the drinker into various animals (at least those that drink it say it does). Kyhmy was once a true champion of what is now the Haunted Forest, doing all she could to protect the wilderness from damage. One morning she came across a small team of loggers from Morsain that had cut down a prize tree. It was just before dawn, and the group was still asleep, not least as a result of the alcohol that had been consumed the evening before. Joutsen became angry at the lack of care the team had taken, and called other nearby fey to exact retribution. While she waited, she dipped her finger into one of the loggers' ale mugs and tasted it, intending to dismiss the foul liquid and use her disgust to fuel her anger further.


However, something strange happened. The contents tasted much better than she expected, a combination of honey, hops, and glacial water. How could this be? Humans brewing something she had only previously experienced at fey gatherings on mid-summer's evenings? She took a sip, then a mouthful, and suddenly she felt flushed with a desire to find the person who'd made this...this...nectar! Before the other fey arrived, she woke one of the humans and demanded to know the brewer's name. All she got was where it had been bought; not what she wanted to know, but enough to go on. She fled, leaving the humans to their fates (not pleasant, as they thought the humans had killed Kyhmy) and crept into town. Here, she steadily worked until she could afford brewing equipment of her own and began to make a copy of the beer.


Her version was exceptional, eventually gaining her enough money and fame to buy her ow inn. However, the brew is strong, and laced with transformational magic, as she uses feathers from her cloak to stir the fermenting ingredients as well as give it its distinct properties. Those who drink it swear that on the night of a full moon, they turn into great flying beasts that whoop and trumpet their way across the skies, gathering in flocks above the Haunted Forest. They only experience this sensation once, but it stays with them forever.


As a result of this change of focus and drive, Kyhmy has become rather self-centered, and she is thought of as evil, although this is more to do with her lack of concern for others more than anything. She is also mute, her last statement being that talking with people is a waste of precious time, as they simply want to chatter aimlessly back at you. She has changed 5 willing assistants who act as workers in her inn, hence the name (it changes with each new recruit), and she feels that she will take over Morsain and rescue the surrounding wilderness by driving other humanoids away.  At present, she isn't a "friend" of the town or particularly good.


  1. The Briar Rose Sector 11

Piikikas Ruusu (CG Female ranger 4), usually with the following spell known: 1st: detect animals or plants, one of Morsain’s most popular herbalists, is connected to a young woman purportedly lost in the Haunted Forest and left to rest there for all eternity. Every 14th afternoon, Piikikas normally sets up a small stall in the central market place and trades herbs, berries and game for information about the missing girl.


Some years ago, Piikikas found out that a relative had become lost in the woods around Morsain, not realizing it was the Haunted Forest. She came to the town and began training as a ranger in order to find a way to penetrate the dark depths of the mysterious trees. Her favored enemy is plants, but that is more to deal with dangerous types like assassin vines than trees or similar. She will welcome help to find her family member.


  1. The Foundling Sector 10

Sala Murhaaja (LE Male rogue 5/assassin 1), usually with the following spell known: 1st: true strike, is an orphan turned petty crook with a unique talent to transform into mundane inanimate items. Murhaaja has only very recently found his true calling—after a patchy career dealing in stolen goods and mugging drunks for small change when the "retail business" was quiet, he discovered that he had acquired a genuinely strange ability after a run in with what turned out to be the mimic familiar of the mage he was robbing.


Somehow the familiar's blood became part of his own and he can now take on the form of simple objects, (the kind of things a mimic might become for a mage, such as a spellbook stand, or temporary seat, or traveling trunk) and has experimented twice with placing himself in the bedroom of an inn and "dealing" with the occupant on the day of their departure. Whether he will use this ability just to kill, or carry on his roguish activities, is open to question, but he is inspired to take on more devious criminal activities.


  1. King Thrushbeard’s Sector 2

Rastas Parta (CG Male dwarf fighter 1/expert 3) is an extremely tall and thin dwarf, able to easily pass for a short, very stocky human. One of Morsain’s finest barbers, he cuts and shapes his luxurious beard into singing thrushes before placing a small musical box within it to replicate their song. In his past, he was a fighter in the army of Stoneholme, but decided to see the world and so resigned his commission.


Parta brought his dwarven bearding skills to Morsain a few years ago and hasn't looked back. He frequently ends up in friendly arguments with the owner of Bluebeard's (144) over the merits of form over function. These discussion are particularly detailed and specialist as both barbers follow the dwarven way.


  1. Knapsack, Hat, Horn, and Tablecloth Sector 8

Nelja Esines (LG Male warrior 4) runs a simple shop known for renting out magical items to would-be adventurers. He has been involved in a number of lucrative journeys into the deep wilderness, acting as a cohort leader. Nelja took magic items as his pay for all of these endeavours and now rents them out to new adventurers. He has a sack that produces soldiers when turned upside down and shaken, a hat that fires cannonballs, a horn that knocks down walls, and a tablecloth that produces feasts on command. Rates include him coming along to use the items, and he won't reveal the activation words for any enchanted goods until that time.


Sack of Supporters

This magic bag appears to be normal until someone speaks its command word before turning it upside down and shaking it. Then the sack summons 2d4+2 human warriors (2nd level) to fight for the character who summoned them. Each sack can be shaken just once every seven days.

Summoned warriors are constructs, not actual people (though they seem to be); they arrive with the starting equipment for warriors. They attack anyone the possessor of the sack commands them to fight until they or their opponents are slain or until 1 hour has elapsed, whichever comes first.


Strong conjuration; CL 13th; Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster VI; Price 50,000 gp; Wt 2 lb.


Tricorn Cannon

On command, this flamboyant three-cornered hat fires a small cannon ball that acts as a fireball (2d6 maximized for 12 points of damage) three times per day.


Strong evocation; CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, Maximize Spell, fireball; Price 23,760 gp; Wt 1 lb.


Horn of Crumbling

This horn appears to be a normal trumpet. It can be sounded as a normal horn, but if the command word is spoken and the instrument is then played, it deals 4d6 points of sonic damage to non-living items made of stone, rock, metal, minerals and other similar materials within a 40-foot cone, and causes them to weaken and crumble for an additional 2 rounds, taking a further 1d6 points of sonic damage each round. Crystalline objects take 8d6 points of sonic damage, with no save unless they’re held, worn, or carried by creatures (Will DC 16 negates).


If a horn of crumbling is used magically more than once in a given day, there is a 20% cumulative chance with each extra use that it explodes, dealing 10d6 points of damage to the user.


Moderate evocation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, shout; Price 20,000 gp; Wt 1 lb.


Trencherman's Tablecloth

This unremarkable table covering is typically fashioned from worn linen. If the cloth is placed on an empty table and the command word spoken, the table fills with a meal that reflects the favorite food of the participants. However, all of the food tastes the same, something similar to barely-flavored, overcooked pasta. Despite this, it is highly nourishing and contains everything necessary to sustain any herbivorous, omnivorous, or carnivorous creature. The tablecloth can produce sufficient food each day to feed up to four humans.


Faint conjuration; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, create food and water; Price 5,400 gp.


  1. Rumpelstiltz Sector 6

Poppart Chen (CN Male dwarf/goblin expert 5) is a nocturnal spinner said to be able to turn straw into gold. The half-creature’s shop has a thick wooden post outside its front door, and he only allows those who rap a 1-4-2 beat on it into his shop. Otherwise a permanent magic mouth states, "Masterspinner Poppart is not at home!"  Chen is a mischievous type, always clattering about and moving items when he does let visitors in, making it awkward for them to stay. He spins exceptionally and the claim that he can turn straw into gold comes from the fact that he makes masterwork items as though they were standard items, and as a result people pay gold where silver or copper might be usual.


Chen's parentage is half goblin (his father) and half dwarf (his mother). This uncommon pairing meant that he was constantly insulted as a child and young adult, and it was only his mother's prowess as a town guardian that allowed him to stay. However, he eventually couldn't take any more and having learned his trade, left for the upper lands.


His exceptional skill led to him gaining an impressive clientele list wherever he set up shop, but he still found himself pushed to the margins of society and eventually to Morsain. He has considered leaving, perhaps traveling to a more tolerant town prior to striking out for Klavek itself (he believes he would have a better chance of keeping his heritage concealed), but he would like to speak with those from the city as a way of properly preparing himself.


  1. Sweetheart Roland’s Sector 3

Rakas Hropilanda (NG Male transmuter 5), usually with the following spells known: 0th: mage hand, mending, message, open/close; 1st: animate rope, enlarge person, erase, magic weapon, reduce person; 2nd: alter self, bear's endurance, fox's cunning x2; 3rd: keen edge, magic weapon (greater), shrink item, sells silver wands, amulets, bracers, circlets, helms, horseshoes, and necklaces. Hropilanda is an unassuming man with a wonderful talent for silversmithing. He is developing his arcane skills along transmutational lines alone; he only knows spells from the transmutation and universal schools, and even then he only makes an effort to learn spells that help him make better quality items suitable for enchantment.


Hropilanda has a female weasel familiar, Lumikko, named after Lumi Valtatytar (whom he once courted for a short time). He pays well for transmutational spells for his spellbook, for scrolls he can copy, or for training from someone of an equal or higher level of ability. Almost all his experience has come from casting within a controlled environment, and any adventure away from Morsain will be a nerve-inducing experience.


  1. Golden Bird, Fox, Horse, Castle, Princess Sector 7

Kartta Pallo (N Male ranger 2/expert 2) is a purveyor of unlikely maps that lead to a way to solve another problem entirely. Pallo finds maps; his travels take him far and wide around Morsain, and he always returns with at least two or three new ones, each more curious than the next. "They'll have you running around in circles," claim some folks, while others swear they couldn't have solved their problem with Pallo's circumspect help. Of course, the truth is somewhere in the middle, although without exception Pallo's maps have NEVER led to a solution to the problem you are attempting to solve when one is purchased. Usually it leads the buyer to a different adventure entirely, and allows him to deal with something they didn't realise was wrong as well. Pallo never makes any claims about his maps, but will "admit" to them "leading people astray" as they follow wandering paths and travel through seemingly unexplored territory.


He currently has about a dozen maps for sale; there are 5 that a few people have bought but no one has been able to solve, and they are all considered fiendish. They are as follows:


The Castle

This appears to be a map of the lands of historic figure Torni Linna and his now supposedly deserted stronghold. The reason nobody seems to have found the ruins are that the site is set on two planes, the Material and Ethereal, and neither are in a fallen-down state. On the Material plane, the building is a deserted castle, but full of tricks and traps, while on the Ethereal plane it is a prison. Historically, those that do accidentally reach it find themselves either captured, or driven to madness by their attempts to escape, only to then fall foul of the beasts that live around the site.


The Fox

This is a local map supposedly revealing the way to get to the lair of a local bandit group. However, no three instructions actually link together; if "A" and "B" link up, then "C" doesn't join up with "B", but if one can find what seems to be "B" without using "A", then "C" is clearly there for a traveler to follow. In fact every point has two versions, and they need swapped about, and there are at least 10 instructions to follow.


The Golden Bird

This map leads eastwards for about 3 days' travel before it becomes clear that the traveler needs to turn completely back on himself and head west for another 7 days. The treasure at the end of it is rumored to be a hidden shrine to the mythical sun warrior Ka'Teek.


The Horse

This map requires a traveler to keep to exactly the same pace for 12 hours per day on 12 consecutive days. She needs to get to certain points at certain times on each day, as the way light appears through various objects is what confirms the directions she has to take.


The Princess

This is a map that accompanies a local faerie tale about a princess being kidnapped by creatures that live in the woods around Morsain. It shows the cabin in the woods that she is taken to—however, it only appears when held by a child aged 7 or younger, and defies copying.


  1. Dog and Sparrow Sector 4

Koiran Koppi (LG Male commoner 6) and Varpunen Pesä (LG Female commoner 6) run a lowly tavern, a place for unlucky peasants to recount their unfortunate tales. The brother and sister both have suffered misfortune in the past, but are resolutely positive about their lots. Their luck changed when they started making and selling low-priced beer. They attracted local peasants, commoners, and land-workers to their bar, where their demeanour encouraged these customers to get everything off their chests and leave feeling better than when they came in.


Both siblings have carefully improved their relevant skills, focusing on them whenever possible, and each of them has developed the following abilities: craft (beer) +12, perception/listen +12, profession (brewer) +12. Neither of them is know as a gossip, but they do have a lot of knowledge about the "common person" and related activities from within Morsain and up to a mile from town. Anything they know about from beyond this distance has a 2% chance per mile of being almost entirely inaccurate.


  1. Frederick and Catherine Sector 11

Frederick Ravinto (CN Male expert 6) and Catherine Ateria (CN Female expert 6) cook food that can have unusual effects. These two chefs are known throughout Morsain for being as good at food preparation as it can get, even as they fastidiously follow the town’s guidelines on such things as health, safety, and food hygiene.


However, the two of them are unscrupulous when it comes to what they actually cook, frequently serving items that most folks would balk at if they knew exactly what it was; there isn’t anything to date that hasn’t ended up in their pans. Many don't ask but simply sit back and enjoy the experience.


  1. The Two Brothers Sector 9

Yhdistya Veljet (NE Male cleric 3/expert 2) and Erottamaton Veljet (NE Male cleric 3/expert 2), usually with the following spells known: 0th: guidance x2, resistance, virtue; 1st: bless, deathwatch, doom, protection from good (D); 2nd: shield other x3, stock enchanted equipment, but nothing exceptionally magical except for “pairing knives”. The Veljet twins think only of themselves and are virtually inseparable unless truly urgent business calls. They specialize in items that can be shared between two people, and their most well-known items are the "pairing knives" (which show if the wielder of its partner is in trouble by either suddenly rusting on one side or have one edge of the blade become blunt).


