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Adventure-A-Week nominated for 2013 ENnie Award!

Adventure-A-Week nominated for 2013 ENnie Award!

ennies 2013 nomineeIt’s been a very long and tough road getting here, but we have arrived.  Since the conception of our site in December 2010 up to the launch on March 1st, 2012, and our multiple revisions and dozens of releases, we have grown considerably over the past few years.  We have experienced growing pains just like any other company, but I can honestly say that it was all well worth it.  We have the best team I could ever wish for.  Special congrats go out to my co-founder and art director Todd Gamble, author/editor Stephen Yeardley, PDF developer/author Joshua Gullion, and author/editor Will Myers.  This is the dream team and you guys make every single waking moment working on this site and our vision for the future of gaming worth it.  Thank you my friends.

Todd, Joshua, and I shall be at the Gen Con 2013 ENnie Award ceremony to claim what is rightfully ours or take it by force!  What am I saying?  We’re not pirates despite our appearance covered in tattoos, piercings, and sporting eye patches, (wait no one has eye patches).  So, we won’t commandeer the show or swing in on ropes, snatching the prizes from the other nominees.  We shall wait patiently until our names are called, then we shall march proudly up to the stage and claim our award.  This award will not solely be ours.  This award will be won by each of you, every subscriber, author, editor, artist, and supporter of Adventure-A-Week.  I built this site for all of us to share in some great adventures together, and we have done just that.  The only thing better than winning an ENnie Award would be continuing another great year with each and every one of you.  Thank you for making this all possible and worthwhile.

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