Adventure-A-Week Nominated for Excellence in Innovation Award!

excellence in innovation

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we get word that we’ve been nominated for Obsidian Portal’s Excellence in Innovation Award!

Here’s more information directly from the OP site:

Well folks, you sent us your nominees and the finalists for this year’s Excellence In Innovation Award are in. They are as follows:

  • Plate Mail Games – environmental audio for your games, Kickstarter earlier this year.
  • Ongoing Worlds – A site dedicated entirely to making the best of play by post games.
  • Roll20 – A web based, system neutral, virtual table for playing almost any RPG online.
  • Adventure-A-Week – Fresh Pathfinder & D&D 3.5 content every week to subscribers.

Come to where we’ll will be presenting the award to our winners during our ”How Technology Is Changing RPG’s” panel at Gencon 2013 (SEM1346518). The winner is determined by Obsidian Portal staff after extensive internal debate, bickering, and weighing of merit.

The winners will take home a fancy schmancy, heavyweight, engraved glass award for their innovation in our glorious industry of role playing games! Winner need not be present to accept the award, however we’d really love it if they would be able to come up and say a few words or speak during our panel. If that’s not the case however, we’ll be sure it gets to them asap! We hope to see you there!

Todd and I will be there!

-Jonathan G. Nelson

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