Blood from both of those who are going to join together is needed as essential manufacturing components. Other “join-up” items can include a rings of friend shield, wands of shield other, a bracelet of friends, golden lion figurines that each fight for one of the pair, and paired gloves of storing where the contained item can swap between gloves if the two creatures wearing them are within 30 feet of each other.


The brothers also have elixirs of love in stock; anyone who annoys or threatens them is sold one of these under the guise of it being a substance that will allow two people to "share a closer bond through any troubles". Each bottle has two doses, and the compatriots are told to each drink a dose when facing each other. The consequences are up to the GM, but we suggest having fun with them.


  1. Burle’s Sector 5

Niksi Jekku (CE Male bard 2/expert 2), usually with the following spells known: 0th: mending, open/close, read magic; 1st: identify, has a trading business where items can only be exchanged, with the owner always making a profit on the deal. Jekku always seems to have just what his customers want, although he never seems to put much effort into getting new stock other than by trading.


In a long-forgotten tongue that only the most diligent of sages might find evidence of, "burle" meant tricks, pranks, or jokes. Today, as a result of a rather brash statement about the previous owner not being able to trade his way into a total loss, Niksi Jekku runs this store. The place has changed hands countless times over the years, and very rarely as a result of the seller or purchaser having full control of the trade. The building is steeped in ancient magic; no matter what deal customers try to do, the owner always comes out on top (anyone using wish or miracle as part of the bargaining process finds that eventually they lose exactly 1 copper piece on the trade, no more and no less). Indeed, Jekku lost 1 copper piece as a result of trying to outsmart the former proprietor.


The store always seems to contain exactly what a person wants, although once outside the item is often older, shabbier, or less sturdy than when inside. Going back in to get "another one" always results in there not being a replacement, but "possibly you'd like something else instead?" It has been known for those not in control of their emotions to leave virtually empty handed after a series of trades. This is the main way Jekku (and indeed any other owner) brings in stock; in effect, the shop does it for them.


  1. The Queen Bee Sector 7

Kuningatar Mehiläinen (N Female druid 1/expert 3), usually with the following spells known: 0th: cure minor wounds, guidance, purify food and drink; 1st: calm animals, hide from animals, is an experienced apiarist who recently enhanced her knowledge of bees thanks to some druidic training. She works closely with a number of swarms that live deep in the Haunted Forest, where the pollen that produces the honey also results in some interesting effects. One batch in 500 is particularly useful if someone is turned to stone or dealing with stone-based events, as it acts as a stone to flesh spell and gives four doses (known by locals as reviving honey).


Additionally, Kuningatar seems able to use small beads of solid honey as a focus for her spells, and instead of the usual components in some spells (for example, they can replace berries in goodberry). Although she doesn't know it, this is an indication of how her future is planned by the divine powers-that-be. She will be given the chance to represent hymenoptera (sawflies, ants, bees, and wasps) everywhere, becoming a truly powerful druid if she follows this path to the extent of being the conduit for new druidic magic.


  1. The Three Feathers Sector 5

Typerä Riivaaja (CE Male quasitB1 shapechanged into a cross between gnome and toad) had been climbing the demonic ladder for three thousand years before reaching the heady heights of existing as a vrock. Then he opened his mouth once too often and angered a balor and its troupe.  The seven creatures fell on Riivaaja, defeating him so severely that he found himself pushed all the way back down to the level of a quasit. Not wishing to suffer further when on his way back up by coming across those he had insulted in their new, more powerful forms, Riivaaja slunk off to Aventyr and found Morsain to his liking, being on the outskirts of Klavek civilisation as it is and therefore a good place to hide.


What Riivaaja didn't initially realize was that to add insult to injury, the balor had managed to ensure that the quasit's toad form was now its default appearance. This turned out to be beneficial, as people who deal with Riivaaja think he is just another poor soul currently cursed by the malicious fey of the Haunted Forest. However, this allows Riivaaja to try and extend his own demonic influence in the area, as well as earn enough esteem to improve his current form, without too much interference. The demon has three items that he rents to adventuring individuals and duos (always at a fetching price). They are easier to corrupt than larger groups, and he plays on their avarice. The items are:

Automated Drummer of Dancing

Aura strong enchantment; CL 16th

Slot none; Weight 100 lbs

This Medium-sized construct appears to be a beautiful yet determined young woman that closely resembles a princess of the realm (possibly Lumi Valtatytar in this tale). She wears bardic clothing and carries a set of small hand drums. The construct is loyal to its owner and can play the drums for 20 rounds per day. They initially appear and function as drums of panic. But when the owner is in (or fleeing from) melee combat, the automated drummer of dancing impedes movement instead, making him behave as if irresistible dance had been cast upon him. Only a remove curse spell enables the owner to be rid of the automated construct and its drums once their true nature is revealed.


Magic Items drums of panic, Medium-sized animated object


Flying Carpet of Animated Attack

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th

Slot none; Weight 8 lbs.

This item is indistinguishable in appearance from a normal carpet and largely identical to a 5-ft. by 5-ft. carpet of flying by all tests short of attempted use.

The carpet of animated attack is 90% likely to not react to any initial flight up to a height of 100 feet, but at any point thereafter that it senses living flesh using it, it is 60% likely per round to engulf the person and to drop to the ground (CMB +8/Grapple +8). If it pins a creature, it holds them in place as a free action. The carpet has CMD of 18 for those attempting to break free. If the rider breaks free and hasn't fallen off, a DC 20 Intimidate check including the activation word is required to get the carpet flying properly again, which it does for a number of rounds equal to the result of the Indimidate check in excess of the DC before the chance of attacking begins again (minimum 1 round).


Magic Items carpet of flying (5-ft. by 5-ft.)


Golden Ring of Defenselessness

Aura moderate abjuration; CL 16th

Slot ring; Weight —

This appears to be a ring of protection +5 and actually serves as such until the wearer is attacked in anger by an enemy with a Challenge Rating equal to or greater than her level. At that moment and thereafter, the ring causes a -5 penalty to AC. Once the curse is activated, a ring of defenselessness can be removed only by means of a remove curse spell.


Magic Items ring of protection +5


  1. Golden Goose Sector 8

Varat Vaihto (LN Male expert 2/aristocrat 2) exchanges money for those who demonstrate a stout and worthy heart, plus a hefty dose of charitable intent. Those that show such traits gain an exchange rate of just 0.5%. Those that don't demonstrate such strength of character are either refused the service or charged a 12% tax, most of which goes to philanthropic causes within Morsain.


Vaihto only changes money and gems, not goods of any kind, and his building has so far proven to be theft-proof. Unbeknown to him, he is watched over by a Grinning Ragamuffin cell AND an axiomatic spirit. As long as he displays his charitable intent, Vaihto's shop will have both these protectors in place and will remain safe.


  1. Allerleirauh Sector 3

Useat Vuota (NG Female expert 7) sells masterwork clothes made of exotic material, such as swan’s feather, spider’s web, scales, hides, and “anything you can name”. She is by far and away the most experienced, most capable, and most well known tailor in Morsain, and she is renowned for making masterwork clothes from the pelts of every kind of bird and animal in the kingdom.


Highly trusted and respected, she has recently finished the wedding outfits for Lumi Valtatytar. She worked on these with a golden thimble, a gold spindle, and a gold reel, and all three of these are on display in the castle until the night before the wedding.


Her shop window always has three dresses on display, one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon, and one as dazzling as the stars, as well as a mantle made from the feather and fur of every known bird and animal in the kingdom. Although she will never sell these original pieces, she can make similar items to be used as the basis for a dress of charisma +6, a dress of resistance +5, and a robe of stars with twice the usual number of shuriken.


  1. The Hare’s Bride Sector 9

Jänis Nuorikko (NE Female sorcerer 6), usually with the following spells known: 0th: daze x2, ghost sound x2, prestidigitation, resistance; 1st: disguise self x 2, hypnotism, silent image x2, ventriloquism x2; 2nd: hypnotic pattern x2, minor image x4; 3rd: major image x4, has a “sinister” shapeshifting ability (using illusionary magic to great effect). She spends almost all of her time in “forms” that aren't her own, but is available for hire by adventures for a 5% tithe and then an equal share of treasure taken from any expedition.


Jänis Nuorikko's name stems from the folklore that claims female hares are able to walk amongst men and can spirit those they fall in love with deep into forests and woodlands, where they are never to be seen again. This fate seems to befall anyone who crosses Nuorikko, but some months after the event when she has completely gone from their minds and no blame comes back to her.


Jänis's general motives and overall plans are completely unknown to anyone in Morsain, but investigations deep into the Haunted Forest might reveal that she is a slow-burning "agent provocateur" for non-were shapeshifters. She is staunchly "anti-were" and does all she can to disrupt any were-based activity.


  1. The Thirteen Huntswomen Sector 2

These 12 female rangers—with a single snow lion companion accompanying all of them—are collectively known as the Kolmetoista (CG Female ranger 2; 10 have one of the humanoid types as their favored enemy, one has monstrous humanoids, and one has undead). Although based in Sector 2, the group resides near the wooded area in Sector 6, as this give a place for their snow leopard, Kissanpentu, to hone the extremely efficient hunting skills she's developed over many years.


The team supports activities in and around Morsain, as this is where its members were born and bred, and they know the town and its surroundings as well as anyone does. They only recently came together to help protect the area during the wedding, but have already forged a formidable team.


  1. The Thief and His Master Sector 10

Ottaa Riski (CN Male rogue 6) named his gambling den quite carefully; the "thief" is the set of games played in the den, and the master is the den-owner overseeing those running the games. The game currently played here is called "Prime!". A random number generator, usually something like identical cards or stones in a bag, produces single numbers between 0 and 20 (each number has a 1-in-21 chance of appearing as a result).


Players are able to bet on a range of combinations, and of course single numbers themselves. A “Prime!” table looks like the diagram below, although this is just the basic appearance and actual playing surfaces are always elaborate affairs, with fabulous images in each section, exotic materials used to highlight the betting options, and carvings of deities of luck around the edges.


Players place their bets prior to the random generation starting, and the house always keeps this stake. Any winners get a return that is a multiple of their original stake as detailed in the second table below. There is always a clear stake stated at tables, with those who want to place a larger bet required to go to another table. This allows the house to show who is a more respected patron. Houses expect croupiers to be tipped at least 3% of winnings when a player leaves a table.


Table XX-XX: Prime! Playing Table

High PrimeDexterous
Middle PrimeCerberus
Low PrimeSinister


Table XX-XX: Prime! Odds of Winning

Bet nameOddsWinning numbers1gp stake return
Cyclops1-in-21Any single number including 020 gp
King2-in-211 of any 2 numbers, one above the other, e.g 20 and 1, 14 and 710 gp
Queen2-in-211 of any 2 numbers next to each other, e.g. 17 and 18 OR 8 and 910 gp
High Prime3-in-2113, 17, 196 gp + 6 sp + 6 cp
Middle Prime3-in-215, 7, 116 gp + 6 sp + 6 cp
Low Prime3-in-211, 2, 36 gp + 6 sp + 6 cp
Forty Two4-in-21Any 1 number in a group of 4 that total 42, e.g. 19, 20, 1, 2 OR 14, 13, 7, 85 gp
Aristocrat5-in-2116, 17, 18, 19, 204 gp
Expert5-in-2111, 12, 13, 14, 154 gp
Adept5-in-216, 7, 8, 9, 104 gp
Commoner5-in-211, 2, 3, 4, 54 gp
Cerberus6-in-213, 6, 9, 12, 15, 183 gp + 3 sp + 3 cp
Prime!9-in-211, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 192 gp + 2 sp + 2 cp
Dexterous10-in-21Even number: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 202 gp
Sinister10-in-21Odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 192 gp

When gambling, because the stake is always the same at any particular table, players just use a personal token to indicate their bet. They can place several bets at the same time, although a total of 5 is usually the limit and is known as your "hand limit".

A King bet is placed above the two chosen numbers on the King bar.

A Queen bet is placed on the vertical line between the two chosen numbers.

A Forty Two bet is placed on the crosshair in the middle of the four chosen numbers.


  1. Jorina and Joriini Sector 11

Jorina Kasvit (LN Male druid 3/expert 1) and Joriini Kasvit (N Female druid 3/expert 1, both usually with the following spells known: 0th: create water, detect poison, guidance, resistance; 1st: detect animals or plants, pass without trace, speak with animals; 2nd: delay poison, soften earth and stone, are siblings that specialize in herbalism and botany respectively. The Kasvits are both plant enthusiasts and as a result they happily come along on trips into any area that will yield new and interesting flora.


At any one time, they have 1d6+4 potions in stock that replicate 0th- (50%), 1st- (35%) or 2nd-level (15%) druid spells, with prices equivalent to 105% the usual, or can be bargained for by providing plant-specific items. Neither Kasvit is interested in anything other than plants, and both only truly helps out when flora or similar are involved. Otherwise taking them on an expedition proves problematic as they wander off.


