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Adventureaweek in the News!

Joshua Gullion and Jonathan Nelson were interviewed by Steve Russell (Rite Publishing) and Owen Stephens (Super Genius Games) for this week’s Demiplane of Gaming video podcast.  The boys spilled their guts about the upcoming Rise of the Drow Kickstarter (Feb 1st), talked about balancing RPG development with family life, the necessity for internet and coffee, as well as their favorite independent RPG artists.  Watch the whole video podcast below:


Check out the Rise of the Drow Kickstarter pre-launch page!

 In other news, Kevin Mickelson (AaW BASIC-series, ZOE Mask of Death) spoke with Success Freaks on their podcast #80 entitled “Dorks Rising”.  Kevin talks about what it was like to work with ZOE and Adventureaweek, and provides insight on how to get your career started as an independent adventure author.  Listen to the entire podcast here, or click here to download the MP3 and listen offline.


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