Adventurer's Weekly #1 - Walkers!

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Created by Mike Myler | Illustrated by Nathanael Batchelor

Welcome to the first issue of Adventurer's Weekly!

Everyone at the AaWBlog is thrilled to add Nathanael Batchelor to our team as a regular artist and we simply cannot wait for Adventurer's Weekly to help guide readers through the second AaWBlog Adventure Path (starting in April)!

We'll be updating the webcomic every Friday so stop by each week to meet more of the party and learn what evil is afoot in Aventyr this year! As always, thanks for reading!

                       -Mike Myler


3 Responses to “ADVENTURER’S WEEKLY #1 – Walkers!”

  1. uhh.. whut?

  2. This is a bit of an intertextual reference to a popular television show about zombies (called “Walking Dead”, where the undead are known as ‘walkers’). Is that what was throwing you, CraziFuzzy?

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