  1. Three Sons of Fortune Sector 6

Suopea (CN Male diviner 3), Vastaan (CN Male diviner 3), and Nuiva (CN Male diviner 3), all usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, detect poison, read magic x2; 1st: comprehend languages x2, detect undead, identify; 2nd: detect thoughts x 2, locate object, are known as the Tuleva Triplets, wizards that eschewed the schools of evocation and transmutation to focus on divination.


The trio are honest about their soothsaying, but no one can be sure which brother they will get for their reading. Suopea considers the positive aspects of what might happen, Vastaan focuses on the negative, and Nuiva is mostly indifferent to what fate has in store for people, revealing "just the facts.They all learn the same spells together each morning, which means their way of working is consistent.


  1. The Six Men Sector 4

Tahdikkuus (LG Male expert 3), Tuomari (LG Male expert 3), Urheus (LG Male expert 3), Usko (LG Male expert 3), Toivo (LG Male expert 3), and Armolahja Hyve (LG Male expert 3) are sages that share advisory tales about how they got on in the world. These six sages all have stories laced with caution, parable, hints and tips, and broad-ranging advice on how to live life well in any circumstance.


The six of them are prone to intricate recounts of their escapades, with much of their delivery sounding like a "shaggy dog story" or overblown bard's tale. But listening to one of them for an hour provides a +1 circumstance bonus to the listener's next Sense Motive check, as well as the relevant information being sought on the visit. All of them seem unaware of this effect, and wonder why an otherwise-reluctant client stays and listens for so long. None of them is adept at sensing a person's motive, which can lead to them talking for too long in too much detail about their findings. But they mean well, any Morsainians trust them.


  1. The Wolf and Man Sector 1B

Aulis Hukka (CG Male werewolf fighter 2B1) is the benevolent owner of this inn, both the "wolf" and the "man" in one. Hukka was once the scourge of the Haunted Forest but had an epiphany when he saw the glee and pleasure the fey experienced when they indulged in their homemade wine. He vowed to bring such joy to the masses, and set up an inn in the merchant's quarter. Years of high quality alcohol and finding himself in the presence of good cheer have changed his outlook on life—now he helps those he can.


Hukka uses his human form whenever he senses people are nervous of him, and is careful to present his beliefs early in any encounter. This means that business is usually brisk, but particularly so during the full moon, as slabs of rare beef, goat, and mutton are sold at reduced prices. One downside is that Hukka is at loggerheads with The Were-Withalls as they have such differing opinions of pretty much everything.


  1. Were-Withalls Sector 1A

This center for lycanthropes of all kinds is run by three wealthy sisters, all malevolent in their own way: Rotta (LE Female wererat rogue 2B1) is prone to self-serving evil, Hiiri (LE Female wererat rogue 2B1) takes towards the lawful side of their business, and Jyrsija (LE Female wererat rogue 2B1) is heavily inclined towards neutrality (taking her alignment with a pinch of salt). The siblings came to Morsain many years ago, hiding in the sewers or the woods around the town if things got "too hot". They started out as grave-robbers and tomb raiders, making a little here and there, and managed to save enough to buy respectability. After setting up stalls in Sector 10 at first, and then Sector 11, they eventually literally struck gold and made a vast fortune, meaning they could set themselves up in Sector 1A, where they have been ever since.


Now the trio are quite wealthy, and make sure they help those werecreatures who aren't the best of financial health to rest their weary limbs and take stock of where they are in the world. If you are a werecreature, you'll find prices can be as much as 50% off; if you aren't, they are 20% above usual market cost, but are very good quality. The sisters all enjoyed their time before setting up shop but have recently gained a thick skin of respectability, even being asked to consider standing for council posts and representing the neighborhood. They have all resisted these requests so far, for obvious reasons, but Hiiri is considering how she might "de-were" herself and begin a political career, and will welcome any help offered to achieve this.


The only downside is that siblings are at loggerheads with Aulis Hukka as they have such differing opinions of pretty much everything. At present, this manifests itself a name calling and verbally running down the other business, but it is possible that events may go further.


  1. The Stranger Inn Sector 1B

Sopuisa Kalma (NG Male cleric 5/expert 2; protection domain), usually with the following spells known: 0th: guidance, inflict minor wounds, mending, resistance, virtue; 1st: bane, detect undead, obscuring mist, sanctuary (D), shield of faith; 2nd: calm emotions, desecrate, gentle repose, shield other (D); 3rd: animate dead, prayer, protection from energy (fire) (D),  operates this eating house aided by curious and benevolent undead that act as servants each night. Despite having good intention in all his actions, Kalma is more concerned with the protection of his "reformed workforce" and only prepares inflict spells, though he only uses these to restore his undead helpers rather than harm the living.


The Stranger Inn is always dark, with heavy shadows providing cover for those who do not wish to interact with the world. Despite this opportunity for secrecy, the undead servants hate law-breakers and notify Kalma if they become aware of one. This makes the restaurant an ideal place to withdraw from the illegality and dodgy dealing that can go on in some establishments, and if you can get over the fact that undead are serving you, is as safe a place as any in Morsain.


Kalma has attracted the attention of some death- and undead-worshippers, and is aware that there is some opinion against what he does. As a plot line, he may employ the PCs to look after his charges if a mob comes calling.


  1. Princess Mouseskin Sector 1A

Turkis Räätäli (NG Female expert 6) is a talented furrier. She seems able to transform the pelt of any furred creature into a masterwork item as desired. The resulting piece of clothing always lasts at least twice as long as usual, and are known for being particularly effective when used for magical equipment such as boots of the winterlands or clothing with cold resistance. Räätäli’s prices start at three times those listed in appropriate guides.


  1. The Hand with the Knife Sector 1B

Niksi Halkoa (LE Male rogue 3/cleric 1/assassin 2; trickery domain), usually with the following spells known: 0th: guidance x 2, resistance; 1st: detect poison (A), disguise self (C, D), doom (C), jump (A), sanctuary (C), sleep (A), true strike (A), runs what appears to be a surgeon’s operating room, but is really an assassin’s bolthole. He treats his surgery in an almost identical way he conducts assassinations: carefully, considered, cautious. He hasn't got where he is today by making mistakes in either of his roles.


When operating, he detects poison prior to starting the procedure, casts resistance if required, jump in case there is something hidden in the body, then sleep and doom on the patient so his cutting skills are more effective. If the patient wants reassurance about what will happen during the operation, Halkoa casts sanctuary. Finally, if the operation is a tricky one, he will cast true strike to ensure a swift and accurate cut to get to the heart of the matter. All of this adds to the cost of Halkoa's care, but as he hasn't lost a patient yet, people are prepared to pay for his services.


  1. Clever Gretel’s Sector 1B

Gretel Sisarus (CE Female barbarian 4) keeps innovative if unusual adventuring gear in stock. When not out hunting witches alongside Hansel, Gretel can be found in this innovative adventuring outlet. While magic isn't involved, most items are masterwork quality. All can be relied upon to do their intended job effectively and efficiently. Many items are dual-purpose, although secondary uses are often unusual and definitely imaginative. Fellow barbarians get a 10% discount.


  1. Gambling Hansel's Sector 5

Hansel Sisarus (CE Male barbarian 4) sells risky adventuring equipment when not out hunting witches with Gretel, running his own specialist outlet. While magic isn't involved, most items are masterwork quality. However while they can't always be relied upon to do the job for which they are intended, they always do "something". All items are multi-purpose, with their various uses frequently unusual, sometimes difficult to define, and almost all involving an element of risk of going either very well or very wrong! Fellow barbarians get a 10% discount.


  1. The Water Nixie Sector 6

Vety-Vety Happi (CN Female wizard 3/expert 1), usually with the following spells learned: 0th: arcane mark, mage hand, mending, message; 1st: enlarge person, expeditious retreat, reduce person 2nd: alter self, whispering wind, is a bonded water carrier that works for a mysterious female potion-maker linked to the "Nixie of the Millpond" Inn (130). Vety-Vety definitely has some fey in her blood, and her association with Neste the Nixie isn't surprising.


Her decision to sell potions came about as a result of striking up a close friendship with Neste. After experimentation she found that exclusively using the water that Neste provided meant that the results were very different, ranging from normal through working as extended, empowered, and maximized versions, and even leaving the drinker drunk for the duration with no magical effect but with a sense of euphoria, as per the table below. Prices are 150% standard:


Table XX-XX: The Water Nixie’s Potions

d20 roll1-67-1112-141516-20
Effect on potionNormalExtendedEmpoweredMaximisedDrunk/euphoric

The drunken effect is always stated as a possibility, but not always best received by customers! Neste is usually on hand to help out with "misunderstandings", using her charm person ability.


  1. The Good Rag Sector 1A

Kulunut Kangas (CG Male aristocrat 2/expert 2) runs a shop selling fragments of all kinds of items. Most are considered trophies or relics, while some may be used to form whole items if the right parts are found. This small, unassuming store is on the edge of the wealthy district. Kangas is an exiled aristocrat, although no one is sure where from. He left under a cloud after claiming a number of relics and shrouds were his family's by deathright, something that was being legally tested at the time of his self-imposed exile.


Almost all of the scraps and fragments stocked by Kangas identify as, and can be analyzed as, both magical (the relics show as arcane, the shrouds as divine) and very old. Many swear by their efficacy, but Kangas claims nothing other than their history. Bardic Knowledge or Knowledge (history) checks at various levels can introduce plots or tales as the GM sees fit. Alternatively, "visitors" from elsewhere can turn up and try to steal Kangas's stock, leading to him hiring the party to protect him and his goods.


  1. “Brother” Kirkkoherra Sector 7

Kelpo Kirkkoherra (NG Male cleric 3; luck domain) and Huono (NE Male cleric 3; luck domain), both usually with the following spells known: 0th: guidance (x2), resistance, virtue; 1st: bane, bless, divine favor, entropic shield (D) ; 2nd aid (D), augury (x2), are oppositely-aligned twin priests of a neutral deity of luck. Which one you’ll meet is an equal chance and though both can be helpful, each has their own way. They are devoted to Onnekas, a rather spurious demigod that supposedly neither wants to know nor really cares about its followers, but is prepared to push outcomes in one direction or the other as is its whim (no one can verify if it is male or female, neither sex, or both). Kelpo tends to try and nudge results towards the common good, whereas Huono prefers individual success to be paramount.


Their "good" and "evil" aspects are more general consensus of Morsainians than heartfelt philosophical leanings, but they at least give an overview of what you are likely to get from the brothers. Unless you interact with them for at least one minute, after which time their general approach comes through, it takes a Sense Motive DC 25 check to tell them apart from casual interaction.


  1. Old Man and His Grandson Sector 2

Rento Syominen (CG Male expert 4, Diplomacy +11, Profession [caterer] +11) is the scion of a family that has run this dining hall for 7 generations—he is the “Grandson” and the restaurant is the “Old Man”. It has a reputation for a relaxed approach to every aspect of food and rest. Weapons, attitudes, and judgements about fellow patrons are left at the door. The quality of the fare isn't the best, but is a long way from the worst; the fact that no one has been attacked here for more than 15 years is the main reason it is almost always full.


Syominen also attracts people to his dining hall by having a frequently-refreshed "Help Wanted" wall. Anyone can post any request on here, and it can stay there for up to 3 days. The wall is split into 4 sections, and a section is cleared each day on rotation for new requests. No one is allowed to have their request on the wall more than once at a time, but reposting a second copy as soon as the first is removed is allowed.


  1. The Gold-Children Sector 1A

Kala Kananmuna (CN Male ranger 2/expert 2; Survival +16) is the proprietor of a place of exquisite food that seems to last for many times longer than it should, in both quality and quantity. Fish, eggs, and honey feature heavily, though Prices are on the high side. Kananmuna is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hunting for, preparing, and serving food to his customers. With animals as his favorite enemy and an enviable ability to forage in the wild, he always has a wide range of edibles available, but favors what is a rich yellow or golden color, hence the preponderance of eggs, gold koi and carp, canaries and yellowhammers, yellow milkweed aphids, hummingbird moths, yellow jumping spiders, yellow dart frogs, golden newts, box tortoises, golden-faced ghost bats, honey, yellow squashes and peppers, lemons, pineapples, bananas; the list goes on. He has even been known to have giraffe and cougar on his menu.


All of this has a cost. Firstly, prices for every item are double normal, common or not. Secondly, a number of woodland residents and druids oppose some of the items Kananmuna sells, and angry protests occasionally take place—with customers the target as much as Kananmuna. Eating here is a unique experience, but might attract the attention of a number of unhappy non-town dwellers.


  1. The Fox and Geese Sector 10

Korsakki Sorsalinnut (LE Male bard 1/cleric 1/warrior 2; trickery domain, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +13, Intimidate +13), usually with the following spells known: 0th: create water (C), ghost sound (B), lullaby (B), purify food and drink (C), virtue (C); 1st: command (C), disguise self (C,D), sanctuary (C), keeps an inn where ordinary military people (the geese) are encouraged to keep drinking (instead of the task in hand) and avoid the Missing-from-Duty officer (the fox). He is a strange man; he began life as a charismatic warrior in the Morsain defence force, but a combination of too many ribald songs about officers and one too many jokes at the expense of his peers stopped him rising up the ranks. But those traits lead him to become a bard, where he developed a useful stock of tales and songs about military life before establishing his inn. Here, he was convinced to convert to Juoppo, a demigod devoted to hard drinking and the visions that come from it. Now the inn is renowned for catering to the serving forces within the town.


Sorsalinnut is in this business for himself alone, keeping people drinking via his suave social skills and ghost sound to increase the sounds of revelry. Although self-centered, he believes in giving the military "something back" and can be trusted to be "100% straight" with those in the services, often finding them work when they are off-duty. In return, the innkeep gets a cut of any job a town guard takes when not protecting the castle or patrolling Morsain.


  1. The Poor Man and the Rich Man Sector 3

Koyja Rikkaampi (NG Male aristocrat 1/commoner 6) runs a hostel that only welcomes unsuccessful adventurers, and just for one night. It is known as the place for your fortunes to be revealed thanks to a very rare, or possibly unique, Minor Harrow Deck of Many Things. Rikkaampi is a good man with a secret past, one that even he is truly beginning to forget. The son of a minor aristocrat, he fled, "somewhere, sometime ago for some reason or other," taking just his harrow deck with him, and has traveled the world ever since. Wherever he finds himself, he sets up the "Poor Man and Rich Man" hostel.


Rikkaampi chose to only take in those who are coming back from a failed venture, unsuccessful delve, or lost battle as a result of his own unfortunate circumstances. He knows what it is to lose everything and need a fresh start, so offers one night of free lodging and a reading from his deck on the promise of future payment. His unusual business plan seems to work; there are always just enough donations to keep the hostel open and ensure Rikkaampi isn't penniless, but never enough to elevate him to his former aristocratic position.


He now accepts this as his lot, and is happy to live a comfortable yet unspectacular life, aware that news of his arrival in a town quickly spreads and that he soon has a settled establishment. One thing Rikkaampi doesn't know is how long he has been doing this for, and therefore his age; he could just as easily be 40, 400 or 4,000 years old. The deck doesn't give any kind of indication when he tries to find out about his past.


(Author's note: the intention is that Rikkaampi is actually 4,000 years old, a human with mystical elven links. He doesn't, and never will, know this; if told, he forgets within 3d20 minutes. He will continue to walk the Material Plane setting up his hostel wherever the whim takes him. This state will instantly cease if his Harrow Deck is reunited with its true neutral and evil cards)


Rikkaampi's Harrow Deck is a melancholy, contrary item. While none of the cards in it are worse than a humiliating adventuring defeat, they are hardly awe-inspiring in their predictions. But the cards don't lie, and even small gains should be welcomed after large defeats. Not all the cards immediately "give something"; many require work to reach an unexpected goal, while it is unclear how others are remotely beneficial and these likely require quests in order to turn fortune around. A drawn card immediately returns to the deck and can be drawn again straight away.


A patron either state how many cards she is going to draw (1 to 5), or can roll a 10-sided die that has four "1s", three "2s", two "3s" and one "4" on it, taking the result. If a patron ducks out of selecting cards after stating or rolling a number, she finds the "difference" between what she said and how many she drew appearing in her hand the next time she is in a stressful situation (it is at the GM's discretion if it replaces an item or not). It will be face down, and only activates if turned face up. If the PC drops, it disappears and another comes to hand in the next stressful situation.


Rikkaampi's deck has 24 cards in total and comprises 4 suits: the Axe, the Storm, the Sword, and the Wolf. It isn't a complete deck, as the numbers on the cards that are present will testify. This is now a "good" deck, and consists only of cards that are lawful good, neutral good and chaotic good. The 6 true neutral and 24 evil cards are missing and have been since Rikkaampi found the deck. Consequently, the results of the fortunes told tend to be benign but have low impact.


Table XX-XX: Rikkaampi's Harrow Deck

Harrow CardPlaying CardEthosEffect
13 AxesKing of SpadesNGAny single recovered from the last trip, up to the value of 50 gp, will double in value if sold and the money used to equip the next adventure.
12 StormsQueen of HeartsCGAn item considered valuable will be replaced by something seemingly worthless. This new item will give a +5 luck modifier to any roll that will get the character out of a tight spot when next needed. The new item then vanishes, with the old returning.
12 SwordsQueen of DiamondsCGThe next 3 standard weapons that the character touches become masterwork quality for 3d12 days. If used to make magic weapons, the effect lasts forever.
11 SwordsJack of DiamondsNGIf touched to a masterwork weapon within 1 minute, this card transforms it into a +1 weapon of one size category smaller, doing appropriately-reduced damage.
11 WolvesJack of ClubsNG3 rounds after being drawn, a blink dog appears and stays to help the character recover an item that is beyond her reach. It sits and watches all other events.
10 Storms10 of HeartsLGThis card will allow a character to cast sleet storm as if he was a druid of half his current level when he next needs to escape a foe. Allies are also affected.
10 Wolves10 of ClubsLGWhen a character next chooses the wrong path, the GM can make a roll to see if she changes her mind at the last moment (with a 75% likelihood of success).
9 Axes9 of SpadesCGThe next 50 coins that a character finds will change to the next highest-value when placed in his pockets (from copper to silver, silver to gold, and gold to platinum).
9 Swords9 of DiamondsCGWhen an ally is next about to be killed in a fight, the character will be able to immediately deliver one blow as if affected by true strike. Then her weapon melts.
8 Axes8 of SpadesLGWhen a character is next in need of a mundane but important item, he will find a robe of useful items with two of that item on it. Use the robe item list to determine when this is appropriate..
8 Wolves8 of ClubsLGWhen the character next needs to cause a distraction, she finds she can cast ghost sound as if she was a sorcerer or wizard of half her current level.
7 Storms7 of HeartsNGThe next time a character says, "I wish I had a ...", and the item is a mundane one up to the value of 10 gp, a tin appears in front of him in mid-air, rattles, and if the item's value is put into it, the item falls out the bottom of the tin (which then vanishes).
7 Swords7 of DiamondsNGWhen a character is next about to be hit by a ranged attack, she drops what she is holding and instinctively bends down. The ranged attack misses, but items need picking up.
6 Axes6 of SpadesCGWhen a character is next stuck in dense undergrowth, a floating machete appears and cuts a route to the nearest path. There is a 60% chance this is a useful path.
6 Swords6 of DiamondsCGWhen a character is next lost, a mouse appears. If fed, it leads the way to a useful path. If hurt, 100 mice secretly eat all food the party has when it is next asleep.
5 Storms5 of HeartsNGWhen a character (and party) is next intimidated by a foe, he is suddenly able to tell a joke that breaks the tension. For the next 5d4+5 rounds, the foe is friendly, but insists on sharing a strong drink. A refusal reinstates the enemy's former attitude.
5 Wolves5 of ClubsNGWhen a character is next being pursued by 4 or more foes, an item changes into "just the right thing" to distract them and falls in front of the pursuers, starting an argument.
4 Storms4 of HeartsLGWhen a character is next too cold to successfully use her hands and fails a physical-based skill check in a cold environment, she finds she can "snap" her fingers and she gains just one more attempt with a +5 luck bonus
4 Swords4 of DiamondsLGWhen a character (and party) is next fatigued, he finds he can inspire the ability to continue for 2d10+10 minutes without becoming exhausted. However, the method is so annoying, no one speaks to him for the same number of hours afterwards.
4 Wolves4 of ClubsLGWhen a character is next faced with a riddle, she simply knows the answer. Allies are amazed, however, and constantly ask more riddles for 2d4 hours.
3 Axes3 of SpadesCGWhen a character next needs an item urgently, it appears in her hand as if from a glove of storing. However, when finished with, the item disappears for 1d12 days
3 Storms3 of HeartsCGWhen a character is next undecided, a coin lands at his feet. If tossed to make the decision, it is correct 75% of the time, not the usual 50%, then vanishes.
2 Axes2 of SpadesLGWhen a character is next lost in a maze, a small bird appears and walks backwards for 3d4 rounds, placing a breadcrumb trail that follows the correct path.
2 Wolves2 of ClubsLGWhen a character next apologises to an NPC, that person tells them a piece of information that gives a +10 insight bonus to the character's next skill check.


  1. The Singing, Springing Lark Sector 11

Laulaa Voimistella (CG bard 1/expert 5; Acrobatics +14, Perform [sing, string instruments] +14) , usually with the following spells known: 0th: prestidigitation, summon instrument,  Sector 11 - Voimistella manages a carefree troupe of singers and acrobats that entertains without prejudice whoever turns up. She is an accomplished gymnast and musician, and selects only those who will improve the show to become troupe members.


Shows in the small venue take place at 7:30 pm during autumn, winter, and spring. During the summer there are two shows a day, at 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm. They are popular even at quiet times of the year, as the troupe train hard to keep the acrobatic show new and interesting, while the songs are a mix of traditional and brand new. Laulaa will train anybody who wants to improve in any of her three main skills for a suitable fee.


  1. The Goose Meat Girl Sector 8

Liha Hanhi (LN Female warrior 2/expert 1) sells avian meat and eggs of all types. Twin sister of the Goose Down Girl (129), she operates by a very strict code of conduct—only killing what is sustainable and in season—before expertly butchering the carcasses to produce the maximum amount of meat. Liha has a masterwork set of butcher's knives and isn't afraid to use them in defense of her shop. When it comes to collecting eggs, Liha never takes more than 15% of what she finds in a nest. If a client has a particular wish, she will go hunting for the correct egg and no others, but charges a great deal for her time.


  1. The Young Giant Sector 9

Skidd Jatti (NE Male barbarian 2/expert 2) is in charge of inn for barbarians and, possibly, half-giants and even young giants! Jatti is a disruptive element in Morsain; once a barbarian frontiersman in the north, he rescued an adventuring nobleman and was granted an inn as a reward. Rather than "settling down" he turned it into a haven for savage types and those not aware of the expected etiquette required of a city dweller. His fare is basic, amenities unsophisticated, and expectations low. Anyone visiting notices that most items are patched together, or can be repaired easily if broken, with a Perception DC 8 check.


Despite the objections, he does allow half giants and young giants to frequent the inn, but they are few and far between, and Jatti tends to make sure they arrive and leave without anyone knowing they are there. Barbarians of all types flock here, knowing they will be warmly welcomed.


  1. The Half-Gnome Sector 4

Pitka Tonttu (LG Male rogue 2/expert 1) has a shop of total oddities, none of which are complete in any way, and most of which look like worthless junk with around 50% of their required parts missing. Tonttu buys and sells but mostly collects items that just about nobody else wants. He admires them for a month or two, then sells them on. Aside from myriad odds-and-ends that are easily ignored as junk, Tonttu has a few items in stock that may interest PCs and find them parting with money. Examples included the following:

The Poisonous Tree Tonttu knows the leaves are mildly poisonous, and the fruit ten-times more so. However, although alive, the tree hasn't has a single leaf or fruit in the last 20 years.


The Fragile Iron Golem This 3-ft. tall construct, that states its name as Cohr-tehnn when first encountered but doesn't utter anything else, was left at the bottom of a salt-water loch when it failed to work as expected. It is rusty, covered in pockmarks, but still seems intact if incredibly flaky. If asked to do something, it will try, but tends only to succeed when working towards the most mundane of tasks. It grates ominously if someone it doesn't like expects it to move, then sheds rust all over the individual.


The Nine-Headed Dragon This large statue is oversized for practical use, with each of the heads programmed to deliver information about a handful of skills, feats and abilities that help define the individuals that travel the lands around Morsain. Each head looks like a known chromatic dragon, but attached to a hydra's body. If asked a question whilst being sat on, the heads converse, give a cryptic but correct solution, then set to a not-so-quiet discussion for around 15 minutes or so.


The Elf-Summoning Flute This thin, reedy item plays just 3 flat notes, but a bard who makes a DC 45 Perform (wind instrument) check gets a single clear note out of it. This perfect tone seems irresistible to elves and any that hear it feel drawn to the user, who they stay with for 2d4+2 hours hoping to hear another note (DC 30 Will save negates).


Prices are at the GM's discretion, but the cheaper each item is, the less reliably it works.


  1. The King of Gold Mountain Sector 2

Kulta Vuori (CG Male expert 3/rogue 2) sells partial magic items—among his stock are a vorpal blade without its hilt, the drawstring of a misplaced cloak of invisibility, half a ring of teleportation, a seven league boot, a fractured wand of lock manipulation, a single horseshoe of a zephyr, and other bits of enchanted gear. Vuori is a cheerful soul but accident prone. He was cursed when exploring “Gold Mountain”, which provided endless treasure for years before drying up. Vuori continues to visit the site once a month to see if any scraps have risen to the surface, and it is these broken pieces that he now sells.


In truth, almost all of the items Vuori found have been in better condition, but his curse means they deteriorate once he touches them and get worse if he handles them again. However, PCs may find something useful in amongst all the seemingly worthless stock (GMs are encouraged to include weird and wonderful partial items).


  1. The Raven Sector 11

Tuomas Taivas-Sahko (N Male ranger 2/rogue 1/expert 1) is a purveyor of odd maps, ones that show the past and the future, not the present. They show places that are “out of phase” and put familiar places elsewhere. These maps are accurate, but otherworldly, involving planar travel. Taivas-Sahko is foremost an explorer—his travels have invariably led him to the site of a new map, whether a treasure item, a wall engraving, or the content of a forgotten sage’s library. The maps are never current, never seemingly accurate, and therefore of doubtful use. Taivas-Sahko has learned that all of them show what has been, will be, or what “is” somewhere else and as such, he nearly always finds himself either on the move, or studying and preparing for his next trip.


In order to pay for these studies or travels, Taivas-Sahko sells the maps that show the past when he has finished with them, and rents out those that show either “elsewhere” or the future. He charges fees based on how difficult it was for him to recover them, meaning some are quite expensive, but will refund some, much or even all of this cost if people provide new information about the area displayed. This means that any group capable of planar travel can possibly get a bargain if it thinks intelligently about how to make the most of Taivas-Sahko’s wares, as traveling to the Plane of Shadow, for example, can show a place in a completely different light.


  1. The Peasant’s Wise Daughter Sector 1B

Harkittu Malaainen (CG Female cleric 1/commoner 5, usually with the following spells known: 0th: guidance, magic aura (D), read magic, resistance; 1st: comprehend languages x2, identify (D), is a solver of riddles and teller of minor fortunes. She is accurate, but only at a broad, basic level, and has a feud with the owner of The Riddling Tale (124). Harkittu has only recently started to follow the path of divine wisdom, but feels it is about time she thanked the celestial powers for the good fortune with which she has been blessed since youth: the ability to accurately reveal the future and to understand what others find confusing. These skills mean she has become more than the peasant’s daughter she was originally known as, and has been given the tag “wisest seer” by many of those that pay for her abilities.


She never tries to be complicated or clever with her predictions, nor does she make statements so broad that they could apply to anyone (though they can sometimes be confoundingly vague, they are always specific). A reading from her will provide a personal and pertinent insight into an individual’s future, perhaps providing a +2 insight bonus to some decision related to the subject of the reading when the client faces the issue for real at a later date.


  1. Old Hildebrand’s Sector 8

Totuus Huume (LN Female commoner 2/expert 2) sells medicines and elixirs that can reveal the true nature of something. The talented brewer produces basic natural potions and tinctures that often show what was the cause of the problem as well as provide relief from it. As she doesn’t guarantee a cure, her goods are relatively inexpensive, although she does charge more if you look like you can afford a higher cost, using this extra to subsidise treating the poor and needy.


If there isn’t an obvious reason for what has caused the problem, there is a 60% chance after a patient has taken the medicine that they have a dream that gives her an insight about the source of the issue, allowing her to deal with it or avoid it in the future.


  1. The Little Birds Sector 1A

Hämis Puoli (CG Female half-aranea), Nymfi Puoli (CG Female half-nymph), and Käärme Puoli (CG Female half-lillend with vestigial wings and legs instead of a tail) are three half-sisters that run a place of rest, but their lineage makes them perhaps the most unique inkeepers in all of Morsain. The unusual and unexpected trio discovered each other when looking for their father, "Puoli Sauma" (or Poistua Vapaa-Odottava to give him his real name; an outrageously charismatic half-elven bard who loved and left their respective mothers many decades ago). Their journeys brought them to Morsain and the near-by Haunted Forest that they think will attract their father's attention at some point in his life, at which time they will confront him. Until then,they run a carefree and happy hotel that draws wealthy patrons to it—the women all have wonderful natural singing voices even without any bardic training—alongside the beauty of the surroundings, one of the finest estates in Morsain.


There could easily be other half-creatures in the area looking for "Puoli Sauma" (Half-a-Chance) as the bard's name is as well known as his escapades. However, Poistua Vappa-Odottava himself is unlikely to appear. As an exceptionally talented and experienced bard, he has taken to traveling the planes in order to find new tales to tell and conquests to win over.


  1. Water of Life Sector 3

Mömmö Viini (NG Male commoner 4) is a proprietor of weak curatives and unusual wines or spirits. He buys low-level healing potions of dubious origin from returning parties that are down on their luck and need a quick gold piece, along with unusual and "unexplained" wines and spirits. All items come with a health warning, as there is a 33% chance that a potion inflicts damage rather than cures it, and a 15% chance that the alcohol is effectively poisonous, needing twice as long as usual to overcome the drunken state it induces. As far as using either type of stock as cleaning agents or "glue unstickers" (or similar) goes, they are often perfect!


  1. Doctor Allwisdom Sector 6

Korjata Viisaus (CN Male commoner 3/expert 1) is a poor sage who periodically gets something spectacularly correct by pure chance (usually the most important thing he has been asked that month, but without realizing it). Viisaus is as well meaning as anyone comes, but is hopelessly out of his depth when it comes to researching.  It's not that he sets out to bamboozle people, and certainly isn't into lying to them deliberately. It's just as information becomes more complex, the more confused he gets, which leads to him relating the wrong facts to the wrong people at the wrong time.


People still use him because sometimes he can be staggeringly accurate; from the faintest lead, the smallest snippet, or tiniest fragment of information, he solves a crime, finds a long-term missing item, or discovers a previously unconsidered solution. These few successes pay him enough to live for the rest of the month when his "payment on results" philosophy finds him a virtual pauper. Perhaps when the PCs visit, it will be his time to shine.


  1. The Spirit Bottle  Sector 9

Sielu Kaitsija (NE Night hagB1) seems to run a small, decrepit inn, but her dwelling is actually the repository of a number of phylacteries, a flask of curses, and 3 iron flasks. This solitary hag is seeing out a bet that she lost to a glabrezu named Neljäkädet. She has promised to do two things for the demon for 1,001 years, but they are proving incredibly difficult for her to complete: to guard a number of "extremely valuable bottles" without touching them, and to curb her natural instincts for slaughter. Her intelligence and natural curiosity means she knows the bottles are more than they seem, and so the urge to investigate them—along with the need to ignore her cravings for humanoid flesh—are proving difficult to rein in, but she is coping.


Kaitsija is possibly the most dangerous creature resident in Morsain right now, and as such isn't meant to be "a fight" for the party. If challenged, she becomes ethereal and returns only when she has a chance to pick off party members one by one. Regaining the bottles is something she is allowed to do over time by the contract, so she won't do anything reckless. If the players take her on and take the items she is protecting, they will be in for a tough time later on. Kaitsija will attack when they are at their weakest, but aims to recover her property rather than kill them.


The inn is the dingiest place in Morsain—if you didn't already know it was there, you'd never notice it. Its tiny bar area is just large enough for Kaitsija to sit behind with half-a-dozen bottles of foul-smelling, vile-tasting spirits, and wide enough for two people to lean against. The 8-ft. square area has two tables, each with two chairs, and in a pinch can hold as many as 8 people, though it rarely has more than 3 disreputable types in it at any one time. Five minutes after drinking them, the various spirits Kaitsija sells have the following effects for a duration of 5d10+20 rounds (no save):


Table XX-XX: Spirit Bottle Brews

SpiritAromaTaste1 Drink2 Drinks3+ Drinks
BralandyHot sandSwamp waterArid mouthLight-headedWhirling rage
DjinStale airSulfurous mistBreathlessnessChoking effectCollapsed lung
SkrumAcidic sludgePutrid fleshBlistered lipsScaly faceGills grown
TarrquilaRotten earthCoarse hairTeeth sharpenLose voiceDouble weight
VrodkaBurnt feathersSour grapesSullen angerCrow-like voiceHands to claws
WighskeyDank cryptsCurdled bloodNegative viewsDeathly visageLust for flesh

5 minutes after drinking them, mixed spirits have the following effects lasting 1d3+2 hours.


Table XX-XX: Spirit Bottle Cocktails

Spirit MixBralandyDjinSkrumTarrasquilaVrodkaWighskey
BralandySee aboveVoice raspsArgumentative-5 CharismaUnconsciousFrightened condition
DjinParanoia insanitySee aboveNauseated conditionBombasticFiery throat-5 Intelligence
Skrum-5 WisdomSickened conditionSee aboveConfused conditionDisagreeableFish stench
TarrasquilaStaggered condition-5 StrengthGargle-voicedSee aboveShaken conditionOverly critical
VrodkaDespairingPanicked condition-5 ConstitutionSibilantSee aboveExhausted
WighskeyLoud-voicedDismissiveCowering conditionParalyzed condition-5 DexteritySee above

Beneath the bar is a 5-feet by 5-feet storage area where Kaitsija keeps another half-a-dozen bottles, along with any takings. Below that is the room she uses as home. She reaches both of these by becoming ethereal thanks to her heartstone. In the floor of her room is a lead trapdoor above a vertical lead-lined tunnel that is 100 feet long. Kaitsija has a pair of Neutral Evil-aligned boots of levitation that she uses to get up and down the tube, at the base of which is another lead door in the west wall. This door leads into a lead cube, 10 feet per side. where the 8 bottles are stored.


Table XX-XX: Spirit Bottle Secrets

BottleWhatContents and Reaction on opening
1Phylactery of undead bolsteringGold-flake covered bones; Will DC 19 or unholy blight (CL 14th)
2Phylactery of negative channeling (NE)Pieces of corrupted mummy lord wrap; Fort DC 17 or mummy rot
3Phylactery of negative channeling (CE)Teeth from an ancient black dragon cleric; insect plague (CL 11th)
4Phylactery of Turmella (demi-lich)Strips of solar angel skin; Ref DC 27 or sepia snake sigil (CL 21st)
5Iron flaskLarge NE fire elementalB1; attacks unless commanded to serve
6Iron flaskChaos beastB2; attacks unless commanded to serve
7Iron flaskEmpty; same aroma as Sielu Kaitsija as this is her bolt-hole
8Flask of cursesVery high quality wine; Will DC 17 or as per cursed item


  1. The Devil’s Dirty Brother Sector 5

Menninkäinen the Odorous (CE Male half-elf warrior 2/expert 2) is the keep of a disreputable inn, and is known as a low and base kind of creature. Menninkäinen had a hard time as a bugbear warrior due to his renowned clumsiness and it’s gotten worse since he was polymorphed into a half-elf. Despite his appearance, he is as unlike a half-elf as only a bugbear can be, including no sense of tact or decorum—his inn is riotous, and most items have been patched together after being used as impromptu weapons. If Menninkäinen likes you, it's a cheap stay, but if not, you're likely to be mugged the moment you are out of sight of the bar.


  1. Bear Skin     Sector 10

Julma Haaste (LE Male conjurer 5; prohibited schools evocation and illusion, usually with the following spells know: 0th: message x2; read magic, resistance x2; 1st: protection from evil x2, summon monster I x3; 2nd: summon monster II x3, web; 3rd: magic circle against evil, summon monster III x2, has a mysterious business of conjuration, providing a place to commune with devils (albeit pathetic ones). His building is constantly boarded up against prying eyes—the outer walls are wood but are lined with symbol-inscribed lead leaf.


Haaste summons devils and other fiendish creatures so people can find out about their destiny from these foul beasts. Julma brings forth damaged or downtrodden types, although they know less than the average devil. He occasionally uses his fiendish wand of summon monster IV if paid enough money. This seems to summon severely injured bearded devils that always seem grateful for being dragged away from a losing battle. However, Menninkäinen is fully aware that one day he may call a healthy creature, so has protection spells at the ready. In all cases, the fee is in humanoid flesh. This goes straight to the summoned devil.


  1. Willow Wren and the Bear Sector 1B

This inn is run by a very small husband and a very big wife, Kapea (N Male expert 4) and Runsas Puoliso (N Female expert 4). The mismatched-in-appearance couple own this functional establishment that runs like clockwork, serving many merchants of the quarter. Along with the usual fare found in inns, Runsas offers a confessional service to give those concerned about their behavior a way out of their quandary—as a result, she knows a lot of Morsainian secrets.


  1. The Sweet Porridge Pot Sector 1A

Laadukas Aamupala (LG Male cleric 5; healing domain), usually with the following spells known: 0th: create water, purify food and drink x4; 1st: bless water x4, cure light wounds (D);  2nd: cure moderate wounds (D), make whole x2, zone of truth; 3rd: create food and water x2, cure serious wounds (D), owns a breakfast hall with a much-better-than-average sustaining spoon. Aamupala runs this expensive eating house for the benefit of his church. Any funds he makes are ploughed back to help the sick and diseased members of the wider, less fortunate community. The hall is open from 5 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., after which Aamupala returns to his church to pray and start his missionary work.


  1. Wise Folks Sector 7

Tieto (N Male expert 3), Pohdinta (N Female half-orc expert 3), Ajatella (N Female dwarf expert 3), Tuuma (N Male half-elf [secretly] expert 3) form a group of sagacious council. The four relatively young sages (one for each humanoid type most commonly found in Morsain) have the following skills:


Table XX-XX: What the Wise Folks Know

Architecture and Engineering+7+7+7+7
Nobility and Royalty+7+7+7+7
The Planes+8+5+8+8

The quartet is particularly adept at dealing with young, less worldly members of society. Their own youthfulness makes them atypical sages, with none of the usual dustiness and aloof attitudes. They are welcoming and carefree, more than happy to do the legwork as well as the bookwork when it comes to discovering the facts. They are using their feats to focus in on the skills they have in particular categories in a coordinated way, and will look to enhance their respective levels of intelligence as they gain experience in the field.


One disadvantage of their ages is that each of them isn't quite so aware of various elements of some humanoid species over others. If adventurers need a quick answer from the first sage they meet, the Wise Folk have the following bonuses and penalties when asked about something related to other species of humanoids:


Table XX-XX: Ignorance of the Wise Folk

Racial ModifiersTietoPohdintaAjatellaTuuma
+2 bonusHumansHalf-orcs/orcsDwarvesHalf-elves/Elves
+1 bonusHalflingsGnollsGoblinoidsGnomes
-1 penaltyElvesDwarvesHumansOrcs
-2 penaltyGoblinoidsGnomesHalflingsGnolls

There is an equal chance for any one of the sages being available when someone enters the shop. The other three will be out and about, but may well be there the next day.


  1. Tales of the Paddock Sector 1B

Hevonen Ajaja (NG Male fighter 3/druid 1; Ride +13), usually with the following spells known: 0th: create water, cure minor wounds x2; 1st: calm animals, speak with animals, operates the town’s finest horse yard and stables. Ajaja was a successful knight who was particularly adept at riding warhorses. As he got older, he came to fully understand the sacrifice the creatures made in order to defend their owners, and the importance of developing and maintaining a strong, close bond with them.


On retiring Ajaja wandered the local lands, gaining some druidic knowledge in order to help him understand horses a little more, and now he runs Morsain's best stables. He also tells many tales about how horses have helped with Klavek military history, and anyone who listens to him for 2 continuous hours on 3 consecutive days gains a +1 insight bonus to either Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nature) or Ride. If the listener already has 5 ranks in Ride, the insight bonus rises to +2.


  1. Poor Miller’s Boy and the Cat Sector 4

Mylläri Poika (LG Male commoner 2/expert 1) runs a bakery and grain refinery with his cat, Välkkyä. Young Mylläri's father recently disappeared when out looking at some wheatfields to buy. The authorities are looking for him, but it has been two weeks and they are beginning to lose hope. The boy is just about managing to run the business, but is very tired. He is helped by Välkkyä (in more ways than he knows) who has kept vermin at bay and even alerted Mylläri to a number of issues before they became problems.


Poika's father fell victim to the wraith sinkhole when he was close to the forest. He was killed almost immediately, and his body is now buried deep underground. Poika will ask the party to help him look for his father, but has little to offer as payment or thanks. What he could really do with is some help running the bakery for a short while as well as some training to raise his level of expertize. If he gains even a little more ability, he will be able to cope with running the business.


Välkkyä used to visit the fey of the Haunted Forest on the full moon, and drank deeply of the enchanted rivers that flow through the faerie lands. As a result, he has a number of traits that are similar to a blink dog, as listed below:


Table XX-XX: Välkkyä the Cat

Välkkyä the cat
AC, t, f-f14, 14,12
hp4 (Con 14)
Atk 2 claws +4 melee (1d2-4) and bite +2 melee (1d3-4)
F,R,W+6, +7, +4
Additional SAMultiattackB
Additional SQBlink (Su), darkvision 60ft.


  1. The Two Travelers Sector 1A

Koto Tänään (LG Female expert 4) and Matkustus Huomenna (LG Male expert 4) are the proprietors of a hotel and one or other is always away on an errand. The inn is a small one with only 6 double beds, but it is extremely well appointed and very expensive. All prices are quadruple the usual though worth it, as attention to detail and the level of care are unrivaled across the whole of Morsain.


Tänään and Huomenna are never in the hotel at the same time as one of them is always out acting on a customer request, day or night. The hotel is full for the wedding, so there is always something or other that has been asked for by a guest, and odd items regularly appear at the front desk.


  1. Hedgehog Hans Sector 8

Nuppineula Tyyny-Vaimennin (LN Male fighter 4; Dex 17, +1 longbow +7 [1d8+2, twenty +1 arrows, one +2 arrow]) is an efficient archer who acts as a bodyguard for the wealthy. He creates arrows that subdue his target (dealing nonlethal damage) rather than injure it, by a mysterious method that he is unable to describe or show to others (he forgets parts of the process whenever he tries to recall it).


Tyyny-Vaimennin has followed a very particular path after seeing his father killed from distance by a gnoll ranger; he vowed to find the creature and beat it at its own game. So far he has mastered an impressive range of feats with his longbow (Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization) that allow him to attack and disappear before anyone knows what has happened. However, he is yet to find the gnoll. If he accompanies a party, he expects to be paid in archery equipment, or equipment that enhances his Dexterity.


  1. The Shroud Sector 10

Haudata Hengissä (LE Male mummy cleric 1; Int 10, Wis 14, headband of intellect +4 [Lawful Evil-aligned]), usually with the following spells known: 0th: mending x3 ;1st: sanctuary x2, sanctuary (D), is the owner of a near-forgotten funeral parlor that has been known to raise the dead. Haudata is a displaced mummy, but from where and when is anybody's guess—he himself has forgotten, and so far he has been unable to get any information from any local sages. The creature has a small parlour in the shabbiest part of its resident area of town. Few people use his services because of his permanently cowled and shrouded appearance, although he is actually the best funeral director in town. He is helped by two loyal, more-active-than-usual zombies, but these too are heavily disguised.


Although Lawful Evil, Hengissä is more in tune with the lawful aspect of his outlook on life, and the evil nature manifests itself as self-centeredness. He is determined to get home (wherever that is) and does all he does with this single focus in mind. Any information, advice, or guidance that helps him reach this goal is eagerly received. He doesn't raise the deceased, but has been known to use his wand of animate dead (6 charges) if mourners want that to happen.


  1. The Dwarf Among Thorns Sector 1B

Onnettomuus Huono-Onninen (CN Male dwarf aristocrat 1/expert 2/warrior 2) is an innkeep cursed to be perpetually unlucky in any environment that isn’t above ground and within 50 feet of a tree. Huono-Onninen is well and truly jinxed, but he doesn't know why. As a minor noble, he fulfilled his martial duties by becoming a warrior, but constantly found himself on the wrong end of mishaps and confusion. Eventually he was asked to "just leave": first his troop, then the army, then his family, then his home town. He was just too much of a liability.


As he traveled, his appearance became less and less that of a dwarf and more a dwarf-human hybrid. Eventually he pitched up in Morsain, and found his luck changed so long as he was close to woodland. Now he runs a small business based on what he knows best after fighting—ale! The dwarf doesn't brew anything himself, but has an expert set of taste buds and buys the best stock from visiting merchants. While his prices are 40% higher than usual, there is never a bad brew on tap.


  1. The Skillful Huntsmen Sector 2

Taitava Metsästäjä (CG Male ranger 2/expert 2) runs an expert trappers’ guild from this small lodge. He provides guidance and advice on local conditions to anyone about to go hunting, a place to buy a few standard essentials, and somewhere to receive emergency healing (potions of cure light wounds) on return. All prices are 75% usual if a membership fee of 1gp per month is deposited with him.


Metsästäjä rarely goes out of Morsain any more, as he suffered at the hands of a gang of trolls and never quite got his nerve back. If anyone or group can restore his confidence, he will work with them for 3 months for expenses only.


  1. The Flail from Heaven Sector 4

Luonto Suojelija (LN Male druid 3), usually with the following spells known: 0th: cure minor wounds x4; 1st: detect animals or plants x2, speak with animals; 2nd: soften earth and stone x2, sells masterwork and some magical farm items that protect wildlife while being used, even able to cure animals. Suojelija’s masterfully crafted farming tools are enchanted to avoid damaging field-dwelling beasts. The implements have detect animals or plants, speak with animals, and soften earth and stone cast on them when made so they miss such creatures. They either detect and pass around them, speak with them and get them to move, or soften the ground around them so they can burrow away.


  1. The Two Kings’ Children Sector 1A

Prinssi Muinoin (LN Male aristocrat 3/expert 1) and Omata Kruunun (LG Female aristocrat 3/expert 1) are the proprietors of this modest hostel. They can trace their heritage back to former kings, but have no current claim to any title that any sage can find and though the duo have great knowledge of the aristocracy (one history, one nobility and royalty), it remains publicly unknown whether they hail from the same kingdoms or not. Both Prinssi and Omata clearly have regal blood in their veins, but they are "gold-pieceless", far from any verifiable claim. They don't make a fuss about this, but just carry on with their hotel. They cater for wealthy clients, many of whom look for the kingdoms these two may rule.


One aspect of their authenticity is that they each have an "unexplainable" +5 insight bonus to their respective area of expertise. Muinoin works hard to improve his Knowledge (history) +17 score, while Kruunun makes good use of her Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +17 total. They are particularly excited about the wedding because it gives them both a chance to gain insight into current Klavekian protocol at the same time as make further contacts with members of the ruling hierarchy.


  1. The Clever Little Tailor Sector 7

Turvallisesti Varjella (N Male halfling sorcerer 6), usually with the following spells known: 0th: mage hand x2, mending x2, open/close x2; 1st: animate rope x3, identify, mage armor, unseen servant x2; 2nd: cat's grace x3, fox's cunning x3; 3rd: tongues x3,is a clothing manufacturer that sells protective gear for small folk, and is well known for his magical padded armor. As a result of dedication and practice, Varjella produces peerless suits of enchanted padded armor similarly sized clients. If asked about making suits for larger customers, he simply shrugs and says, "I don't have the templates."


Unknown to anyone in Morsain, Varjella is a member of the Grinning Ragamuffins. He sometimes crafts armor that collapses after just a few strikes, leaving the wearer tangled up mid-fight. He regularly does this for bullies who have forced duels to take place with much weaker (and invariably innocent) opponents. He makes the armor, then sets up a circuitous route for it to appear on the instigator's doorstep on the morning of the duel. When the recipient first puts it on, it feels wonderful: lightweight, well-made, perfectly fitted and of high quality. But just a few blows later, it has its secondary effect, and the wearer is left in a heap.


  1. The Bright Sun Brings it to Light Sector 3

Rauha (NG Female cleric 3), Lempi (NG Female cleric 3), and Sopu (NG Female cleric 3), all usually with a range of transmutation spells that allow them to face down evil creatures, offer retribution for the poor against demons, devils, and the thoroughly evil in one of the town’s most popular detective agencies. The three sisters are relatively new to Morsain, having traveled from Mohkba. While not yet individually particularly influential, they work extremely well as a team and are able to face down strong opponents.


The trio is happy to work with anyone that champions the poor and downtrodden. As it happens, Morsain is relatively well off as towns go, and its citizens are faced with the daily grind of "getting by." But if the wedding goes badly, or there is an attack by outside forces, this prosperous state of affairs could change completely.


  1. The Blue Light Sector 11

Kalsa Jää (NE Male sorcerer 4), usually with the following spells known: 0th: ray of frost x4, touch of fatigue x 2; 1st: chill touch x5, endure elements x2; 2nd: resist energy x4, is a mystical caster that produces cold-orientated spells of all kinds. In his youth, and just beginning his way in the Klavekian world, Jää was spurned by the woman he loved; she didn't agree with his rather wild ways and decision to take up a spontaneous calling, so made her apologies and unexpectedly left him. With his spirit broken, Jää vowed to find a way to bring cold to the hearts and minds of others, so they would know his pain. He pushed his development along such a path, gaining control over spells that manipulate freezing temperatures so they can even be used as weapons.


Jää now happily aligns himself with anyone who intends to chill the very bones of their enemies, even protecting them from their own efforts if they so wish. He takes great pleasure in freezing the skin off opponents and even chilling folks to such a degree that they can be shattered.


  1. The Wilful Child Sector 9

Lopullinen Henki (LE Bone devilB1; cursed and broken) is one of Morsain’s undertakers, the name of the store being a metaphor for Death (who will always have his way in the end). The devil was caught flouting the infernal code of conduct one too many times; devilish acts are all very well, but breaking the law so openly was always going to attract the attention of senior devils at some point. Henki was stripped of many special features, reduced in physical stature, then banished to the Material Plane for an indefinite period.

Now Henki spends the hours wrapped in a heavy robe and wearing a facemask, the traditional undertaker's garb to protect them from disease, but also granting protection from recognition.


Henki has had enough of the law for the moment, but there isn't a cat in HEL's chance of turning to chaos; that way madness lies. Staying out of sight and out of mind seems the best option, and Henki does this very well. Posing as an undertaker was obvious, as death is something the devil knows all about. This way the collection of souls for future bargaining is straightforward. Henki feels that luck is beginning to turn.


Henki has lost the following features: no tail or sting (and therefore no poison), no spell-like abilities other than specifically non-offensive major image 6/day and wall of ice 2/day, Medium sized (Str 13, Dex 23, Con 16, natural armor bonus now +9), fear aura leaves creatures shaken rather than panicked, no other devil ever responds to his summons, lowered CR to 5.


  1. The Army Surgeons Sector 1B

Leikata Ruumis (LN Male cleric 5; death domain, war domain, Heal +14) and Ommella Ruumis (LE Male cleric 5; death domain, war domain, Heal +14), both usually with the following spells known: 0th: inflict minor wounds x3, mending x2; 1st: cause fear (D), detect undead x2, inflict light wounds, sanctuary; 2nd: death knell (D), desecrate x2, make whole; 3rd: animate dead (D), animate dead x2, were once military clerics, bolstering the frontline troops with healing, and checking on the condition of those being brought back from battle.


Both men soon realized this was a thankless task, as all they did was delay the inevitable death of most of these warriors. They put it to their captain that it would be in everyone's interest if they spent their energy reviving the dead and sending them back into battle to soak up most of the punishment. Initially against the idea, it took just four skeletons in one fight to convince her otherwise, and the brothers were away. However, the captain didn't wish for this tactic to become general knowledge, so reported back to Mohkba through the secret service, and the Ruumises found themselves part of the Klavek Official Secrets Act.


They live in Morsain at the behest of the government. Their front is a shop where tools to "be aware" of undead are available. Behind and below the store is a workshop, hidden by an excellent secret door (DC 34 Perception check). They make undead—usually zombies—that are let loose in the Haunted Forest in an attempt to destabilize the region's fey. Whether Lord Valta and his council know about this is unclear, but the Ruumises are actively protected by the town guards.


  1. The Seven Swashbucklers Sector 6

Terä (CN male fighter 1), Kalpa (CN Female fighter 1), Miekka (CN Male warrior 2), Kirves (CN Female warrior 1), Tappara (CN Male barbarian 1), Vasara (CN Female barbarian 1), and Leka (CN Female ranger 1; favored enemy [fey +2]) are adventurers for hire. These men and women hail from the Klavek army, coming to Morsain as part of a town guard recruitment program, though they’ve since branched out as "weapons-for-hire."


  1. The Ready Apprentices Sector 2

Romahdus (CG Female sorcerer 2), Pamaus (CG Male wizard 1), and Jylinä (CG Male wizard 1) are novice mages that sell their services on expeditions into the wilderness or the occasional odd job. Romahdus is the oldest sibling of these three; her talent for arcane casting proved to be innate, but her brothers were so taken with the fun she had with magic that they have worked hard to follow in her footsteps. The trio are all evokers and unable to cast spells of the illusion or necromantic school.


  1. The God-found Brothers Sector 3

Roteva Uskovainen (NG Male cleric 3; knowledge domain), and Tarkka Uskovainen (NG Male cleric 3; knowledge domain), both usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, detect poison, guidance, read magic; 1st: comprehend languages, detect evil, detect secret doors (D), detect undead; 2nd: detect thoughts (D), find traps, zone of truth, practice divine magic, and are self-employed as adventurers-for-hire. The Uskovainen brothers discovered their true calling when a rarely-followed demigod of knowledge presented itself to them in a pile of old papers they found when exchanging items in Burle's (60). Since that time, they have dedicated themselves to helping others find what is lost, hidden, or hinted at. They are good friends with Tuomas Taivas-Sahko at The Raven (90)


  1. The Six Sure Servants Sector 8

Laillinen (LN Male rogue 1/expert 1), Kelpo (LN Male rogue 1/expert 1), Rehellinen (LN Male rogue 1/expert 1), Tosi (LN Female rogue 1/expert 1), Aulis (LN Female rogue 1/expert 1), and Eettinen (LN Female rogue 1/expert 1) are available for virtually any clandestine task and live by the motto, “loyalty is our watchword." These six have set themselves up as a security firm and provide information, advice, and guidance on keeping homes and shops both safe and secure. They are council-certified and can be trusted.


  1. The Fearless Son of the King Sector 5

Voimakas Juoma (CE Male rogue 1/expert 2) runs an inn specializing in strong alcohol that induces false modesty, bravery, and self-belief, from a place where not at all as it seems. Juoma has developed a particular brewing technique that he tends to repeat in subtle and only slightly different ways from what customers are used to. He introduces it as new and exciting, gets people interested, then starts to water it down a little in order to introduce his next batch. He makes use of "big events" to launch a new brew, showing his patriotic support for Morsain and the Klavek Kingdom.


He is loosely connected to a gang of rogues that pickpockets those patrons who have had one glass too many of his latest offering. This gang never takes a lot or does too much "damage". The victim's lack of funds, lost item or shabby appearance could all easily be down to something being dropped, lost in a bet or simply shared with a less fortunate soul, so very few people complain.


  1. Donkey Cabbages Sector 1B

Muuli Kaali (NG Male warrior 2/commoner 3) operates this animal feed store. Kaali was turned into a donkey very early on in his fighting career when the group he was with was ambushed by some particularly "funny" kobolds. He managed to get left behind after the attack and spent 10 years in animal form, almost forgetting who he was in the process. Eventually he was found by a druid, who was impressed by, "the donkey with the real muscles!" Of course, the first time the druid spoke with the donkey, it became clear that there was foul magic afoot, and returning Kaali to his original form became imperative. The old sellsword’s humanity was restored on the promise that he would look after animals thereon in, so he set up ship in Morsain and hasn’t looked back since.


  1. Star Money  Sector 5

Tähti (CE Male sorcerer 6), usually with the following spells known: 0th: acid splash x2, arcane mark, prestidigitation, resistance x2; 1st: endure elements x2, mount, summon monster I x2, unseen servant x2; 2nd: summon monster II x3, summon swarm x2; 3rd: summon monster III x3. When young, he discovered his innate arcane tendencies and was overjoyed He envisaged a career that would span the decades and the globe, but his egotistical nature proved to be his undoing and a distinct lack of charisma soon put paid to any dreams of domination as he failed to make any real progress despite his best efforts.


This hindering lack of aptitude was coupled with the fact that Tähti only seems able to cast spells of the abjuration, conjuration, and universal schools. When he found that making progress would be extremely difficult, he retired and set up his current shop, where he sells various items that allow you to manipulate creatures from across the globe and planes.


  1. Hurd Store Sector 9

Mates Rohmu (NE Male rogue 1/expert 3) sells odds and ends that nobody else seems to want, the only place to find seemingly obvious items. Rohmu somehow knows when this is the case and does a very beneficial deal...for him! The shop is ramshackle and to find something, Rohmu first draws the item, then folds the picture into a small origami bird, throwing it into the vast stock where it "flies" to the closest version of the item in the store. He charges a 20% premium for any item found by this bird and a 10% "flight fee" (even when it is unsuccessful).


Rohmu occasionally drinks in the Spirit Bottle (96), where he attempts to engage Sielu Kaitsija in conversation. The hag hasn't given herself away (and won't), but Rohmu an intriguing mix of confidante and irritant. For his part, he enjoys the sense of macabre he feels whenever he is in the shop as it is unlike anywhere else in Morsain. If he hears that someone has attacked Sielu Kaitsija or her establishment, he vows to exact revenge on the perpetrator.


  1. The Riddling Tale Sector 2

Aivot Sokkelo (CG Male bard 3), usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, read magic, summon instrument; 1st: comprehend languages, erase, is a former adventurer that enjoys his retirement by running this curious inn. When charging for items, Sokkelo halves the cost if a riddle from his tome is solved in one guess, charge the usual amount if solved in two guesses, increase it by 50 % if solved in three guesses, and by 100% if four or more are needed or it isn't solved. Each of these prices can be reduced by 10% if the guest provides Sokkelo with a riddle he cannot solve. He doesn't get on with the owner of "The Peasant's Wise Daughter" (91).


Fin Starling stayed here whenever he visited, and will do so again during any future trip. He and Sokkelo are now "bardic brothers"; each has vowed to support the other in times of need or when in the other's home town.


  1. The Griffin’s Stalls Sector 11

Hulmuava Leijona (NG Male expert 4; Handle Animal +14, Ride +14) has two griffon mounts available for hire. These creatures will not fight, and promise to fly off if even slightly pressured to do so. They return to recover their riders, whether dead or alive, an hour after fighting is concluded. Leijona is a dexterous and charismatic man that dedicated the last 10 years of his life to the pair of young griffons he found in the hills north of Morsain. Now the beasts trust him completely and he strives to maintain their health and wellbeing. The griffons can be hired for reconnaissance flights by adventurers, or for trips around Morsain by tourists.


  1. The Owl Sector 1A

Edellinen Taika (LN Male diviner 5; prohibited schools enchantment/evocation, usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, detect poison, mage hand, open/close, read magic (S); 1st: comprehend languages x2 (one is S), detect secret doors, erase, identify; 2nd: detect thoughts (S), fox's cunning, locate object, owl's wisdom 3rd: arcane sight, clairaudience/clairvoyance, tongues (S), ) is an aged mage turned sage, becoming ever more forbidding in his twilight years.


Taika is old, cantankerous, and once-brilliant but now slightly less so, yet still supremely confident in his own formidable abilities - he is almost certainly more intelligent even now than just about any of his clients will ever be. However, his curt nature and dismissive attitude means he is always a gold piece away from penury, so has to take work from whoever comes to his door. He will do exactly what he is asked to do, no more and no less, then ensure his clients are gone from his life. Very few return of their own accord.


  1. The Duration of Life Sector 4

Elukka Liitos (NG Male druid 4), usually with the following spells known: 0th: create water, detect poison, purify food and drink, resistance, virtue; 1st: calm animals, magic fang, pass without trace, speak with animals; 2nd: bull's strength, cat's grace, owl's wisdom, ) is the owner of a druidic outlet for natural and animal-focused items. Liitos follows the simple tenet of not doing anything to animals that you wouldn't have done to yourself. He is a true font of information when it comes to local flora and fauna [Knowledge (nature) +12] but the region's animals are a particular focus, and he does all he can to support and defend them, along with familiars, companions, beasts of burden and those used for war.


Liitos will often tell the following story when asked about his devotion to animals, pointing out the sense they display in comparison to humanoids generally, and man in particular:


When the Mother Goddess was giving the creatures and humanoids their duration of life, she called those animals closest to humans to be advocates of man. At first, she offered them all thirty years each, but then considered the lot of each of them. She lessened the donkey's years because of his burdens, the dog's because he had to run about at everyone's beck and call, and the monkey's because he was obliged to amuse everyone and everything around him. Man, on hearing this however, decided he want to be different from the other living organisms on the planet, and demanded more years. The Mother Goddess drew the animals around her and listened to the noise Man made, and after a moment's thought, agreed. But Man, as vain and self-important as he was, found himself burdened by the years from the others. He found that he is only a man only for his first thirty years, then he must carry the burdens like donkey for the next ten years, then must sit in the corner and be ignored by younger men for 15 years like the dog would be, and then becomes silly and simple like the monkey for his final 15 years.


  1. Death’s Messengers Sector 10

Nukkua Tauti (LE Male cleric 3; earth domain, fire domain) and Ajanjakso Tauti (LE Female cleric 3; earth domain, fire domain), each usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, detect poison x2, resistance; 1st: burning hands (D), deathwatch, hide from undead. remove fear; 2nd: gentle repose, soften earth and stone (D), status, sell potions and scrolls connected with illness, the signs of aging, and sleep. Death can't be ignored—the rules are the rules, and trying to ignore our true inevitable fate only causes problem in the long run. The Tauti siblings firmly believe this, extending the message even further to include what draws Death towards us: illness, aging, sleep, and so on.


The pair work on spells connected to these three aspects of everyone's lives, along with scrolls and potions that encourage people to embrace Death without undeath. They vehemently oppose any suggestion of unnecessarily extending life or of raising or resurrecting the dead. Their greatest fear at this stage is that they will encounter a lich. Their personal philosophy demands that they deal with it as the abomination it is, but they know they are nowhere near strong enough to fact one down, and would almost certainly die trying.


  1. The Goose Down Girl Sector 1A

Untuva Hanhi (LG Female ranger 2/expert 3; favored enemy [animal +2]) has a shop that sells the softest bedding in Morsain. Twin sister of the Goose Meat Girl (86), Untuva Hanhi makes staggeringly good masterwork cold weather gear. In fact, very few merchants try to compete with her when it comes to quality, as she is so far ahead of them, although they do try and compete on price, because her suits are costly. Untuva is able to either significantly reduce the weight of the gear, or increase the protection provided. Her all-in-one outfits are made of goose down between layers of rabbit fur that are as supple as they can be without cracking. However, even Untuva can't entirely reduce the effect of overly-bulky clothes. Details on her clothing are below:


Table XX-XX: Cost of Outfits at the Goose Down Girl

COST OF OUTFITFortitude circumstance bonus
Weight (lbs) Dex penalty+5+7+10+15
1None50 gp98 gp200 gp450 gp
3None26 gp51 gp104 gp234 gp
5None14 gp27 gp + 5 sp56 gp126 gp
7None8 gp15 gp + 7 sp32 gp72 gp
10-15 gp9 gp + 8 sp20 gp45 gp
15-23 gp + 5 sp6 gp + 9 sp14 gp31 gp + 5 sp


  1. The Nixie of the Millpond Sector 7

Vety-Vety Happi (N Female wizard 3/expert 1, usually with the following spells learned: 0th: arcane mark, mage hand, mending, message; 1st: enlarge person, expeditious retreat, reduce person 2nd: alter self, whispering wind, keeps this inn with “watery” clientele, in congress with The Water Nixie potion shop (78). When not brewing potions, Vety-Vety and Neste brew ale, and very good ale at that! Some say that she occasionally gets batches of beer and potions mixed up, which is why the potions can make people drunk and euphoric. This isn't far from the truth, although the mix-up isn't intentional. Instead, the brewing processes, derived from fey tradition, are very similar, and it can take just one syllable or action to go from arcane-acting potions to divine-tasting alcohol.


  1. Nagel’s Sector 6

Rautainen "The Nail" Hurja (CN Male barbarian 2/expert 2) is an ironmonger that sells weapons that are heavy and oversized, yet are perfectly balanced in the hands of those able to wield exotic weapons. Hurja suffered a cursed and seemingly incurable wound to his left leg about a decade ago, ending his time on the battlefield. However, rather than sink into despair, as can happen, he channelled his knowledge and abilities into making weapons suitable for those who are naturally able to use martial weapons and have trained to use exotic arms.


When wielding one of the smith’s weapons, creatures with a feat specifically for proficiency with the weapon take no penalty to attack rolls for it being oversized, at the same time as gaining the additional damage that comes from a weapon one size larger than usual. Hurja is able to make masterwork equipment, as well as use rare materials without waste.


  1. The True Bride Sector 4

Kaunis Leninki (LG Female expert 6;  Craft [clothing] +13, Knowledge [planes] +13, Profession [tailor] +13) stocks bridal wear and associated items made around the three themes of the sun, the moon, and the stars, including affordable but genuinely beautiful gowns. She gained her reputation after making the dress for Lord Valta's wife, who has now sadly passed away, as well as gowns for a dozen of the most senior attendees. Her clothes are always themed around celestial events, and she usually weaves in the positions of the sun, moon, and auspicious starts into the designs she creates. Many people claim this brings them seven years of luck, a claim that has gone undisputed.


Lord Valta still has his wife's dress, and puts in on display every anniversary of his wedding. He had offered it to Lumi, who has had her own outfit made, but this original piece will be on show during the reception. Kaunis will attending and will happily talk about the benefits of her process.


  1. Spindle, Shuttle and Needle Sector 1A

Pukea Muovata (CG Female expert 4) makes flamboyant and eye-catching suits and clothes. She produces masterwork quality items which can be made to influence a number of social interactions (such as Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and various Profession skills) but responses to them can be mixed. These suits are frequently fashionably rather than stylish, however, and in any given situation, a specifically-made outfit will provide a circumstance bonus to skill checks as follows:


Table XX-XX: Muovata’s Suits

Suit made for:d12 roll, 1-8 resultd12 roll,  9-11 resultd12 roll, 12 result
Bluff+3 to Bluff, -2 to Profession+1 to Bluff, -1 to Profession-1 to Bluff
Diplomacy+3 to Diplomacy, -2 to Intimidate+1 to Diplomacy, -1 to Intimidate-1 to Diplomacy
Intimidate+3 to Intimidate, -2 to Diplomacy+1 to Intimidate, -1 to Diplomacy-1 to Intimidate
Profession+3 to Profession, -2 to Bluff+1 to Profession, -1 to Bluff-1 to Profession


  1. The Peasant and the Devil Sector 10

Talonpoika the Farmer (LN Female druid 1/expert 3), usually with the following spells known: 0th: cure minor wounds x2, purify food and drink; 1st: detect animals or plants, speak with animals, operates a seasonal food store, although it can sometimes be contrary. Although Talonpoika herself is Lawful Neutral, she has a problem; a small and insignificant devil is besotted with her and is beginning to influence her decisions, although she doesn't yet realize it.


At present, other than now living on the boundary between Sectors 8 and 10 in Morsain, the only other sign that something mischievous is at work in her life is that her stock is sometimes a little more unusual than she remembers planting, growing, or gathering from her farm (which sits between town and the Haunted Forest). This is because the devil, Vähän Rutto, brings items in from around the HELs as "gifts" for Talonpoika, attempting to introduce these infernal foods through her shop. Anyone making a Knowledge (the planes) DC 30 check will note something strange about at least one item on her shelves.


  1. The Crumbs on the Table Sector 9

Ruoka (NE Male expert 5) runs a restaurant for connoisseurs—it’s said that the food is so good even the crumbs on the table are worth having. Ruoka is a truly excellent chef, but an egotistical bully who belittles diners if they order courses that aren’t designed to go together, or if they make an incorrect choice of wine. He is a bully through-and-through, but tends to be most like this when he has caught someone by surprise and is armed with his largest cleaver.


His nature attracts similar types, the wealthy of Morsain who intend to crush the little people underfoot as they rise or cling onto the elite. Although beautiful to behold on the surface, anyone who makes a Knowledge (local OR nobility and royalty) DC 15 check sees a strict hierarchy to the position of tables and the way place settings are laid out. This isn't a pleasant place to eat; the vultures that dine here further testify to that.


  1. The Dozen-Windowed Dias Sector 8

Arvaus Ulottuvuus (LN Male diviner 6/loremaster 2; Int 20, Wis 14, Knowledge [arcana, planes] +19, Knowledge [history, local, nobility and royalty, religion] +16), usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, detect poison, read magic, resistance, message; 1st: comprehend languages, detect secret doors, detect undead, expeditious retreat, identify, shield, true strike; 2nd: detect thoughts, locate object, resist energy, owl's wisdom, see invisibility; 3rd: arcane sight, clairaudience/clairvoyance, gaseous form, nondetection, tongues; 4th: detect scrying, dimensional anchor, locate creature, scrying, sells potions, scrolls, wands, and other items connected to the planes. Ulottuvuus specializes in looking for "things" across the dimensions, whether it is an item, creature, or piece of information. As a divination specialist, he can cast any spell of that school, but at the cost of only being able to cast spells from two other schools: abjuration and transmutation.


The sign above his shop doorway is an intricately-manufactured eye that describes the planar realms: the black pupil is the material plane; the iris is split into red, blue and yellow representing the transitive planes; the sclera is six shades of white and is considered the inner planes; the ring of the eyelid is made up of hundreds of small tiles representing the outer planes; and the eyelashes act a variety of demi-planes leading off the outer planes. As a sideline, he makes items that allow the uses to do the same as he can, although interpreting the gained information isn't always easy.


Ulottuvuus is one of the most powerful men in Morsain, but neither knows nor cares about concerns in the Material Plane. He has a number of significant planar enemies and is constantly on the lookout for some creature to appear and attack him, or attack his mind while he is casting. He has worked hard to build up his mental defenses, has adopted a rat familiar, and studied the secrets of inner strength as part of his loremaster training, meaning that even unequipped he has developed a formidable mental barrier (Wis 12, Will +14).


  1. The Master Thief Sector 11

Valeasu Loukku (CN Male rogue 6; Int 17, Craft [trapmaking] +15, disable device +14, open locks +14) is actually a trapmaster who claims to be able to steal the lives or freedom of those who come to rob places in his territory. Lots of disguises are involved, whether of living guards or animated statues and other objects. Renowned for his ability to make, disguise, and set complicated traps that are virtually impossible to escape from, Loukku has had a hand in designing the protections in place throughout Morsain castle. He charges a small fortune to check places for traps and remove them, although occasionally he will disarm a trap and take it with him for further study as part payment.


  1. The Drummer Sector 5

Pikku-Rumpu (CE Male bard 6), usually with the following spells known: 0th: daze, ghost sound, mage hand; 1st: charm person, hypnotism, undetectable alignment, ventriloquism; 2nd: eagle's splendor, enthrall, minor image, entices whole crowds in peacetime or squads of soldiers during war. Most people in Morsain have heard of Pikku-Rumpu the drummer, even if just in passing. He is a regular feature of demonstrations and rallies for the Crown and against anything un-Klavekian. He rabble-rouses the crowd to support the aims of the government, or instill fighting passion into the local military whenever necessary. A true patriot, one might say: flag-wavingly, drum-thumpingly loyal to the last. But all is not what it seems.


Pikku-Rumpu is actually a nasty piece of work, HEL-bent on causing disruption for and antagonism towards anyone or thing not human and Klavekian. His speeches are laced with spite and vitriol, whilst his self-defence is that anyone who disagrees with him is anti-Klavek, and a traitor to boot. He is a dangerous enemy to have, and few stand against his pronouncements. If things go really wrong for the PCs during the wedding, Pikku-Rumpu is likely to be the man leading the mob against them, proclaiming that "the people have spoken and chosen!"


  1. The Crystal Ball Sector 3

Mieltaa Vastedes (NG Male cleric 2/diviner 2; prohibited schools abjuration/conjuration), usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic x2 (c,w), detect poison x2 (c,w), guidance, message, read magic x2 (c,w) 1st: comprehend languages x2 (c,w), detect secret doors x2 (D,w), detect undead x2 (c,w), identify (c,w), is a soothsayer with a shop named to fit. He casts very accurate divination spells, but only if the question is clearly worded and has a focused goal. Vastedes won't entertain those who want everything handed to them on a plate, however, and is well respected for this fact. There is a 15% cumulative chance per round of "client evasiveness" that he will not take a commission on if he feels he is being used for the wrong purpose. Vastedes owns an extremely old crystal ball that shows clear signs of wear and tear. It is attuned only to the material plane, and even then rarely, if ever, shows "active" creatures, whether living or intelligent undead. Instead, it shows a series of places where the answers to questions can be found.


  1. Boots of Buffalo Leather Sector 1A

Sonni Saapas (LN Male expert 3/ranger 1; favored enemy [animal +2]) makes masterwork quality boots and shoes if he is using bullock or stag hide to make them, but otherwise they are just very good quality. He is particularly effective at making the base boots for boots of the winterland. Prices tend to be 15% above the usual, and 25% more if Sappas hunted and dispatched the creature used to make them. He is happy to make bespoke pairs, but charges double the standard rate. In this case, the boots last three times as long as would normally be considered usual.


  1. The Ear of Corn Sector 1B

Limppu Olut (CG Male expert 4) has a granary with an attached brewery. Olut double-uses his yeast, first for his beer, and then his bread. It is very popular with the inns of Morsain, as he makes a fine, malty brew, then a sweet, heady loaf that goes well with the food provided to match many of the ales sold in town. Olut has a contract to provide 100 loaves and 50 gallons of beer to the castle whenever there is a feast, a contract he fulfills with gusto every time he can and something cause enough for celebration. Too much of his bread does begin to have the same effect as too much beer.


  1. The Grave Mound Sector 7

Hauta Kumpu (N Male cleric 4; funeral domain) and Syvanne Kumpu (N Female cleric 4; funeral domain), both usually with the following spells known: 0th: detect magic, guidance, mending, purify food and drink, read magic; 1st: bless water, deathwatch (D), detect undead, hide from undead, sanctuary; 2nd: augury, consecrate, gentle repose (D), make whole, are specialist undertakers from a little-known and barely followed divine tradition that abhors both resurrection and undeath. Once followers of a deity of repose, they fell under the teachings of a splinter group, the Elinikä Päätöspäivä (Final Days of Life's Duration), which is sworn to ensure death is final. Now renegades from their previous religion, they are exiled to the limits of Klavek territory and wary of any necromancer. They are determined to keep the dead out of the clutches of the Haunted Forest. Details of their belief are below.


Funeral Domain


Sometimes, death is exactly what a person wants. Maybe they are tired or have simply had enough, or they want to move on, or to roam in other realms, or to finally be in the home of their chosen deity, or perhaps they feel it is time for rest and reward. Whatever the reason, there are creatures who do not want to come back again for anyone or anything. Yet they find themselves being called, prompted, dragged home and expected to rejoin the fight, whatever it may be, even when they categorically no longer wish to be part of it.


Such creatures then have to turn to a very special breed of cleric, one that loathes and despises undead, yet at the same time feels that reincarnation or resurrection are equally bad. Clerics who wish to ensure that a creature is firmly in the arms of death, with both undeath and resurrection kept well away. This is where followers of the funeral domain come into their own.


Granted Power

You gain Extra Turning as a bonus feat (or if the cleric does not possess Turn Undead, that feat as well). Additionally, one per day you can use your ability to turn or rebuke undead as an immediate action, instead of the usual standard action.


Domain Spells: 1st—deathwatch, 2nd—gentle repose, 3rd—speak with dead, 4th—dismissal, 5th—break enchantment, 6th—undeath to death, 7th—sequester, 8th—temporal stasis, 9th—imprisonment.


The spells granted to the funeral domain are all part of an elaborate ritual that ensures a dead creature stays dead and that the remains are as difficult to use to bring them back as they can possibly be. With that in mind, the following ritual is delivered in exactly the same way no matter what the alignment of the cleric or deceased creature.

Clerics have to be Neutral in their alignment in at least some part. A creature can use a cleric that supports any part of their alignment to complete the ritual, which goes as follows:


Deathwatch is cast on the body to ensure that it is dead. When cast as a funeral domain spell, it is a neutral spell, not an evil one.


Next, the body is protected by a gentle repose spell to ensure it is as fresh as it can be for as long as needed for the soul to make its decision. After a period of 3 days and 3 nights, the creature is talked with via speak with dead to confirm that resurrection or reincarnation aren't desired, and that the relevant funeral procedure can take place.


Dismissal is cast to ensure that the extra-planar soul returns after the relevant conversation. This is followed by break enchantment to ensure that there is neither a magical hold over the body nor a link being maintained between the body and soul.


Next, undeath to death is activated as this clears any lurking undead that may be attempting to corrupt the body. Cautious clerics also have standard guards present, even if the process is being undertaken on hallowed ground or within a protected building.


For those who can afford it, the ritual continues with sequester, which offers the body a level of protection from being found by divination or searching. After this, temporal stasis ensures that the body won't be corrupted by the ravages of time, before imprisonment seals it deep within its own protective tomb.


  1. The Golden Key Sector 1B

Kultainen Avain (LG Male rogue 1/expert 3) is the most honest rogue in Morsain. He is a locksmith at heart, but realized that he would have to turn "poacher" in order to remain an expert "gamekeeper." He provides high quality locks and doesn't sell copies of keys or codes to the local guilds and thus is protected by the town guard, which uses him for its own devices.


Avain keeps the golden key on him at all times, though he’s yet to find the lock for it. Whenever a client comes in with a lock that needs opening, he tries it first of all—it has never worked, so he keeps on trying! He is convinced that the key is designed to unlock something grand, important, or vital to the defence of Morsain. In reality, no such lock exists, unless as GM you want one to appear.


  1. Bluebeard’s Sector 6

Sinkku Tyyli (CN Male expert 2) is a rather ferocious barber and only cuts beards one way: the dwarven way!  He spent some time as a young man living in a dwarven city when his father was a mushroom trader. Tyyli was so impressed with the way dwarves grew and groomed their beards, he vowed to bring such styling to the surface.


Tyyli frequently ends up in friendly arguments with the owner of "King Thrushbeard's" (52) about the merits of function over form, particularly as both barbers follow the dwarven tradition.